Week 32 – The Voice Within

indexTalking to yourself is a habit that everyone engages in at various points throughout the day.  Some have continuous, ongoing monologues, while others have spurts of exchanges between inner self and outer self. There’s a stigma associated with talking to yourself that is frowned upon and seen as mental instability in our culture and society. We see someone walking down the street blabbing off at the mouth and we think, “Huh, he/she is crazy, look how they’re just talking, and talking and nobody is around.”  Or sometimes you’ll run into someone whose Bluetooth device isn’t noticeable and they’re talking, and you respond as if they are talking to you. They must be right?  Who else could they be talking to, themselves?

Enlightenment we could no more stop talking to ourselves than we could stop eating or drinking. As “reasonable and civilized” human beings, we just minimize the ridicule and judgement by talking without moving our mouths.  But nonetheless, we all experience inner conversations to some lesser or greater degree, and all that we can do about it really is be aware and conscious of the talk we are having with ourselves, and more importantly, control the content and the direction of our inner conversations.  Most of us are totally unaware of the power our inner voices possess and how they have direct cause and effect on the circumstances of our lives. Alignment with your inner positive dialogue shapes your happiness, relationships, moods, patience, and more.   We discussed this in a 2015 post entitled Stop ‘Telling It Like it Is’ and Tell a New Story, how Law of Attraction orchestrates your life based on the story you tellThe story you tell yourself, and the things you say about yourself sooner or later become TRUE.

What are you telling yourself over and over?

Remember, you can talk yourself into feeling bad or talk yourself feeling good on just about any subject with a little practice.  Your mental conversations attract your much of what occurs in your life! We are told that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” However, it is a person’s inner most conversations that manifests in the heart. Your thinking follows your own inner discussions.  Your inner most dialogue that you have in the secrecy of your heart translates into real life, physical encounters.  As long as there is no change in your inner dialogue, your personal outcomes will remain the same.  Any attempt to change the outer circumstances before you change the inner conversation is futile and results in stagnant or regression of your true desires.  We may go for years and years, in the same circle of misfortunes, unrealized potential, disappointments, let downs, and unfulfilled dreams, never seeing any of these as caused by our own negative, inner conversations.

One day a woman desired a pay raise on her job and decided she would go in and approach her boss with the request.  So she stood in the mirror and rehearsed over and over what she would say in response to his negative response.  She covered ever angle through internal discussions from the perspective that he would say no.  Never once did she rehearse from the perspective of him saying “Okay yes, I’ll give you a raise.”  So true to form, just as rehearsed, her boss played out his role as he had been indirectly told to do, and rejected her request.   People usually only echo that which you whisper to them in secret.  There is much to be said regarding self-doubt and the power of expectation, but we will save that for future writings.

How to leverage your inner conversations:

Inner conversations are an automatic activity, which goes on whether you are aware of it or not. If you learn to become aware of it, you gain the ability to control it. If you can control it, you can direct it.  You can turn it into a positive dialogue. If you do that, you come to realize that you have a mighty power in your possession. Try to be aware of your thoughts. Calmly watch what is going in your mind, even if after a few moments you might forget to do that.

It is not so easy to mentally separate yourself from the thoughts and words that flow through the mind.  Over and over again, try your best to keep your attention of what is going inside your head, and eventually you will be able to become aware of the inner dialogue for longer periods of times. Watching the mind and what is going on inside it develops detachment, and this makes it easier control of the mind and its chatter.  Whenever you catch yourself conducting a useless, futile, or negative conversation with yourself, stop it. Change it to something more useful and meaningful, and more positive. Replace the subject, and the words. It is just like listening to a recording. Why not replace it with another recording that you like? Why let this recording play by itself? Change the words of the inner dialogue to positive ones, about good health, happiness and success.  By becoming aware of it, replacing it with positive thoughts, and refusing to become involved with it, you gain the ability to control it.

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