Week 24 – Feel Your Alignment


The only real thing of value is intuitionAlbert Einstein

I wear corrective eye wear usually contact lenses. The other day I was having some irritation in one of my eyes and decided to wear glasses for a few days. While in a yoga class, during a particular posture, the instructor reminded us to look in the mirror at yourself to make sure we were in “alignment”. Well the problem for me with that was, I’d removed my glasses because of the extreme heat and sweat so could not see myself in the mirror. I felt very uncomfortable! I squinted my eyes to better focus, but I could only see a fuzzy blur of myself. I felt vulnerable, I felt anxious and frustrated. I could not focus. I realized the only way I could correct my alignment without seeing myself, was to feel for it. I had to pay strict attention to what my body was telling me. Were my hips, elbows, knees, and ankles in alignment? Was my head centered and parallel to the floor? Were my feet completely parallel to each other the shape of an “H”? All these corrections I’d always depended on the fact that I could look up in the mirror and use my sense of sight to see where I was off, and where my misalignment was. Now I couldn’t see myself and it forced me to use my other sense, arguably the greatest of the senses, my intuition and sense of feeling. I kept myself in alignment by following what felt the best in each posture. I listened to what my body, mind, and spirit were saying. If something didn’t feel right, I didn’t push it. I focused on my breathing, and my power of visualization. Ironically enough, the postures that I usually struggle with, I breezed through and had one of the best classes I’d ever had.

Sometimes we can’t use our physical senses for guidance. Although God gave most of us 5 senses for which we use to navigate through this life, sometimes our most powerful sense goes overlooked. Granted vision is useful to avoid walking out into the middle of oncoming traffic. And hearing is good to be aware of a train coming long before you can see it as a good warning of what’s ahead. And of course you can usually smell smoke before you ever see fire. But we have become such observers and responders to what we observe, that we have dulled our own inner guidance sense. We don’t give much credence to what’s referred to as our 6th sense, our 3rd eye, and or our mind’s eye.

Feel for your alignment –

We are creators! Sometimes deliberately, sometimes by default, but creators nonetheless. We have become masters of observing a condition, interpreting that condition, and then responding accordingly to that condition that we observe. We observe > respond > react; Observe > respond > react. Which would not be a bad thing if what we were observing was always positive and uplifting. But when we observe things that we don’t like, and/or don’t want, and give our attention to that, we are unconsciously asking for more of that unwanted situation or similar situations like that one. Living life from this paradigm makes you susceptible to a constant world-wind of misalignment, ups and downs, literally a roller coaster ride of life circumstances, never really gaining traction and power to create what you truly want and desire.

What if we started responding more to our vibration and less to the situation? What if we decided to make our alignment a priority and decided that we would allow nothing, no-thing or no one to push us out of alignment with our true selves and inner being? What if we decided to observe what was happening on the inside, and decided to respond to situations from that vantage point rather than what was going on, on the outside? When you observe something happening around you or to you, and you feel negative emotion, you feel bad, you feel worried, etc, ask yourself right then and there what’s going on inside of me. What you are feeling internally in any negative circumstance has far more to do with you than it does the circumstance. Nothing at all has any innate power over you to possess you to feel one way or the other. Yes, of course you can observe joyful, happy things and feel happy. This is primarily due to the fact that your natural state of being is happy and joyful, so when you observe anything that triggers that emotion, you are connecting right then to the source from which you came from and are constantly seeking re-connection with. It is your natural state of being!

The negative way you feel, however, has less to do with what you’re observing and more to do with what’s happening internally. He made me mad. She pissed me off. He disappointed me. She let me down. All of these are indicators you are not in alignment with you inner being. These indicators let you know that you’re out of sync with what you want. And that you are currently observing something from a different and varying vantage point than your inner being observing. Start feeling for your alignment. Give less attention to your situation and more attention to your vibration. Negative emotion only means, I am thinking in opposition to my true desires. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t look to make the corrections to your alignment from what you externally observe. Pay little to no attention to what you’re observing on the outside and what’s going on around you. Again they’re only indicators. These things are only a mere reflection of YOU and what you’ve got going on vibrationally. You are a reflection of whatever you are experiencing! The universe can only reflect back to you that which you are internally. When you feel out of alignment, turn your attention immediately inward and feel where you’re off, and make adjustments as needed. You and I are predominantly spiritual, vibrational, energy based, non-physical beings. It is strange we rely so heavily on physical interpretations, and make decisions from that stand point. Practice using more of one of the best gifts God gave you to keep yourself in alignment, your ability to feel. Don’t look for what you want, feel for it!

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