Week 29 – What Are You Excited About?

untitled   How many of us can answer that question immediately?  If you stop and think right now this second…what are you excited about???  How long did it take you to answer?  Two seconds?  60 seconds?  5 minutes?  An hour?  What are you excited about?  Have you thought about it?  Do you remember the last time you were excited?  Was it because you were getting something new to play with?  A new car, a new home, a new baby in the family, a bonus on your job?  What was it?  And why did it excite you so much?  How long did that excitement last before it was forgotten?  How did you feel after the excitement was gone?  Did you feel slow, mundane, dull, routine, humdrum?  Did you feel like Monday morning?

First off, there is NOTHING right OR wrong with how you answered any of those questions.  The purpose was to simply get some thoughts circulating regarding excitement.  But let’s talk about excitement and why it is important.

Two weeks ago we bought a puppy for our three boys.  We hadn’t told them that they were getting a puppy and they had been asking for quite some time.  We used an “organic breeder” which means they let things happen naturally with their dogs.  This also means the entire process from beginning to end was about 8 months.  Waiting for the dogs to mate, become pregnant, have the puppies, let them mature enough to be weaned, shots, etc.   During this time, we never told our children they were finally getting a dog.  Once we were two weeks away from going to pick him up…we told them.  It was actually hard to hear for about an hour after because of the way they screamed, danced and yelled all over the house due to their excitement.  They were completely overcome with joy, happiness and exhilaration.  They were truly excited.

So why the questions?  And why the focus on excitement?  Previously we’ve spoken about how we are vibrational beings.  Everything in this Universe operates off of some form of vibration.  The Universe looks to match our vibrations with like vibrations that align with our desires.  Remember the Law of Attraction – “the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn.”  So what does THAT mean?  It means your emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc. create vibrational frequencies that the Universe responds to and in turn offers experiences in response to your focused and pure emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Excitement specifically, has the uncanny power to immediately impart joy, happiness and exhilaration to your life’s experience.  When we offer feelings of joy, happiness, exhilaration, etc. our authentic selves (our soul) are open to receive as oppose to resist.  Compare the thoughts we have, the things we say and literally how our bodies feel when we are angry versus when we are excited.  There is a sense of resistance from one and a sense of openness or allowing from the other.  That sense of resistance we feel when we’re angry or frustrated does just that…resist…restrict…stifle.  That vibrational resonance provides resistance, restriction and things stifled to our paths in life.  The Law of Attraction is seeking to match your vibrational resonance.  When we are excited, like that of a child who finds out he is about to get a new puppy to love and care for, offers an openness and allowing which ushers in joy, happiness, exhilaration and peace.  Spontaneously creating excitement in our lives allows us to better determine how we CHOOSE to feel.  And how we FEEL, because we are emitting that vibrational marker, will also play a part in determining the things and experiences that come into our path.  THIS is why identifying our excitement is important.  When we can identify and maintain a level of excitement perpetually through life, we have that ability to spontaneously create our own happiness and joy.

I personally look for and find excitement in people, places and things both small and great.  The things that truly get me excited are those very small things that mean nothing to anyone else but me.  First and foremost, I’m EXCITED about Align to Enlighten!  And all the possibilities of serving to help others along their journey.  That is truly EXCITING to me!  I get excited thinking about what I want to wear to work in the morning.  I’m excited about cooking for my family every day.  I’m excited about the upcoming football season.  I get excited thinking about talking to my mom.  I get excited on Mondays thinking about hanging out with friends on Friday night.  I’m excited when I first see the sun in the morning while I think about what THIS day will offer.  Or better yet, what joy I will experience that day based on the excitement I have before I even begin.

Even in the midst of tragedy, heartbreak, failures and stress…finding your excitement is a sure fire way to begin the transformation of sadness and despair to joy and happiness.  A friend of mine experienced the death of her young nephew this past week.  He decided to take his own life.  The day after it happened I reached out to see how she was doing.  She told me that she’d been on her back patio meditating and stayed for a long time after simply enjoying God’s beauty.  She wasn’t excited for what happened in her family.  But in the midst of that…she found solace, contentment, peace and yes…even a bit of excitement because of what she saw in God’s creation.

Lots of people hate Mondays for various reasons.  We often times buy into the “Monday blues” and even carry them onto Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the rest of the week.  But we don’t HAVE to live a life of Mondays.  We can live a life of Saturday nights…every day!  So…what…are you excited about?  Here is something to try:

Step 1: Make a list of things you are excited about when you think of them.  Could be your children, your brand new puppy, your job, your spouse or loved one, the sunshine, the flowers, the trees, your new hairdo, whatever…just make a list.  Exhaust the list.  (Funny…as you’re making this list, you will feel yourself feeling lighter and brighter about life in general.)

Step 2:  Read your “Excitement List” daily.  FIRST THING in the morning and definitely before you go to sleep at night.  Take the time to not only read over your list, but spend time with the emotion you feel as you read your list.  Open yourself completely to feel ALL of the excitement your list brings.  Allow yourself to feel the joy and happiness you experience as you read and contemplate your list of exciting things.

Step 3:  In the midst of your excitement, in the midst of your happiness, in the midst of your exhilaration…think about what else you would like to invite into your life that would also make you excited.  Add that to your list.  Whether you have this thing or experience presently today or not…add it to your list.  Feel what that excitement brings to you and envision yourself with that thing or experience as if it is yours right now.  Do this everyday.  Don’t take the time to negate your excitement by doubting or downgrading what your current experience is offering you.  Simply relish in the excitement of you having it all.

Step 4:  ACT on your highest level of excitement!  Acting on your highest level of excitement puts you EXACTLY into alignment with who your are authentically.  Acting within that space fulfills your highest level of being.  Your excitement is unique to your soul.  It is specifically for YOU.  Acting on it spontaneously and immediately, unadulterated…provides immediate fulfillment and provides the highest level of living!  TO-DAY!  Acting within that space is operating within your authentic PURPOSE!

Finding excitement in life provides for an automatic happiness boost.  Finding excitement in life offers a vibrational state of allowance.  Allowance for desires to flow and be matched by the Universe.  In reference to last week’s blog post, Let Your Light Shine Bright, “let your light shine by paying special attention to the thoughts you are allowing yourself to think, and thus allowing your vibration to emit, and thus producing circumstances and situations to occur around you and in this world.”  Choose excitement.

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