Week 48 – Giving Thanks- The Power of Appreciation

We thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read what we believe is life transforming information.  As we end what’s come to be known as the “Thanksgiving” holiday let us remember not as cliché but as a way of life, that everyday should be a day of thanksgiving or giving thanks.

Giving thanks – Gratitude – Appreciation

Gratitude or better yet appreciation (there is a difference) is probably the most effective, underutilized, unrealized power, that when understood, can change your life for the positive forever. We’ve heard it, read it, and some have even experienced it.  But how does keeping an “attitude of gratitude” or staying in appreciation effect our lives so powerfully?  What do these forces have to do with you achieving your desires?

The simple answer is, when you appreciate what you have, the Law of Attraction gives you more to appreciate. And likewise when you are ungrateful you emit vibrations that impede the flow of the things that you desire.  We will assume if you’ve been following us this year, that you already have some basic understanding of Law of Attraction which states ‘that which is like unto itself is drawn’. Like attracts like.  So having a sincere feeling of appreciation and sustaining it, opens the door for you to receive more things to appreciate.

Thanksgiving/Appreciation- One of the most under-utilized powers of the universe!

How it works.

When you appreciate something you almost always experience some emotion or feeling. For example: if you take a moment to appreciate the time hopefully you just experienced with your family or a loved one this past holiday you will sense and feel some emotion – you’re going to feel good about this because you’re focusing on the positive aspects of the family or loved one. These feelings or emotions that you utilize when you appreciate someone or something will attract more positive things and more positive people into your life.  THIS IS A FEELING BASED UNIVERSE! It’s all about how you feel and the vibration you are emitting at any giving point.

Why it works.

Whatever you focus on you will attract, whatever emotions you attach to what you focus on — you will attract in greater quantity.

This is why it is so important to be mindful of what you place your thoughts on.  Thoughts generate one level of emotion, speaking on what you’re thinking about generates greater levels of emotion, and finally acting on what you’ve been thinking about generates an even higher level of emotion.  So these days I try to THINK and SPEAK only on those things I desire and especially only speaking when I can say something positive about the subject at hand.  Oh yeah, believe me, this is an exercise!

Who really knows “why” it works?  The bottom line is IT WORKS!  It is one of the Universal Laws that God has put into place for us to live the best lives we can.  If you focus on something positive you will attract more positive situations. If you focus on something negative – you will attract more negative situations.

The results of Appreciation/Gratitude/Thanksgiving starts working for you the minute you start appreciating the things that you have in life – try it and watch the emotional shift you enjoy.

Take a moment to appreciate something in your life. RIGHT NOW!  It can be anything – you can appreciate the meal you had at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a conversation you had with a friend, your ability to read these words – anything.  Hint:  It is usually best to keep it general.  Sometimes the more specific you get the more you find something to complain about.

Now when you do that your mind shifts, your focus shifts, your emotions shift and the energy you send out shifts. Instead of focusing on something negative and attracting more negative situations – you start feeling better and you start attracting more positive situations into your life.

We know what some of you will say — “The reality is that sometimes there are not a lot of great things to appreciate. Sure I could find something but I still have to find a way to pay the bills, and get out of this rut that I am in.” And to that we say, yes you do – and here’s the best part – when you work with the Law of Appreciation you will actually attract the situations that you want to improve your life. You will find a way to pay off the bills and you will climb out of that rut that you are in – guaranteed – it’s really that simple!

Application of Appreciation

So now you understand how the appreciation and thanksgiving works and how it can dramatically improve the quality of your life.  We would like to give you an exercise that will propel you to success if you apply it consistently for 30-consecutive days.

  • Every day when you wake up in the morning before you even get out of bed, take a moment, it doesn’t have to be long, and just appreciate. Remember stay general! Appreciate your bed, the softness of your pillow and sheets, the comfort of the space you’re in. Appreciate the new day that you have. It’s a chance to start fresh, make a difference, have a positive impact on someone, share your generosity or perform a kind act. This is a fresh start – a day that will never happen again! This is the very first day to the rest of your life.  Approach it with eagerness and zeal!  As you get out of bed and begin to get ready continue your appreciation, keeping it simple and basic. Appreciate all that you see. Stay general though and try hard not to think of today’s events of to do’s
  • As the day goes on – after you’ve been consumed with work for a few hours, usually at about lunch time is a good time to do this next exercise – find something that has already taken place during the day or the day before that you can appreciate. Simply find one thing that you really appreciate – it can be anything – small or large – it doesn’t matter. Just fill yourself up with that feeling of appreciation about that one thing.
  • At the end of your day – preferably in the early evening, perhaps on your way home from work – take a few moments to appreciate the people you encountered on this day. New people, usual people, doesn’t matter, even those who you really don’t like or care for. It is a blessing to co-create with others throughout the day and everybody plays a role in your movie!   This process allows you to continue enjoying their presence in your life while at the same time attracting more, positive people into your experience.
  • Finally as you go to bed at night – And I have found this to be the second most important part of the process (second only to the morning process) – simply appreciate all the wonderful things that happened during the day. Don’t limit yourself to appreciating only the big things that took place – appreciate the little things that happened during the day. You didn’t have traffic issues, you got a parking space close to the door, or maybe you just felt really good most if not all of the day. Sometimes you may feel your day was overwhelming and you may even call it a bad day. Really there are no bad days – just bad ways of looking at things that happened during the day. And if you still feel that you truly had a bad day – at least you got through it and survived – that’s something you can appreciate.

Live your life in a state of Thanksgiving for just 30 days and watch it have a profound impact on your experience. Give Thanks, Appreciate, and be Grateful!



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