Week 17 – Removing the Callouses from Consciousness…

 Callous Consciousness  “One of the main distractors to conscious evolution is modern technology…”Gene Black

At the risk of oversimplifying things, enlightenment is about being aware.  First being aware that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Then about remembering that as frequently as possible to assist in becoming one with the authentic you.  Being in touch with your soul.  Living from the level of the core of your authentic being instead of living from the level of the surface of everyday life.  Of course there’s more to it overall but this is a start to understanding enlightenment.

So how does consciousness play into your awareness or enlightenment?  Many times we think of our consciousness as a support to our human bodies.  We may see consciousness only as a tool to help us think and make decisions based on what we perceive.  But consciousness needs tending to, caring for and nurturing just as our bodies.  Our bodies require nourishment, exercise and routine maintenance.  Our consciousness requires stimulation, evaluation and our attention.  When we stop paying attention to it, our consciousness becomes jaded or callous.

Without judgment, let’s take a look at today’s America.  Many of us operate on the surface of life most times…ignoring consciousness.  We work.  Come home.  Eat.  Watch television.  Shower.  Go to bed.  And get up the next day and do it all again without much thought…mindlessly.  Zombie-like.  In the midst of all of this, we depend on technology, cell phones, GPS systems, computers to direct and determine our quality of life.  I lost my cell phone recently and ironically almost lost my mind.  My thoughts were, “my whole ‘life’ is in there!”  LOL…

Many of us are distracted by the convenience of what technology has to offer which slows our brains and jades our consciousness.  My son asked me how to spell “conspicuous.”  I told him to “look it up” as we have 3 dictionaries in the house.  While I expected him to go to the dictionary, as I used to do, he went to his cell phone and asked Siri.  Does this make his conscious callous? No, not necessarily, but it’s a combination of things like that that add up.

I often times look outside on Saturdays and wonder what happened to riding bikes, playing football in the street or park and running/racing with friends to see who’s the fastest.  Those activities have been replaced with video games, television, cell phones and other mind-numbing activities that do not serve our consciousness or our children’s consciousness.  This is not to say that technology provides for some type of “evil” in the world that we should run away from.  And I have NO desire to go back to horse & buggy in lieu of my car, or back to sitting around a radio for entertainment instead of television shows. However, it does beg the question, are we focusing more on the surface of life as opposed to the core of our true and authentic being? The part of us that communes with our Creator? And how do we avoid these spirit-numbing “traps” and remove the callouses of our consciousness?  The answer…spend time with what is natural.  That which is not created by man. 

Have you ever noticed Spring is a natural clock for wild animals? It also is somewhat of a clock to us as well.  The true authentic self that is actually one with nature.  Many of us live a life of ‘callous consciousness’ because we are driven by the façade of everything else that is NOT natural.  This is why the distractor to conscious evolution is modern technology.

Let me offer you this…no matter what part of the country in which you live, have you ever noticed the difference you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually when winter finally breaks and you feel that first warm Spring day?  Doesn’t the air seem to feel more alive?  Doesn’t the warm breeze lift your spirit?  Don’t you feel a newfound sense of happiness?  Doesn’t Spring put you in a good mood?  Doesn’t your attitude reflect what you feel almost with a new beginning and a rejuvenation of your soul?  Why do you think that is?  Is it because you’ve been cold for 4 months and you’re finally happy you don’t have to wear a coat anymore?  Are you happy because you can actually go outside and see the sun?  What is it about Spring that rejuvenates our minds, bodies and souls?

Spring rejuvenates us for all of those things mentioned.  But Spring also rejuvenates us because it is a rebirth.  Nature’s animals recognize this rebirth as birds fly back north.  The season is a signal for many animals in the wild to begin mating.  Insect eggs that were laid in the fall hatch to provide new life.  Spring is a cycle of new birth and new beginning for all animals.  Including the animals labeled as human.  Why do you think we are so anxious to level our expectations of a seasonal change depending upon whether a ground hog sees its shadow or not?  We covet Spring and welcome it with open arms.   Why else, besides the expected warmer weather do we feel this way?  What I have learned and have started to teach to my children is that the natural beauty that surrounds us, also communes with our souls.  So as life blooms in Spring, our innate being feels these changes.  If we pay attention to it.    This communion helps nurture our consciousness.

Spending time outside, breathing fresh air and paying attention to the natural and beautiful abundance around you…provides for a connection with who you authentically are as another animal on God’s planet.  If your soul were a plant, spending time with and paying attention to the natural abundance around you would be like rain and sunshine needed for your growth.  Nurturing your soul provides for the flowers of your authentic consciousness to bloom.  When your consciousness blooms, the fruits of your authentic desires are manifested.

Take time to nurture and tend to your soul by shutting off your phone, disconnecting from ALL technology for an hour a day.  Take off your shoes and socks and walk through a park.  Feel the earth beneath your feet while truly observing the trees.  Listen intently to the birds sing songs.  Watch the ants work in perfect harmony and unison.  Smell the fresh air and feel it come into your body as you take in the Spring air slowly.  Slow…down…and just be.  Blocking all other thoughts besides the thoughts of where you currently are and what you are currently experiencing.  Let this be your focus.  Take note of how you feel as you become one again with nature.  Pay attention to it.  Because what you are feeling in that moment…is your authentic self…in its most comfortable position.  Home.     

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