Week 35 – Freedom to be Happy…

03_-Freedom-Egg  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…FREEDOM!” must have been what the chick said that sprang from this egg.  LOL…but seriously,  how many of us feel trapped and long for freedom every day?  Not necessarily physical freedom, but the freedom of mind and spirit?  Or do we even know we are stuck in some type of mental or spiritual rut?  Here’s the litmus test: If we are not actively creating the moments we are living…then we are stuck in a rut.  A silent rut that suggests we go about life reacting to all of the things happening around us as opposed to creating the realities we desire.  An emancipation of this incarceration begins in the soul, is communicated to the mind and is manifested through the body.  We can ALL be free.

Have you ever met “that” person who is continuously happy?  Every time you see them they have a smile on their face or they’re laughing about something?  You rarely, if ever, see them down or affected by anything that has happened at work, in society or in their family?  Some of us just want to slap them.  While some of us simply want to BE them.  Either way, how is it they can be so perpetually happy all the time?  Is it because they’re being fake?  “Maybe this is just some façade to hide their anger and depression.  Nobody can be THAT happy all the time!”  Or…perhaps they’ve discovered how to be free.

But let’s first understand, freedom is not found…freedom is created. There is no Abraham Lincoln to emancipate your mind or soul and offer freedom.  Freedom is created from within.  Freedom is a state of being.  We as individuals are the only ones who can enslave our souls.  And we as individuals are the only ones who can grant our souls liberation.  But before we can be free, how is it that we become trapped in a self-inflicted, mental and soulful penitentiary in the first place?

Often times we become slaves to our own perceptions, interpretations and emotions.  We become confined and consumed by what others think even though we have no control over their thoughts and they have no control over ours.  We grant circumstances permission to arrest our moods thus altering our behavior.  We levy heavy judgments against ourselves and others which keep us bound by expectation and disappointment.  This is when we fall into the “humdrum” of living an existence as opposed to living a life.  So how do we break free?  How do we create authentic freedom in our daily lives?  The first step is to let it all go and be selfish.  Think about how you want to feel and become the most self-centered person on earth.

Being self-centered doesn’t mean not caring for anyone else.  It doesn’t mean you step on another to get ahead.  And it certainly doesn’t mean you treat other people less than the way you want to be treated.  It means the opposite.  Treat EVERYONE the EXACT way you want to be treated because that is what you will receive in return.  But the primary objective here is to put yourself first.  What we are suggesting is an approach where you are selfish in the sense that you decide to be happy…FIRST.

Going forward, in every situation, put yourself first and foremost regarding what makes you happy in that situation.  EVEN if the situation is not one to be happy about.  Make a choice.   This means choosing what and how you want to feel and because you are so incredibly selfish, not allowing any other situation, circumstance, person, ANYTHING whatsoever to stop you from feeling the way YOU want to feel.  In ANY given moment and in ANY given circumstance.  This is not ignoring your other feelings and emotions when things arise.  Suppression of emotion does not work.  Active management of emotion most certainly DOES work.  And that management of emotion is the first step in manifesting what you truly desire.

When we consider the facts that we are spiritual beings in human form, that we all are made of energy, and that the Universe is responding to and directly reciprocating that same energy, it stands to reason having an open flow of chosen happiness, joy and bliss opens the doors to help usher in exactly what we desire in life. Why?  Because when we have an open flow of positive emotion, we are emitting a strong vibrational marker that speaks to the innate desires of our souls and the Universe responds in kind.

Think about how it feels to be free.  Free of whatever is “holding you back” right now; free of whatever is “holding you down.”  Imagine those things, people and/or circumstances no longer exist in your life.  All has been cleared and wiped away.  No more stress from not having enough money, no more ex-husband bringing you down, no more grumpy boss at work making your life hard.  Do you feel lighter as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?  Does your mind feel free?  Are thoughts of joy and happiness flooding your brain knowing you are free from those things you identified?  THAT is the energy that is needed to create transformation of your perceptions and interpretations and it is that same energy that now creates manifestation of your desire!  FREEDOM.

So if I am a spiritual being made of energy and the Universe is responding to my energy at all times, it is in my best interest to foster the positive energy inside and all around me because I want more of it.  I want to manufacture my “happy ending” as opposed to hoping and wishing it will show up.  This sense of empowerment to create is the FREEDOM that looses our souls and allows us to create spontaneous happiness at any given time.  We were not put on this Earth to live a life of unhappiness.  It’s simply not true.  When we are aligned with our souls, our authentic selves, and operating from that space, it feels like home, it feels comfortable, safe, warm, happy.  When we are out of alignment, we feel discomfort, sustained worry, doubt and frustration with life.  And when we are in alignment we also experience an enlightened perspective of this life.  Authentic perspective or truth aligns with our individual innate desires.  The individual desires we all have speak in part to our purpose for being here in the first place.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have those desires to act on.  By understanding and acting on these things you are creating a sense of enlightenment.

Enlightenment isn’t some mysterious or elusive concept. Enlightenment is about being aware.  It is about being aware of who you are, what you desire and holding that awareness in the midst of any circumstance or situation or conversation.  It is when we lose sight of this fact that we hold our souls in captivity.  Loose your soul to be free and empower your soul to create the happiness you desire.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind” – Marcus Garvey


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