Week 49 – I Am…

Who do you desire to be in this life?  Not the desire of being a successful doctor or some prominent attorney or some real estate mogul.  But what type of person do you desire to be? Influential? Charismatic? Friendly? Confident? Loving? Who is it that you desire yourself to be? Are you already that person you desire to be? Perfect in every way? If you’re a human like the rest of us I’m sure there are aspects about your character or person where you desire some improvements.  Improvements that could enhance certain relationships, enhancements which may promote a more confident you, enhancements that would serve to bring you more joy in your day to day life, etc.  But how do we obtain these enhancements?  I know I’ve tried telling myself that I would be more cognizant of the unwanted behavior I’m displaying in an effort to try and change myself to a more desired behavior. And sometimes that works while other times I’ve failed miserably.  I remember wrestling for years with my lack of patience and all of the anger and frustration I couldn’t sustain it when it counted.  I remember having a bad temper and it being my “controller” of behavior instead of me being the “controller” of it.  We all, invariably, have certain things about ourselves that we perhaps would like to see changed for the positive.  But not the yo-yo change of you’ve got it working today but can’t control it tomorrow.  Or the yo-yo change that is dependent upon the situation.  Like, I’ll have patience with Bob but never with Mary.  The first piece of understanding the peace we seek in sustained change and growth is to understand we have the ability to affect change simply by focusing our desires.  Today we will take you through an exercise for the exercise of sustained change.

Aham Brahmasmi (ah-HUM brah-MAHS-mee) These words may seem strange and hard to pronounce, but they carry a strong meaning.  This is an ancient Sanskrit mantra that means “the core of my being is the ultimate reality.”  This is true because at the core of your being is your soul. It is your soul that communes with God our Ultimate Creator. There is only authenticity and truth in this space.  All of your soul-felt desires are born in this space.  The desire to be a loving mother, a faithful husband, having a charitable heart, the desire to spread love…all are born in the spirit.  In searching your soul, you find the ultimate reality…your ultimate desire of who it is you truly desire to be.

Aham Brahmasmi is a mantra used which is designed to bring your soul back into remembrance of what is authentic reality. A mantra is defined as, a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. More specifically, a mantra can be seen as a reminder or an affirmation that aids in the achievement of your desires. As long as your desires are authentic and not superficial. For example, I may want a new car and I could affirm daily that I drive a Ferrarri. (superficial) Or I may want a new car and I could affirm daily that “I desire and affirm reliable transportation.” (authentic) But beyond the “things” we desire, what lies at the core root of who we are and what we desire as human beings as it relates to humanity?

Recently I had dinner with a friend who expressed to me some challenges he was having with his teenage son. (Not at all uncommon right?)  The challenge was the dad was looking to maintain his authority without alienating his son. This is MUCH easier said than done when parenting a teenager. My friend mentioned that his son seemingly didn’t care about things the father felt important, such as accountability for his actions. This, of course, has led to several blow ups between the two as the dad is trying to teach life lessons of responsibility to an unwilling student.  So I asked my friend what he desired to happen in this situation with his son. He told me that his desire is to have a healthy relationship with his son that is free of anger, frustration, turmoil and angst.  But some would say that living in a house with a teenager with the expectation of not having anger, frustration, turmoil or angst is the stuff made of syrupy Hollywood sitcoms like My Three Sons, Leave It To Beaver or The Cosby Show.  But just as Aham Brahmasmi is an ancient Sanskrit mantra still used today by millions to remind us of how to be in touch with authentic reality, we also have the ability to create our very own mantras that keep us in rememberance of WHO we are and WHO we desire to be.  I will show you how we do this.


I used my friend and his son as just one example. But for your life, make a short list of character traits you wish to be more prevalent and prominent in your behavior. For example, you may want more patience because you know that it will serve you well with your relationships on your job or in your home.  You may want to express more love, compassion, joy, happiness, confidence, leadership, humility, tranquility, calm, peace…any number of positive character traits you desire for your life; write them down.  Be sure you take some time to seriously think about what traits you desire most and be true to YOURSELF because this is an exercise for you and only you.  Doing this exercise will indirectly affect others around you, but the primary goal is not to affect change in them…but in YOU. What are the positive traits you desire more of in your life?  Take some time to write them down now.


Once you have your list written out, and it doesn’t have to be expansive, you’re NOT that “messed” up.  Now place the words “I Am” in front of each of the positive traits you desire for yourself.  So, I Am…patient, I Am…peace, I Am…a leader, I Am…love, I Am…happiness, I Am…understanding, I Am…tranquil, I Am…a great mother to my children, I Am…humble in my walk, I Am…the moment I create, I Am…in touch with my soul, my authentic self, I Am…in lock-step with my Creator.  Build your mantra and affirmations to align with the desires you have for yourself.  Again…this is specific to YOU and YOUR behavior and how you want to live YOUR life.  It does not matter how others will respond, although you will receive positive feedback simply because you are creating very strong, very positive vibrational markers by aligning with your authentic desires born from your soul.  And as stated in previous blogs the Universe responds in kind to the vibrational markers we emit.  Therefore, your positivity begets more positivity.


This is the most important step of this exercise.  Once you have identified your desired positive traits and built your mantra and affirmations, as you begin to recite them to yourself, it is most important to take time with each one of them as you read them and FEEL what it is you are reciting. So if you say, I Am…peace, then take the time before you go to the next one to FEEL what peace feels like.  I Am…happiness, then FEEL what happiness feels like in that moment.  I Am…the moment I create, then KNOW you have the power to turn around any given moment to make it positive in your life.  You ACTIVATE or MANIFEST your mantras, affirmations and desires by FEELING them and envisioning yourself in operation with them.  THIS is the power of co-creation that God has given us.  Don’t rush through them. Spend time, hesitate and linger in each of your affirmations.

Wake up in the morning and recite your personal mantra and affirmations before you go to work.  Visit them throughout your day. And read and feel them again at night. Personally, after “slaying dragons” all day, I make sure I recite my mantras and affirmations once again before I step foot in my house.  It simply centers me and puts me back into the authentic place of my soul…Aham Brahmasmi…the core of my being is the ultimate reality.

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