Week 27 – Play “Make Believe” EVERY Day…

Imagination-and-logic-Einstein-1024x768  “Logic will get you from A to Z.  Imagination will get you EVERYWHERE” – Albert Einstein.

Last week we spoke about the difference between discovering who you are versus deciding who you want to be and who you are in any given moment.  The choices are and always have been your own in making those decisions.  This week, we want to focus on one of the four steps outlined last week in deciding who you are versus discovering who you are…imagination.

“When we choose to IMAGINE WITH FULL CONVICTION, knowing that on some level of reality IT IS ALREADY DONE – and hold firm to that thought and belief- that is when the magic happens and things start to move for us, and towards us. Your own wonderful human imagination is the actual creative power of God within you!” – Edward Muhammad

We truly are perfectly created creatures, made in God’s image.  The various functions and cognitive features we possess help us to navigate this world.  Our five senses, cognitive thinking, deductive reasoning, logic, etc. all play a role when making decisions or creating strategy or gaining knowledge and understanding.  But have you ever simply asked the question, “what is the purpose of my imagination?”  Many of us stray away from our imagination as we become adults.  Or we relegate the use of imagination to artists who compose music, paint, sculpt, dance, sing or any of the other creative arts.  But all people are not artists.  Yet all people have imagination.  So why do we have an imagination?  What is the purpose of having an imagination when you are not an artist by design?

The answer goes back to a quote from last week…”Your own wonderful human imagination is the actual creative power of God within you!”

A few months back I watched an inspiring presentation.  It wasn’t so much about the subject on what was being presented but more so about the way it was presented.  The presenter was very engaging and he accomplished this by what I perceived as truly “feeling” his audience.  He checked in with them frequently, gauged their engagement and reengaged with them when he felt them slipping.  He wanted to know what they wanted and expected from him before he started.  He wrote those things down on a flip chart and then revisited those things as he addressed them for confirmation and affirmation with the crowd.  I was truly inspired by the way he presented his information.

So recently, I had to put on a presentation for about 50 people for my job.  My desire was to be able to present the information and have it resonate with my audience.  I wanted them to be inspired by the topic while also holding myself accountable for delivering on their expectations.  After all, these people weren’t forced to sit through my presentation but instead had left whatever they were doing to come hear me speak.  So with these things weighing on my mind, I decided to use my imagination.  I chose to use my imagination in terms of “what does a GREAT presenter/speaker look like?  How does a GREAT presenter/speaker engage the audience?”  I imagined myself as the speaker I had seen a few months back.  I imagined his mannerisms, his questions, his pauses and changes of inflection in his voice for effect.  I imagined me, being HIM!

When I completed my presentation, there were many people who came up and shook my hand, thanking me for the information I had shared.  But what really struck me were the 8 different people who came up to me and said things like, “wow…do you do this professionally?  Did you go to school to learn to present like this?  Did you take a class for this?  How many years have you been professionally speaking?”  The reality is, no, I have not gone to any public speaking class nor have I been doing this for years and years.  But I IMAGINED I had.  I imagined myself as this dynamic public speaker who knows how to command and engage audiences.  I imagined myself delivering a presentation where everyone’s eyes would be glued to me, hanging on every word along the way.  I reverted to childhood and played “dress up” and “make believe.”  And what I had imagined…is what I manifested…

The purpose and function of imagination is aligned with creation and the manifestation of those things we desire.  It is the vehicle that God has given us to carry our desires from thought to authentic reality.  But as stated last week, it is one of the most underutilized super powers we have.  When we say “super power” that is both facetious and literal.  Facetious because it is not some elusive or exclusive power that is hard to find and only selected for a few.  But instead it is a God-given trait available to us all.  Literal because it truly is a super, power.  It allows us the ability to literally transform WHO we are, WHAT we are, HOW we are in any given situation, WHERever we are and WHENever we choose.

Imagination, if allowed and not squashed by the right side of our brains, opens doors that logic slams shut.  Imagination is designed to create balance with what is possible versus what we consider practical.  Imagination is designed to create harmony between what is desired versus what is not realized.  Imagination tips the scales of what is just out of reach versus what is at hand.  Our imaginations are designed to help perpetuate creation!

Imagine there was no imagination.  Life would stand still.  Nothing would be created.  The new iPhone, remember the telegraph.  No high-definition television, remember black and white TV.  No autonomous driving cars, remember the Ford Model 6.  No high-speed internet, remember a time before computers.  No space shuttle or space stations, remember Christopher Columbus.  No DVR to record shows, remember VHS tapes.  Imagination is designed to perpetuate creation.  Not only for new technology gadgets…but for ANYTHING that YOUR HEART desires to have, desires to BE and/or desires TO BECOME.

If your imagination was not meant to be used to perpetuate God’s creation…He would not have given it to us.  Learn to exercise your imagination.  And think about it as an exercise.  It’s fun to imagine what we would do if we hit the lottery for millions of dollars.  But let’s first exercise our imagination with simply discovering an extra hundred dollars in our monthly budget.  Imagine what that surprise would feel like.  Envision yourself receiving that extra hundred dollars.  See yourself with it in your hands.  And then smiling to yourself as you recall exercising your imagination to manifest it in the first place.

Exercising your imagination to align with your desires and seeing manifested results of that process is akin to exercising your physical body and expecting and seeing physical results.  When we haven’t physically exercised in a long period of time, our bodies become “out of shape.” The same goes for our imaginations.  If you haven’t exercised your imagination with true conviction in a long time, then it stands to reason your imagination may be out of shape.  Take some time this week to begin to exercise your imagination.  Pick something small and imagine whatever it is you desire.  Expect it to come.  And just as importantly…SEE yourself in it.  Play “make believe” with your life.  And play “dress up” in your mind.  Do this with the innocent conviction of a child dressed in her moms hat, dress and makeup, playing  the role of an adult.  BE the experience.  BE in the moment of it all.  And watch what is first conceived then be created.  Imagine the power…of imagination…

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