Week 14 – Don’t Hope For It… Intend It So



A lady commenting on Facebook stated, “I hope to have a better day today than I had yesterday.”  The reply to her was, “You will, just make your intentions deliberate.”  What is an intention?  And what is it about making deliberate intentions that are so powerful?

A good intention clothes itself with sudden power, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The difference between hoping, wanting, and intending. 

Just as it is with anything else, intentions in and of themselves have no power. You can make intentional statements all day long, but unless they’re buttressed with action, they have zero force in creating a transformation in your life.  We know this to be true right, as by now most people’s New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the wayside.  What happened?  You had all the “good intentions” in the world.  You were going to quit smoking, lose 20 pounds, start reading more, etc, etc.  Your intentions were clear right? The path of disappointment and failure is sometimes littered with good intentions.  No worries, the beautiful thing about a new day, you can always set new intentions.

At first glance having or making an intention seems to be a lot like wanting.  I want to have a good day/I intend to have a good day.  There is something very similar to both these statements as opposed to, I will have a great day! This is an intentional statement of clarity, assurance, and certainty.  To have an intention is different than to set an intention. To set an intention is to act and allow your desires to happen.  Setting an intention sends a message to the universe that I am confident in what I want.  Setting a clear intention removes any mistiness in your desires that the universe can receive fully, you are not sending out any mixed signals.  Intentions are powerful in that they remove any and all doubt.  It gives God something to work with.  Your intentions make clear to the universe precisely your true desires. As a matter of fact, intentions lay the groundwork for your desires and are the real power behind desires. I will have a great day says there is nothing else that can come about but a great day.  Intentions cause the law of attraction to go into action!

But here’s where the tricky part comes in.  You’ve made your intentions known and clear, your attitude is positive, and still your day turns out crappy. What happened?  How could I have had those clear intentions and still my day not turn out as I desired.  Well the fact is, somewhere down the line, throughout the day you got sloppy with your thoughts.  You got careless with your awareness.  Somewhere somehow you stopped paying attention to you how felt. You lost focus on what you intended your day to be like and allowed outside or maybe inside forces to distract you from your true intentions.

The most important aspects of setting any intention is clarity of the intent, staying focused on the intent, and acting to manifest the intention. What becomes key to manifesting an intention is our ability to sustain focus on what we desire to create and the amount of energy we direct towards manifesting our intention.  You see, when you set an intention and you must deliberately and purposefully keep that intention at the forefront of your mind, you are cognizant and acutely aware of what’s occurring in your life experience moment to moment.  You are ever so conscious of all interactions you encounter, and you approach each and every one from an new awareness.  You acknowledge what you’ve intended, and your words, actions, and deeds reflect back to you that which you made known that you intend to happen. Intention triggers the transformation of energy and information, and organizes its own fulfillment.   This removes any responsibility on your part to try and control, manipulate, or orchestrate anything that you intend.

If you deliberately intend to have a good day, you will have zero tolerance to those things that will hinder your good day.  You won’t allow well-meaning people to exert THEIR intention on you.  An intentional statement sounds like this:  “I will have a great day today! I will allow no one to disturb my intention of having a great day, not even my own negative thought patterns. When anything is identified as a deterrent to my having a great day, I will do everything in my power to redirect my attention to what it is I desire.  I will remind myself of my intention periodically throughout my day”.  Here, you’ve not only set the intention, and made it clear, but you’ve also supported that intention with structured action that the universe will respond to.

All matter vibrates at a certain frequency and intentions utilize that resonance to create manifestations.

When an intention is in alignment with your inner being, it feels powerful.  It feels empowering!  It is important to focus on your feeling regarding any intentions you make because it’s the feeling behind the intention that creates a certain vibrational tone or resonance for your intention that magnetizes the forces of the universe to move what you desire into action.  This is what is meant by the previous statement – “what becomes key to manifesting an intention is our ability to sustain focus on what we desire to create and the amount of energy we direct towards manifesting our intention.” 

Consider your intentions as a reminder of what you want, a reminder as to what you desire.  But in order to be reminded, you have to make a commitment.  You must commit to staying focused on your intention.  You must commit to your self-awareness and be selfishly mindful and conscious of your thoughts and how you feel.

Whether you intend to help change the world, manifest financial abundance, or simply have a great day, deliberate intention is the starting point to all you desire.  Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention.

There is a text known as the Upanishads that states, You are what your deepest desire is.  As your desire is, so is you intention.  As your intention is, so is your will.  As your will is, so is your deed.  As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

For your week ahead try the following as a means to deliberately create better outcomes:

  • Set your intentions, identify clearly what you want for this day, I like to do this when I lay down at night to go to sleep for the following day
  • Jot your intentions down somewhere you can see them (this is powerful)
  • Look at your intentions a minimum of 5-7 times throughout your day
  • Stay alert and mindful of any distractions that have the potential to deter you from your intent
  • Release the intent, and detach from the outcome
  • Bask in the fulfillment of your intention

Turn your hopes and wishes into intentions. Don’t hope for a better day, intend it so. Don’t hope for a better life, set your intentions deliberately on the best life you can have.  Take control of your own reality.


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