2016 Week 1 – Activate Your Resolutions

Welcome to 2016!  The new year gives us an opportunity to hit the virtual “reset” button on our journey.  And what an opportunity to be grateful for!  Many people see the new year as a new beginning, a new start with an optimistic view.  As we begin the new year, the possibilities to achieve greatness are endless in our minds.  We have so much to look forward to and our celebrations support our enthusiasm.  However, for many, those optimistic views and unbounded possibilities the new year brings generally go by the wayside before we get too far into the year. Then we set new or repeated resolutions 364 days later.  For some, it’s a perpetual cycle.  Why?  Our intention in formulating our resolutions are to live out what we have decided to change or improve or do for the new year.  But why is it so difficult to live in sustained change and desired growth?  Could it be that our focus is simply not aligned with our desires?  Quite possible.  And here in lies the emptiness of resolution when what we truly seek is transformation.  When the focus is on our intent instead of resolution, we will obtain the transformation we desire.

If you’re preparing to write a research paper for a class, you may decide to create an outline to give structure to your work.  The outline offers direction and provides you with an organization of your thoughts.  It becomes the foundation of your research paper.  However, if you only create an outline with no content to support the outline, your paper will be empty and you will receive a failing grade.  The same holds true for simple resolutions.  Resolutions are the outline for your intentions.  Your intentions are the support for resolution.  Focusing on intention will solidify your desires to carry out sustained support of your resolutions.  So how do we maintain focus on intentions in 2016?

Gary Zukav, writer of Seat of the Soul said, “Every action, thought and feeling is motivated by an intention. And that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect.  Your intention is creating your reality.”  As we’ve stated in the past, God has created us in His image, therefore we are co-creators with God.  Our creation is manifested through desire.  In order for desire to be realized it must have a catalyst of intent.  Where many of us go astray regarding resolutions, is we lose sight of the intent.  Therefore, resolutions become empty.  They become the “outline” of your research paper with no written substance.  There are a few ways to help.

Write Down Your Intentions

This may seem elementary.  However, there is significant power in writing your thoughts down on paper.  Understand first true transformation will come from your soul and not from the surface. In addition, know that there are “gates” to your soul.  Gates to your soul include the things you hear, the things you say and the things you see.  By writing down your intentions, you are providing another avenue of communication with your soul.  So write down your intentions and keep them in a place that is easily accessible to you.  And be protective of your “gates” and inundate them with the positivity, change and transformation you desire.  Surround yourself with music, books, television, people and entertainment that support your intentions, the same as writing the supporting content of your research paper.

Spend Time with Your Intentions

Many of us may write out our resolutions and visit with them for the first few weeks of the year.  Then “life happens” as they say and our resolutions fall to the bottom of our “to-do lists.” They are soon forgotten or revisited infrequently.  Spend time in meditation this year with your intentions being a focal point of your mediation.  Decide what it is you desire regarding your resolutions.  For example, if you say I want to be a happier person.  Happiness is not sustained simply by positive thinking.  One has to spend time with the intention of happiness in meditation, prayer and throughout the entire day.  The more we spend time with our intentions, the stronger our relationship grows with that intention.  Spending time with your intentions is no different than spending time with a significant other.  If you want that person to “show up” in your life and be accommodating to you, then you need to take the time to spend with THEM.  Therefore, after you’ve written down your intentions, read them frequently.  Every morning before you go to work.  Once or twice throughout the day.  And one more time before going to bed.

Focus and Let Go

Imagine our entire existence as an orchestra.  An orchestra filled with infinite instruments. Then imagine what an orchestra sounds like as they prepare to perform.  Many sounds are coming from all the instruments in no clear organization, just simple noises as the musicians get their instruments prepared for the performance.  Once the conductor comes in, things become very quiet as he taps his stick on the podium signaling it’s time to begin.  He raises his hands and like magic, all the instruments begin to play on beat, in tune and in synch.  This is the way the Universe orchestrates our desires and intentions.  Our desires and intentions are the noises we hear before the conductor comes to the podium.  The various instruments are the various people in this world who also are creating sounds of desire and intention from their instruments.  No one instrument in the orchestra carries the entire piece of work.  But when they come together, they form the synchronicity of the masterpiece.  God has put the Universe in place to orchestrate the masterpiece of your life.    This is what is happening constantly in our every day lives.  So, what is focus and let go?

Focus and let go means to channel your energy towards your desire and intention and don’t worry about the outcome nor the timing of the outcome.  THAT is the job of the “conductor.”  You may not know how the other instruments play, but know they are all working in harmony with your life.  Your “instrument” is your desire.  The sound it makes is your intention.  How it will all come together, the timing, the sound, the overall song is directed by the Universe.  You can’t be a member in the band and the conductor at the same time.  Focus and let go.

Envision the Expectation

Manifestation of material things comes from a focused consciousness.  You must envision yourself fulfilling and living within your desires and intentions in order to manifest them.  As stated, we are co-creators with God.  Therefore, visualize yourself being a happier person.  Visualize yourself in a healthy romantic relationship.  Visualize yourself living debt free.  And then EXPECT IT TO BE!  Expect it.  Guard yourself from your ego as well.  Your ego will create limiting stories to protect itself. (Ref: Week 27 Marry Yourself and Divorce Your Ego)  For example, along your journey of intention to be more happy, someone at work “disrespects” you and you feel the need to “defend your pride.”  This type of thought process impedes your progress and stifles your vision of happiness.  Maintain your vision and expectation!  You go out on a “bad” date and your ego tells you, “there’s just not enough good men in the world.”  You just slowed your progress of experiencing a healthy romantic relationship.  “My bills are past due and I just don’t know.  Maybe I should get a second job.”  If that’s what you need to do, then by all means, do it.  But don’t lose your vision and expectation of being debt free!  Remember, manifestations are born out of consciousness.  Whatever you expect…WILL happen given enough thought and expectation.

We desire your 2016 to be ALL that you intend.  But take some time while the new year is still young to write down your intentions, spend time with them daily, focus & let go and envision the expectation you’ve created.  Namaste


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