2016 Week 11 – The Four Corners of Your Square

vibrationalfrequency   Have you ever heard the expression, “laughter is contagious?”  Or have you ever been there for a friend after a bad break up and also felt their sadness?  Have you seen the joy in a new born child’s eyes and also felt joy?  Have you encountered an impatient man in the check out line and in turn began feeling impatient as well?  I’m sure you have.  But why is that?  Why do we feel others emotions?  Why do we feel other people’s joy, laughter, sadness, impatience or pain?  Because we are vibrational beings.  We are constantly emitting vibrations with our thoughts and emotions.  We spoke about this last year in Week 7 – Vibration Basics.  We spoke about why understanding and paying attention to your vibration is important.  In a nutshell, we summed up the fact that whatever vibration you are emitting, the Universe aligns with THAT and returns what you are resonating.  This is because we are vibrational creatures in a vibrational Universe.  But back to how others emotions affect our vibration.

It could really be thought of as other’s vibrations ‘intruding’ on our vibrations.  But this only happens if allowed.  We would ALWAYS allow joyful vibrations shared at the sound of the laughter of an infant.  We would revel in the happiness and delight of hearing the innocence and unadulterated happiness of a child.  It warms our hearts.  It makes us smile.  It lightens our spirit.   Why?  Because we are accepting the vibrational frequency that infant or child is offering.  We are allowing our vibrational frequency to align with that infant’s vibrational frequency.  And our frequencies combine, dance and multiply, spreading to the others around who’s vibrational frequencies resonate with the same.  This is a joyful and memorable experience.  But vibrational frequency does not discriminate.  This is why we empathize.  Or this is why we sometimes call laughter contagious. Or join in with impatience at the check out line.  Or share and retaliate against another person’s anger, attitude or anxieties.  This is why it is important to understand and manage the Four Corners of Your Square.

Imagine yourself standing on a square.  And as long as you stand on this square, you are protected, safe and without worry, frustration, anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness or any other negative emotion or feeling.  As you walk through life, this square is forever under your feet.  This square has four corners as all squares do.  But each corner represents one piece of the larger whole.  And together, the square is complete.  And so are you.  Complete to maintain whatever vibrational frequency you desire at any given time.  If each corner had an inscription, they would read:

  1. I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
  2. God is my Creator.  I am created by God in His image.  Therefore I am a co-creator with God.
  3. All we have is the moment.  And I am the moment I create.
  4. The ONLY thing I can control is how I FEEL.

Having this knowledge of your “square” would offer peace, love, happiness and tranquility because this square provides awareness.  And full awareness is enlightenment.  Enlightenment provides understanding.  And understanding provides context.  Context provides clarity.  And clarity provides perspective.  For example, your soul is ethereal and eternal.  While our bodies pass away daily.  Learning to live from the inside (spirit) out (body) creates space to manifest and create the moment we are in, thus deciding and determining what we FEEL.   As opposed to doing what we normally do, living from the outside/in, where we take things in, internalize them as they happen and give meaning to what they are to our soul.  This is living a reactionary life as opposed to a life of creation.

This past week I was involved with a situation with a family member whereas I knew she was angry.  And in my interaction, I too became angry.  I felt myself getting upset, tense and blood pressure rising.  After we concluded the conversation I kept thinking about the situation.  Then I asked myself…out loud…”what am I mad about?”  I didn’t have an answer for myself.  Then I felt silly.  But we ALL have a tendency to be this way!  We allow others to “push our buttons” and to get us upset, make us angry, knock us off of our square!    But what is it that you actually desire to feel???  Do you truly desire your blood pressure to be raised, your body to be tense and your emotions to be full of anger, angst and frustration???  Or do you truly desire to be harmonic, tranquil and be filled with love, joy and peace?  THIS is what understanding your square is all about.  It’s about being aware of your existence.  Aware of your existence as a spiritual being having a human experience, created in God’s image, empowered to create in the moment you have been given to decide EXACTLY how you CHOOSE to feel 100% of the time.  Your “square” is your safe haven.  Your “square” is your refuge.  Your “square” provides stability in the midst of the chaos that surrounds you.  Stand on it.  Do not let another’s vibrational frequency be so strong that it knocks you off the balance of your square and the vibrational frequency you desire.  Simply KNOW your four corners…1) I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  2) God is my Creator.  I am created by God in His image.  Therefore I am a co-creator with God.  3) All we have is the moment.  And I am the moment I create.  4) The ONLY thing I can control is how I FEEL.

When you are aware of the vibrational frequency you desire, aware of the current vibration you are emitting and aware of the vibrational frequencies others are offering around you, understand that in that moment you have the innate power to create the desired outcome that suits you best.  First become aware of your “square.”  And then simply KNOW that you are the moment you create.  You are the moment you create.  It is always your choice.


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