2016 Week 4 – Blessed Be the Problem

The word problem(s) is probably one of the most frequently used words in our vocabulary.  There is not one of us who does not come across this word on a regular basis in one way or another. All of us as individuals and collectively regularly face problems in our daily lives. As a matter of fact, as a society, our world revolves around problems; solving them, figuring them out, and sometimes even creating them. Businesses are built around solving problems, wars are started, and technology is advanced, all from someone’s perception that there exists a problem to solve.

Attitudes regarding problems vary from person to person. How do you view problems?  Do you see them as a blessing, as a wonderful thing happening? No really, do you welcome the problems that occur in your life and see them as opportunities, as a means towards advancement, expansion and growth? Are you able to smile and see problems for what they truly are? If you do, then you’ve mastered one area most of people struggle with.

Let’s face it…‘ish happens!  Things occur in life that appear to be totally beyond our control.  You got fired from your job, your spouse left you, you lost your home, you had a flat on your way to a very important appointment, and the list goes on and on.  The fact is “problems” will arise; some catastrophic, others seemingly insignificant, but a problem just the same.  We put the word problem in quotes here because, of course, they are only seen as such based on your own personal perception.

Here’s what I’ve come to understand:

Problems/Negative experiences will repeat in your life for as long as they remain useful to you.  I know you’re saying “Remain useful to me, I don’t find anything useful in negative experiences or problems.”  If somebody pisses you off, you’re getting use out of that experience because it’s co-creating an emotional reaction in you that, if you’re conscious, will lead to something of benefit for you. If something happens in your life that causes you disappointment or dissatisfaction, you’re getting value from that experience. Obviously at the time the situation is occurring, you may not see it as such, but the fact is there is nothing that happens in your life that is not there in some way to provide value.   And your negative emotions are the indicators of where you are versus where your inner being is on any given subject.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. Robert Schuller 

The negative experience is for your own knowledge of self.  What do I need to continue to work on?  Why is this getting me so mad, etc.? Your negative emotion with someone or something is not at all about them.  When someone agitates you, frustrates you, disappoints you, or angers you, it is far more about you than about that person.  The person is simply responding to your intentions, to your thoughts, and to the secret conversations you hold with yourself.  The negative emotion is merely there to reveal you to yourself! And the person, situation, or circumstance creating the perceived problem is working in conjunction with the universe to bring some level of conscious awareness to you about you.  Otherwise why would you be experiencing that emotion? What would be the purpose?  Certainly not to simply argue a point, prove someone wrong, fuss or fight.  And most certainly not to get the condition that’s triggering the emotion to change.  So why do we experience problems and negative emotions?

The problem suggests the solution – Tom Payne

Out of the worst case scenarios are often born the greatest ideas known to man.  Blessed be the problem, for without the problem there could not be a solution!  Problems produce solutions that would otherwise not be birthed without the problem.  Moreover, often times the problem produces not only a solution to that particular problem, but also creates a synergistic and extraordinary expansion into new unknown territories that you didn’t even realize existed!  Negative emotions produce new desires, which cause you to focus, which produces new ideas! And from these new ideas, a cure for cancer is born!

When a question comes into focus, so does an answer, and when a problem comes into focus so does a solution. When lack comes into focus so does abundance!  When illness comes into focus so does wellness.  You inner being is always countering and complimenting your desires of well-being stemming from your feelings regarding what’s wanted and unwanted in your life.  But the question is, where is your vibration?  Where are you in reference to where your inner being is on the same subject? Are you more in the vibrational vicinity of the solution or the problem, the sickness or wellness, the lack of or the abundance?  Where is your focus generally when you’re faced with a problem?  Are you in a place where you can let the solution come into focus?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein 

So when it all boils down…problems are actually choices.  Choices, not that they’re actively chosen, but choices in the fact that anything you focus your attention on, you are choosing to be in your life experience.  Stop focusing your attention on the problem and the problem no longer exists as a problem in your life experience, it dissipates. Of course this takes a discipline and practice, but you can do it!  The very next time you encounter what you perceive as a problem make the deliberate choice to focus on the solution, the positive aspects of the problem, the silver linings, and the best case scenarios, the pros, etc. Then watch the situation, the “problem” acquiesce to your new orientation.

Life will always provide problems in the form of differences and variety, through people, circumstances, and events that we label as a “problem” when in actuality if we would see them for what they truly are, we would approach each issue from a position of empowerment!

Let us learn to have the negative experience without getting attached to it.  Let us train ourselves to feel whatever we need to feel and not react or respond negatively to that circumstance but instead feel and then release, and let that negative emotion pass through you.  It is here where enlightenment and evolution takes place. When we learn to experience that which we call negative and still be able to forgive, and love, bless, and accept, then we know we are becoming one with our Creator.

Remember this:  Nothing that occurs in your life happens to you, but rather for you, and better yet FROM YOU, as you are the emitter of the vibration, that causes your own life experience.  So see problems as they are, nothing more, nothing less, simply as opportunities.  Blessed be each and every problematic person, relationship, issue, situation, etc.  BLESS EACH! See it as good for you.  Be happy for the experience.


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