2016 Week 6 – Passion vs Profession – Follow the Excitement


Are you fulfilling your passion or just working on your profession?  If money was not an object of your concern, what would you be doing with your life every day?  What gives your life meaning?  What brings you joy?  What inspires you? And are your answers to these questions compatible with your everyday activities?   Are you doing what you love to do?  And if not, WHY??

This is the million dollar question – LITERALLY!  Your heart desires to the chase your dreams, follow your bliss, fulfill your passions, but your mind limits and confounds you to your profession.

We had dreams when we are younger, more innocent and had not yet been brainwashed into this façade of “success”.  Somewhere, somehow we’re taught very early on to forgo our fantasies, and dreams to pursue the allure of a fleeting reality; a reality that leaves us empty and unfulfilled.  We opted out of doing what made our heart sing, and what gave us true joy and happiness, bamboozled by the illusion of lower pay and too high risks, in return for more money and a 3 car garage.  We traded our passions in for professions. Professions that give us mediocracy and Monday morning heart attacks. I find it ironic that we give up what for sure makes us happy for what we THINK will make us happy.

What happened along your journey?  What made you put your passion aside in the pursuit of the “American dream?”  Your passion may have been dancing, theatrical acting, running your own business, teaching, writing, etc.  These are the things that wake you early in the morning and keep you up late at night. And then your mind, or some well-meaning person quickly comes in saying, “doing those things won’t pay your bills, doing those things may be fun as a hobby, but they won’t support the lifestyle you desire.  So you put your passions on the back burner and pick a profession that pays the bills and sucks the life right out of you.  No excitement, no real joy for what you spend the majority of your waking hours doing.  And you settle for a life that’s mundane and lackluster.

Let us stop here and acknowledge that just because you’re passionate about something does not mean you need to make it your profession, particularly if you have a belief that it cannot financially support you.  And, if you love what you currently do, then by all means keep doing it. Maybe your current profession is your passion and you’re one of the few that are fulfilling your life’s purpose.  If this be the case CONGRATULATIONS! But if you are not head over heels in love with what you’re spending your long hours every day engaged in, keep reading.

“I don’t know what my passion is”. So how do I begin to discover my passion if I’m not sure?

Many people are not sure what they’re passionate about.  Maybe you haven’t found that out yet, especially if you’ve spent years in the workforce, working your profession, caught in the matrix of trading time for money.  Determining and identifying your passion can sometimes be intimidating and elusive. That’s okay!  First, understand that your passion does not have to be the “be all end all”.  It does not have to be some groundbreaking idea that’s going to set you financially free- although it most certainly can and will do that if you allow it to.  Second, you may discover that you’re passionate about several things. You may have multiple things that inspire you and give you great joy when you’re engaged in them.  And lastly, know that your passion can change from one thing to something entirely different, and just because you’re passionate about one thing today, you may not feel that same inspiration about that same thing tomorrow.

After taking this into consideration, the one thing you can do to discover your passion that will most always work, and has helped me along my journey is to do the thing that excites you the most at any given moment!  Out of all of the given choices available to you, act on the one thing, at that moment that gives you the greatest joy.  This could mean taking a walk, reading a book, going shopping, calling a friend, dancing, going to the movies, and the list could go on and on.  It does not need to be something that would fall into the “normal” category of excitement.  It does not need to be confounding or some earth shattering activity.  It could be as simple as cooking a meal.

The idea behind this approach is two-fold. (1) You will automatically raise your vibrational frequency, which will in turn trigger the universe to respond in your favor with circumstances that enhance your vibrational point of attraction, which will yield more and more of the same.  The universe is waiting on you to act so that it can do its job of giving you more of what’s representative of your vibration! We said this before, the universe can never outpace your readiness to receive, and YOU too cannot outpace your readiness to receive.   If you won’t act on the simplest things, how can you receive the bigger things that await you?  And it should be noted that it’s neither big nor small to the universe, they are simply your desires.   (2) Excitement is a thread, it leads to all other excitement, the more you pull at it the more it unravels.  Just choose something that excites you, no matter how simplistic it may seem and pursue it until you can take it no further.  When you get to the next crossroad do the same, pick among the options available to you at that moment, choose the one thing that excites you the most right now, and act on it, when you come to next crossroad do this again and again.  The excitement that you follow will automatically draw you into a series of synchronistic events and circumstances that will constantly expand and accelerate your new reality.  And you will have discovered something you’re passionate about.  Ideas will flow that otherwise would have lied dormant.  Energy will flow that otherwise would have been stifled.  You will know your passion, and also, most importantly, that your passion can provide the support that you wish for your life.  But YOU MUST ACT! Simply move in the direction towards what excites you and what gives you joy. Do this consistently, and allow the synchronistic events and circumstances to occur.

And remember, do not worry about how your passion will support you. Your job is to follow what excites you and let the universe handle the rest.  Dismiss any limiting beliefs that say your passion can’t financially support you, because it can!  Just continue to follow your bliss, follow your highest level of excitement, act on it, and allow.

“As men grow old enough to look back on their lives, any pain they have does not come from the things at which they failed, but the things they never tried” – Antwan McLean


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