Week 18 – Change the Color On Your Mood Ring

mood ring3If you are 35 years or older, maybe you remember mood rings as a child. The mood ring was a novelty invented in the 1970’s.  It was designed with a heat sensitive stone inside made of crystals the responded to the temperature changes by twisting or changing their positions.  The colors in the mood ring ranged from black which was supposed to mean stressed or very anxious all the way to purple which was supposed to signify the calmest and most tranquil emotion you were feeling.

So why was it called a “mood” ring?

Your mood affects your body temperature, which is what causes the ring to change colors. When you feel happy or content, your body gets slightly warmer because the blood capillaries in your dilate and move a little closer to the skin surface and release more warmth and heat to resonate from the body’s skin surface. This extra warmth causes the crystals in a mood ring to alter their position, which results in shades of blue.

On the contrary, when you’re nervous, stressed, or anxious, the blood capillaries dilate, constrict, and move away from your skin surface and directs more towards the internal organs causing a drop in temperature of the skin. This process twists the crystals to the other direction and in turn, it reflects more yellow.  The mood ring picks up the change in your body temperature, and the liquid crystals rearrange themselves in ways that reflect the lighter colors in their spectrum.

Cutting to the point, while the warm temperature implies heated emotions, cool hues indicate something like levelheadedness.

What was interesting to me as a child was that we would wear the mood ring and casually observe its color change throughout the day, and be astonished when we would see blue, green, or whatever the color was (ironically as a child the ring was blue often- No life stressors were happening back then J).  We had no knowledge, obviously, of the power to control our moods, and change the color of the mood ring by playing a different game, getting some ice cream, taking a nap, etc.  As children we just simply pursued whatever made us happy! Thus our mood rings stayed blue much of the time. We would be wise as adults to watch and take notes from our children.

Choosing your mood-

Often we say, I’m not in a good mood, or that put me in a bad mood, or my mood is heavy, my mood is light, etc.  We talk about having mood swings, or when I met with him, his mood was off.  Usually what we’re describing without realizing it is vibrational output and what the vibration is that we’re emitting or detecting from someone else.  And particularly when we discuss our own moods, we talk often from a powerless point of reference as if someone or something is dictating the mood we’re in.  Remember:  You don’t need anyone or anything else to comply for you to be in a good mood. You’re the only one that needs to comply to control your mood.  We do not take full and complete responsibility to change the color of our mood rings. The fact of the matter is, we do have utter and complete control over our moods.  Some would say, “I don’t have control over how I feel when someone is rude, ugly towards me, treats me with disrespect, lies to me, cheats me, I can’t control the way I feel about these things, nor do I wish too. When someone treats me bad I want to be mad about it.”  And that’s fine if mad or angry is the only option for you at that moment as opposed to depression and despair.  As long as you’re moving up the emotional scale and not down, you’re practicing alignment.  Just do all you can to feel better as quickly as possible, as if your life depending on it because guess what, to a degree it does.  We simply would like to remind you that you most certainly can control how you feel and moreover, it’s all that you can really and truly can control.

So how can you take better control over your mood and be more consistent in feeling good, on top of the world, and in just an overall good mood all the time.  The first thing to do is to get out ahead and pre-pave your day early.  Plan ahead for the hours, days, weeks, even years that are to come.  It was Khalil Gibran that said, “We choose our joys and our sorrows long before we experience them.”  This is true, we choose our own ups and downs, by just watching our mood rings being in awe of the color and not taking ownership of the color.  We choose or joys and sorrows by the thoughts we choose which is affected by our moods.  Pre-paving means intentionally designing your day your life the way you desire best for it to be.  It means being more deliberate about setting the tone of your life one day, one moment at a time.

The trick is not waiting to you’re in the moment to try to exercise this power.  You set the tone by practicing before something happens, by discovering and paying more attention to whatever it is that you know places you in a good mood, and DOING MORE OF THAT.  For me, it means starting everyday early in the morning with some form of meditation, it means being consistent with my practice of yoga, consistently reading material that empowers me, listening to good music, and being deliberate about what I choose to put in my body, mind and soul.  For me, these things will most always put me in not only a good mood but in a great mood!  So that when stressors arise as they do, I generally respond more positively to them.  And the more successful I get with this, the easier and more self-empowering it becomes, to the point where I no longer am controlled by outside circumstances no matter the severity, I make conscious and deliberate choices as to how I am going to feel.  And now, it’s starting to become second nature that I almost don’t even have to consciously choose, I just automatically, without even having to think about it, respond positively to whatever the negative situation is that I’m experiencing (Not completely there yet, but I’m on my way).

So find out what works for you! Think about it, pay more attention to that thing or things that make you feel good or better.  If you can’t readily identify something, don’t worry about it, it just you’re spending too much time working.  Spend more time doing what the children do – playing, and recreation (re-creation).  Find time to do things enjoyable to you and change the color of your mood ring!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. browngirl
    May 02, 2016 @ 02:53:54

    So very true, with this being said, I need more recreation. thanks



  2. loveyourself7
    May 06, 2016 @ 10:38:18

    Thank you for your comment and support Browngirl!



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