2016 Week 7 – Live Your Life Like a Movie…

    Live your life like it’s a movie.  A movie that you’ve never seen before.  An improvisation where you have NO idea what’s going to happen next.  And guess what?!?!?  YOU’RE the star!

But let’s start from the beginning.  When you were first born, chances are your parents looked at you with such promise.  Such high hopes and dreams for what you would become in life.  They marveled at all the possibilities that laid before you.  They envisioned your greatness in society.  They were watching a movie in which they had no idea of how the middle or the end would turn out.  But they were extremely optimistic about what life would bring to you and for you.  They were excited about the potential opportunities you would be provided and more so how you would execute greatness in everything you would put your hands to.  You were “the star of the show” with tons of promise and expected triumph!

Now…think about the most amazing movie you’ve ever seen.  The most exhilarating, exciting movie that brought emotion out of you.  Could be a hilarious comedy.  A passionate romance.  A scary thriller.  A great drama.  An action-packed shoot’em up.  What is that movie that jumps to the top of your mind when you think about the most AWESOME show you’ve ever seen?  Awesome movies spark emotional resonance with us to the point we HAVE to see it again!  Even though we know what’s going to happen.  That’s what awesome movies do.  Are you living an absolutely awesome movie or not?  Many of us are walking through life as if we’ve “seen our own movie” a thousand times already.  As if we already know the outcome so we’re bored instead of excited.  We’ve lost the excitement of seeing the world premier event, which is your life!  Your “movie” has never been seen before.  So make it be what you want it to be.

In the beginning, the excitement of possibility prevailed.  ALL things were possible.  As you grew older, you were faced with adversities, challenges, rejection and disappointment.  These things molded and shaped you to assimilate to what you saw around you.  Work hard, pay taxes, retire and die.  Stay within the lines because you’ve been conditioned to believe that there is safety within the lines and risk and imminent danger outside of them.  The excitement of possibility withers on the vine and you acquiesce to life happening TO you as opposed to life happening WITH you.

So how do you regain that excitement?  How do you rekindle that flame?  That spark?  That anticipation and enthusiasm?  You live your life moment by moment.  And in this moment right now…some of you just turned off.  Some of you just turned off because you’ve already “jumped to the end.”  You just jumped to the end of “knowing what I’m going to say.”  Or, “this is cliché and I’ve heard that a million times.”  Or, “what does that even mean?”  Well let’s walk through it together.  Has it ever seemed to you that as the older you get the faster time seems to fly?  Have you ever wondered why that is?  Here’s the answer…

Time seems to go by faster the older you get because you’re always looking at the future instead of at the present.  “I’m rushing to work because I’m late and I’ve got to prepare for the meeting.”  Or, “It’s Monday and I can’t WAIT till Friday gets here!”  Or, “Why is this light taking SO long?  I gotta go!”  Or, “Hurry up!  Time is money!”  We have come to accept the ‘time is money’ cliché as actual truth.  We charge money for time spent which is man-made.  But time does not inherently cost money.  So how can we expect time to cherish US when we don’t cherish time?  It’s like sitting down to watch what promises to be a most amazing movie but every chance we get, we fast forward in anticipation of the end while missing EVERY part of the middle.  How is that supposed to be enjoyable?  Such is life when we are constantly living outside of the moment instead of inside of the moment.  We begin to miss the entire movie unfolding in front of us.  And before you know it….the movie is over.

It’s the age of technology…or like I’ve named it, Microwave Millennia.  Every piece of information we want we get it instantaneously on a device we KEEP in our hands 24/7.  We want food, it happens virtually immediately in the drive-thru lane.  We watch television and we dvr through the commercials to get back to the show as quickly as possible.  Is it any wonder why time is fleeting?  We perpetuate the acceleration of time and then reach for it in confusion when we want it to stop or slow down.  We can achieve the slowing down of time by simply appreciating and nurturing the current moment.  The same as sitting down comfortably on the couch, popcorn in hand and settling in to watch the movie of a lifetime.

Settling into the moments of your life allow you to realize that control of past and future events is an illusion.  A fallacy.  Living in the moment allows for creation of the next moment that aligns with your overall desires and expectations in life.  Being in the moment allows YOU to be the director of your own movie.  As director, you have a vision to how you want to see the movie unfold.  As director you have an expectation of the outcome but are happy to see the other “actors” in your movie interpret and offer creative license to your script and direction.  In other words, when you stop…become aware that there IS a moment and you are in it which allows you to create what happens next with the people around you based on your direction, while allowing the other ‘actors’ to be themselves while following your emotional lead, you put together what becomes the most amazing movie, scene by scene…moment by moment.

As much as we look to control and KNOW the outcome of our movie, we have no control over what happens next.  We are living scene by scene of an improvisation known as life.  Where we become mundane, callous, complacent, dull and unfeeling is when we are faced with disappointment, discouragement, let downs and the melancholy of routine.  This pattern of behavior leads us to feel as if we’ve seen our “movie” a thousand times and have deemed that we KNOW the outcome.  Therefore we stop operating in life’s excitement and relegate ourselves to “knowing what’s going to happen next” in our movie of life.  What we are suggesting is to not limit yourself or your life or your movie.  Again, think back to the first time watching what is now your favorite movie of all time.  How amazing was it?  How excited were you when you left the theater?  What twists and turns threw you for a loop because you didn’t expect them?  What exhilarated you about the characters?

As we live our lives today, let’s stop acting as if we know what every scene will bring.  But let’s walk in anticipation of greatness in the next moment instead.  Let’s stop acting as if we wrote some tragic script and are controlling the characters in the movie.  But rather interact with the characters of our lives in total improvisation and expectation of harmony and peace.  Meaning, being open to the layers of the characters in your life’s movie with anticipation that they are your supporting cast.  The supporting cast that helps you reach the climax of your script because you feed off of each other’s talents.  Be open to them and not closed off.  Learn from them and allow them to be the ‘characters’ they are meant to be in your life instead of trying to ‘direct’ them to be who they are not.  In addition, let’s stop acting as if we know how the movie ends.  The authentic reality is…NOBODY has seen your movie before.  It is up to YOU to create, write, act and direct your movie.  Don’t THINK you know the outcome and therefore give up.  CREATE the outcome you desire with anticipation of greatness and exhilaration!  Live your life like it’s the first time watching what you know will be the greatest movie you’ve ever seen.


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