Week 28 – Let Your Light Shine Bright!

images (2)  “Light always shines in darkness, and is noticed, even if it’s not acknowledged. Let your light shine bright, and you will make a difference” – Author Unknown

In the wake of the recent events involving the killings of 2 black men and the killing of the police officers, we would like to offer a perspective to consider.

All week there has been an array of different emotions felt – anger, frustration, disgust, disappointment, downtrodden, and flat out hatred. The one thing we would like to get across to anyone reading these words right now is… YOU CAN NEVER EVER CHANGE A CONDITION BY ATTEMPTING TO MANIPULATE, CONTROL, OR CHANGE THE CONDITION! Anything of change always occurs from the perspective of the individual seeking the change. Things are happening the way they are happening. And you simply can not fight against forces with matching physical forces; you can’t put out a fire with fire, you can’t overcome coldness with more coldness. For both these, you need the opposite- water and heat. You simply can’t overcome something undesired, or something unwanted by meeting it with the same force as the thing you wish to change. This action only results in more of the same behavior. Just look at the war going on in the Middle East and you see clearly what matching forces get you.

The fact of the matter is YOU as an individual vibrate (through your thought), and YOU as an individual attract. And there are as many YOU’s on the planet as there are individuals. With regards to this prevailing issue of violence in our present society- the question being asked is “what can we do”.

What can we do, as individuals and as a collective body of consciousness? To that question the answer is simple- let your let shine bright; LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE AND LET IT BE BRIGHT! Your choices of physical actions may be limited, but your choices of thought are not. You think a thought, you vibrate, you attract into your experience that which resonates predominately within you. This how things manifest- period! I know this sounds very simplistic and very ineffective to thwart today’s violence that we are witnessing. Focus on my thoughts?? Yes, your thoughts are the most powerful force in existence in this universe. Understand this, our thoughts coupled with emotions are why we are where we are as a people and as a nation. We are not here by chance, accident, or even because of some wicked and evil injustice that has just happened to fall into our experience. Nobody has forced their will upon us that we had no control over! That would make us all victims. And who reading this would claim to be a victim? We are here due in fact, and predominantly from the practiced vibrations and beliefs held consistently and put into emotion (energy in motion) over time.

The answer to ridding this problematic situation is to let each of our individual light shine bright. As bright as a morning star! What I mean is let your light shine by paying special attention to the thoughts you are allowing yourself to think, and thus allowing your vibration to emit, and thus producing circumstances and situations to occur around you and in this world. You see, we’re all connected. Everything one person does has a direct and indirect causation on the other person, depending again on where you are vibrationally, depending on if you are a vibrational match to what’s being put out. Things simply do not come into our lives uninvited. I know may be saying, “wait a minute, how did the innocent men that died this week have anything to do with their own untimely demise?” Well, the fact is we live and we die, and we believe strongly that we all play a tremendous role in how we live and die here on this physical plane. For example, if you choose to live a life of constant thoughts, discussions, and overall feelings of death and fighting and turmoil, you have just increased your chances of experiencing a life situation that complements your thoughts and vibration, and more than likely will run into a circumstance that supports your belief. This can arguably be seen by musicians who write their lyrics and /or sing their music with such conviction and emotion that eventually the universe has no recourse but to deliver to that individual that which they have in a sense asked for. You see, this IS a universe of inclusion, NOTHING IS EXCLUDED.  When you say NO strongly enough to a subject with conviction and fire, you invite more of that subject into your experience.  Likewise when you say YES to the things you desire with a sincere emotion, the universe responds accordingly. Yes means Yes, and No means Yes as well. And you are saying yes to anything that you ACTIVELY give your attention to. So in essence, you are always saying yes to something!

So what we are saying here is this: Don’t focus your attention so much on the ever prevailing occurrences that are happening almost daily now. Don’t focus so much on what’s happening in front of you. Notice it, decide what you want to come from it, and exert 100% of your energy IN THAT DIRECTION. You would never walk up to a buffet and stand there wasting all day complaining about what you don’t want; you choose what you want among the array of things present and leave the rest. Life is the same!

Focus most of your attention and intention on that which you want; and it starts here and now. After reading this, spend the next 30 minutes to an hour sitting in stillness or better yet take out a pen and paper and spend that same amount of time physically writing down WHAT DO I WANT… WHAT IS IT THAT I DESIRE TO SEE RIGHT NOW REGARDING THIS SITUATION? More than likely most of our desires are one and the same… PEACE, UNITY, FREEDOM, etc… The ability to pursue my happiness without the external impediments of anyone, etc. Focus on what you want, over and over and over. Don’t have idle conversations of the travesties that are occurring in a negative light.  Speak from a position of power, empowerment, and solutions, knowing that there is an ever-present force that is with you, and this force is waiting on you to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE so that miracles can be manifested through you. The answer to “what can we do” lies within each and every one of US. Let your light shine by deliberately choosing a position of peace and joy while demonstrating more acts of kindness, particularly to those who you think don’t deserve it. This will spread exponentially and you will see the effects immediately – GUARANTEED.  There’s a false premise that says, “all we have to do is rid the world of evil and everything will be better,” but that’s not the way it works.  Treat it like a buffet and realize, there is always, always the wanted and the unwanted and the ability to choose between them.  This world is made up of many desires and people who are acting out their calling and what they feel is right and exact for THEM.  YOU have to do the same, but it starts with yourself and letting your own, individual light shine bright to affect the change YOU desire to see!

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  1. Celeste Jones
    Jul 10, 2016 @ 20:44:19

    Thanks Gene for such a positive, thought provoking message! It all begins in



  2. loveyourself7
    Jul 10, 2016 @ 22:27:12

    And I say THANK YOU Edward as he’s the one who wrote that awesome post this week!!



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