Week 22 – It’s a Perception Thing

j-quoteIn an attempt to rationalize her feelings regarding a heart break, a woman made the statement to her guy friend, “You wouldn’t understand, it’s a woman thing.”  The inference being that the woman’s friend was unable to relate and empathize with her feelings because he was a guy and only another woman could possibly understand what she going through.  And although some things are better understandable based on gender as we all come from unique backgrounds and have experienced things that may be more gender specific to a woman’s dealing with a man and vice versa, the more accurate statement is, it’s a perception thing.

All that we experience, the good, the bad, the disappointments, the let-downs, the misfortunes, etc.  All these situations, ANY SITUATION, I don’t care the magnitude, or how seemingly severe it appears, is about perception – PERCEPTION!  How you choose to look at a circumstance.  It’s about how you choose to define what a situation means to you. It’s about how you choose to feel regarding a thing.  No circumstance or situation is inherently “bad” or “good”. Life is such as life is!  You experience things based on your vibrational offering.  And nothing ever comes into your experience uninvited (more on that in future discussions).  It’s not so much the situation and/or circumstance that you invite, but rather the feeling you feel, the emotion you feel surrounding experiences that you continue to attract more of unless and until you make another conscious and deliberate intention.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say your lover left you, he or she made another choice for themselves.  You obviously feel horrible and go through the myriad of reasons that this happened.  The feeling that you feel is in direct relation to the vibration you’ve been offering all your life up to that point.  You’ve heard stories of friends and others being with someone who was “unfaithful”.  You’ve experienced an unfaithful lover yourself in the past and have an established belief system regarding this subject and so for you there is no other emotion possible for you to feel other than one of disappointment, pain, resentment, and sorrow following the breakup.  We call it being human.  We have come to believe these are natural emotions completely based on our perspective.  Disappointment, however, is unnatural to your well-being.  It is a learned emotion taught to us at a very early age.  It is the result of misplaced expectations in things and/others.  It only becomes natural after countless times of practice, and can be unlearned by the same mechanism –practice, but also coupled with intention.

Remember, you can’t ever control conditions, but you can control your perception and perspective of the conditions, which entail, significantly impacts and influences the conditions. 

It’s a perception thing!  Your perception is everything!! But your belief systems, past experiences, circle of friends and family, all have had a profound effect on how you perceive a particular thing to be or not to be.  You can not see anything differently beyond your present ability to perceive it.  This means you and I could look at the same thing, same car wreck, same story line, same whatever and see completely different things.  The point however, is choosing the view that serves you best, the view that inspires you, energizes you, motivates you, and empowers you.  Giving the benefit of doubt, turning the other check, choosing a perspective that promotes high energy flow.  Choosing the view that creates the most allowing of well-being to flow to you and from you.

So how do we do this?  How do we change our perceptions when we realize they are limiting and not serving us well??

I’ve heard people say for years “perception is reality”.  And this is a true statement to a degree.  Your perception in fact does help shape your reality.  BUT, the more important question to be asked and answered is, do we have any control over our perceptions?  Or are we simply subject to whatever and however we perceive things to be?  If our perception is our reality, wouldn’t it make good sense to exercise some level of control over our perceptions?

We believe the answer to the above question is emphatically yes! We absolutely have control over our perceptions.  But we must first possess two things.  One, conscious awareness that you do possess the power to see something differently than it’s presenting itself to be.  And two, the desire to see something differently than the way it’s presenting itself.  Once you realize that it is possible to assume another perspective, and then desire it to be so, the rest is fairly easy.  And oh how empowering this is!

But then you say well, aren’t I fooling myself if I choose to look at something other than the way it is.  And to that we say, the way “it is” doesn’t mean a hill of beans!! The way something is doesn’t mean anything with regards to the way you can choose to purposely perceive.  And the way you choose to intentionally perceive a thing has a tremendous impact on how you will see other things in your future experiences, as well as how you will begin to attract more experiences that you truly desire and less of the ones you don’t desire.  The way it is, is actually old news the moment it happens. Think about that way. It’s over.  The only way it stays alive and active is if you choose to keep it alive and active through your thoughts.  Because you get to choose the next moment and the next and the next.  From that vantage point you are scripting your own life how you desire it to be not in response to a circumstance.

The benefits of changing your perception are tremendous and you will see your life take on a new and improved light more than you’ve ever before witnessed.  Ironically this is how miracles work.  When you open up and look at things from the broader perspective of your inner being, you allow God and the universe to work miracles in your life.  It’s through your ability to perceive that the laws of the universe are able to work for your benefit and to your advantage.  Your ability to perceive or lake thereof gives God something to work with and through.

Death won’t seem so traumatic.  A breakup, no matter how it occurs, won’t have the same negative impact on you as it once did.  You lost your job, your business went belly-up, your lover left you?  Your new perspective, with a new and improved realization, will be one of peace, positivity, and allowance.  You will relinquish the bondage of attempting to govern people or circumstances by your expectations of how you think they/it should behave.  Does that mean don’t set high standards for yourself?  Of course not.  But what it does, mean is let your high standards be more about you and nothing else.  If something is not meeting your standards don’t desire that thing to change.  You change! Not to accommodate something unwanted, but rather you change your thinking to one that better serves you and increases your allowance and alliance with the Creator!

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