At the top of this year, my cousin and I decided we would set out on a quest to share knowledge and information regarding alignment of your soul and enlightenment of your consciousness.  Our intentions were to help others by posting one blog per week on Sundays for 52 weeks.  I must say we are more than grateful that you have also shared this journey with us this year.

Interestingly enough, as we set out with the intention of helping others, WE are the ones who have been most helped.  WE are the ones who have been affected in growth and transformation, experiencing an awakening to our true authentic selves.  It is this same growth and transformation that fuels us to continue to write and share, in an effort to help others grow spiritually and help to continue to enlighten others for spiritual empowerment.  God has given us so much, and I don’t mean materially…but ethereally.  He has given us the power of our conscious minds.  Conscious minds designed to manifest and create realities we desire.  We are empowered by God to affect change in positive ways.  We can have the peace we desire in this world by simply walking in and manifesting peace in our own daily lives.

God has also given us tools to further our empowerment.  The Law of Attraction is one of those tools we’ve spoken about this year.  Today, what we call “going viral” and speak about it as a new term, is simply a reflection of what has always been.  The Law of Attraction was the FIRST catalyst for “going viral.”  When there are groups of people all generating a similar vibrational marker, the Law of Attraction is designed to make that feeling “go viral.”  What we focus on…expands.  And that expansion is compounded when people are all operating in like-mindedness, positive OR negative.  We choose to promote positivity.

We set out at the top of this year to share in the higher consciousness of life, here on earth.  Our intentions have been to discuss spiritual empowerment along with ways to affect positive change in people’s lives while operating from a space of peace, love and tranquility.  Our desires have been, and continue to be, structured around the enlightenment of others while generating very powerful vibrational markers with the sole objective of making peace, love, joy, happiness and the spontaneous fulfillment of desire…go viral in a Universal type of way.

We certainly hope and expect that Align to Enlighten has touched you in some type of positive way this year.  And we will continue to share, post and expand this positivity in 2016 and beyond, until peace is the norm, love is common nature, joy is abundant and success is realized.  We desire peace, love and tranquility for you along your journey.  Namaste

P.S.  Starting on Sunday, January 3, 2016 please also look for Align to Enlighten on YouTube along with our new blog design and first post of 2016!

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