2016 Week 12 – Did Law of Attraction Cause That?



This week’s blog discussion stems from a conversation held with a friend of mine who was having an extraordinarily good day. Things were going exceedingly well on all fronts, when all of a sudden, BAM! Her day went from wonderful and exciting to grim and horrible.  Like a ton a bricks things turned around on a dime. As I listened to her vent her frustrations, the question that was later asked was, “how did this happen when I was in such a great space, did law of attraction cause this, and if it did, how”?  She was perplexed to know how, if the thoughts she was thinking were good and positive, and if she was feeling good, then according to the LOA, that situation should not have happened, right?

First off, let’s briefly define LOA again, as it can never be understated or oversimplified. It is the universal law that states that which is like unto itself is drawn. Which means you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. It’s referring to the essence of what you’re thinking about not what you’re thinking about right now, although your right now thoughts do have a tremendous impact what transpires in your experience. However, it’s referring more to the parent thought. The thought behind the thought, or as I like to call it, the sponsoring thought.

Law of Attraction is one of seven hermetic universal laws and principles.  It falls under the 3rd hermetic law – Law of Vibration. The complete list of Hermetic Laws/Principles is 1). The Law of Mentalism 2). The Law of Correspondence;   3).The Law of Vibration;   4).The Law of Polarity; 5). The Law of Rhythm; 6).The Law of Cause and Effect; and 7). The Law of Gender.  LOA falls under the law of vibration that says like energy attracts like energy. Again that which is like unto itself is drawn.

Now let’s take this concept a little further.  Does this mean that if you’re keeping your thoughts “pure and positive” that you won’t experience negative situations?  Questions similar to my friend’s question have been asked often.  How did I attract cancer, how did I attract my house getting burglarized, how do keep attracting crappy relationships, and on and on and on.

The answer is simple, you attract experiences and life events that match your vibrational stand point.  My friend’s sponsoring thought on this thing she experienced is always the same – I hate the fact of this… I can’t stand it when this happens…. the very next time this happens I’m going to take this action so that this person knows I mean business, etc, etc. So although she was experiencing a wonderful day and very good week as a matter of fact, her overriding thoughts and vibration on that particular subject matter was one of resistance. One actually of misery, disgust, resentment, and anger.  You get what you’re predominantly thinking about regarding any subject at any given time. You get what the essence of your vibration is on a particular subject at any given time.  This is how thoughts turn to things, and how the mental becomes the material.  The Universe responds to your vibration, ALWAYS! So it’s important to recognize and be ever cognizant of what you are responding to. The Universe is responding to you, what are you responding to?  What are you responding to??

As deliberate creators, the goal is self-mastery. During this process we will undoubtedly experience things unwanted. Experiences we would rather not have. Sometimes things will just happen. However, The Universe is unerringly consistent at revealing to us where we stand vibrationally. This is a wonderful gift from the Creator!  Just think about it, we’re can always know where we are in relationship to our inner being by two things:  how we feel and what we’re experiencing.  How we feel and what we’re getting tells us where we stand vibrationally.  When we have an experience that is undesirable it is only an indicator of where we are in our vibrational vantage points.  It is only an indicator of where our vibrational point of attraction on that particular subject matter is.  Remember things that happen in our lives do not happen to us but actually from us and for us.   From us how? For us why? From us by the vibrational frequency we’re emitting. So sorrowful emotions produce more sorrowful experiences, miserable emotions produce more miserable life experiences.  The parent thought of what you’re thinking is always what’s in effect. Like attracts like. For us so that we can always, and at all times know where we are as opposed to where we want to be.  Showing us the work that still needs to be done if we’re are striving to be deliberate creators.  So when it comes to life events that seem to be beyond our control ie. death, disease, catastrophic encounters with someone or something, or simply ill behavior from another that we’re attached to through relationships, understand that what you will attract from the universe is more experiences that match what you’re feeling, more experiences that correspond to the way you truly feel.

LOA is never “causing” anything to happen to us. It is always merely responding to vibration. It serves up more of whatever it is you are emitting via your frequency.  This does not mean you won’t have “bad” experiences.  But what it does mean is that you will feel different about the same experience. The death experience won’t have the same negative impact, the bad news regarding you job won’t have the same impact,  your significant other’s ill behavior, the thing(s) you absolutely despise and abhor won’t have nearly the same effect on you as they once did.  It is the ability to have an undesirable experience and stand firmly in alignment, a firm place of well-being throughout the situation.  Stand firmly in a profound place of realization that I can choose my response.  I am not a victim to any circumstance, life event, or behavior of another.  I can choose to see this thing through the lens of my inner being.  This is true mastery!  And this is law of attraction!



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