Week 52 – SWEET 16!

Oh what a difference a year can make, or month, or a day, or even one hour, or one single moment.  This journey began 52 weeks ago with my cousin and I having weekly phone conversations, him living in California and me here in Tennessee.  It began with us simply sharing ideas, new concepts, different and new ways of thinking that he and I were coming into better understanding of.  Fifty two weeks later here we are!

For this final post for 2015 we would like to leave you with some highlights of points that we feel were valuable and helpful to us throughout this year.

Here’s what we want you to know, sort of the yearend review to Align to Enlighten and tips for beginning your 2016:

Belief – First of all, know that your belief shapes every aspect of your life, and that sometimes we have limiting beliefs that unconsciously impede our ability to move forward in achieving our desires.  But this isn’t what’s most important.  What’s most important is, you can change your beliefs on any particular subject matter you wish.  Just because you’ve believed something all your life doesn’t mean you have to keep believing it.  If it no longer resonates with who and what you are TODAY, change it! Ask yourself, what do I believe about this?  Is this belief helping or hindering me?? If your current belief does not serve you best, meaning if it is not yielding you your ultimate desires, change your belief.  And know that it’s okay!  We are all evolving beings, expanding in knowledge through our own life experiences.

Law of Attraction – That which is like unto itself is drawn.  You attract to yourself that which you are.  You get what you predominantly think about, whether wanted or unwanted.  Your fears, anxieties, frustrations, suspicions, etc. become real based on this law.  If you want more of something, think about it, talk about it, and imagine more of it.  Capture the emotion of what it feels like to have that which you desire.  This creates the platform from which you will receive all that comes to you.  God and the Universe are responding to you at all times! What are you responding to?

Energy/vibration – We are all walking energy fields.  This isn’t all that we are, but at the core, we are energy and vibratory beings emitting frequencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Even when we’re sleeping.  Why is this important to know?  Because this frequency is being matched with other frequencies like it.  And the Universe is responding to us based on our frequency which basically means our mood, our attitude, how we’re feeling at any given point in time.  The Universe does not respond to our words, it responds to the essence of how we truly feel, which makes it critically important that we pay close attention to the way we feel and make how we feel a priority ALWAYS!  Decide you’re going to be happy no matter what.  Decide you’re going to be joyous no matter what is occurring in life.

You do create your own reality – Your life experience, your reality that you are presently living is a depiction of exactly what you have believed, thought about, talked about, and projected feelings and emotions about up to this point.  This universe reflects back to you, it mirrors what and who you are.  Remember, thoughts are things.  If you’re not pleased with the life you’re currently living, create a new one!  How? By first off believing that you can.  Next, deciding that you will, and deciding what kind of life you want for yourself.  Then get into the allowing mode to receive new experiences, people, circumstances, and events to take place.  And remember, what is presently happening in your life today doesn’t mean anything at all about your life tomorrow besides what YOU believe and decide it to mean.  There is no relationship between your today and your tomorrow besides YOU. You are the only for sure variable that has any impact whatsoever regarding your life!

Alignment – TRUMPS EVERYTHING!!! Do everything within your power to get in and stay in alignment!  Alignment with you inner being is probably the most influential thing that impacts life the most. Being in alignment with your inner being on any subject matter that you experience gives you the upper hand on life’s circumstances when they occur.  Whenever you have an experience, first off, know that you created it. You cannot have an experience that you are not a vibrational match to in some shape, form, or fashion, but also ask yourself how is my inner being looking at this thing I’m experiencing?  Your emotions are the key.  If you’re feeling negative emotion, know for certain that you are out of alignment with your inner being.  And do whatever you need to do to get in alignment- deep breathing, meditation, hold a baby, pet an animal, go dancing, walk, run, take a nap, whatever you need to do to release the resistance.

Unconditional Love – Choose love despite the condition.  Not loving something that’s harmful to you regardless.  But rather choosing the emotion of love regardless.  So your lover has mistreated you-love regardless; you lost your job-love regardless; someone is trying to hurt you-love regardless. We didn’t say love them regardless, although that would definitely serve you very well, we’re saying stay in alignment and in harmony with the God force of love.  This will empower you beyond measure!  Learn to love in spite of condition.  Learn not to depend on a condition to demonstrate love.  Don’t look for ideal circumstances to love, just be love!  It’s easy to love what’s lovable.  But true expansion, growth and power comes from loving when everything around you is saying don’t love.

As we embark on a New Year, and if you’re one who makes resolutions, just know that you can’t get it all done, and you can’t really get anything wrong.  Just make more decisions on what you prefer in this life.  Know that well-being is your natural state! And anything other than that is out of alignment with who you really are.  Spend more time doing things you enjoy, things that make you laugh, and things that inspire you.  Realize that we’re all in this life together!  We’re all striving for pretty much the same thing.  And that we’re here for a very short time so make the best out of the life YOU want for yourself!  Have a very HAPPY AND JOYOUS New Year!!!  And make this upcoming year a Sweet 16!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Celeste Jones
    Dec 28, 2015 @ 05:56:38

    Congratulations Gene and Ed on your inspiring blogs this year! They have been a “Blessing”!! Greater Works Are To Come! Can’t wait! Love ya more! Ce



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