Week 47 – Us vs. Them

In the world today, and since the beginning of time for that matter, there has always existed some form of “us vs. them.”  Boundaries are clearly established, battle lines are drawn, exclusion is sought over inclusion, beliefs are passed down for generations and the ‘us vs. them’ mentality is carried forward in perpetuity.  But WHO are the “them” and WHO are the “us.”

If you subscribe to this way of thinking, and we ALL do from time to time, whether subtle or overt, you have to ask yourself, at which point do I become an “us” and at which point do I become a “them?”  Either way, you will fall to one side or the other based on who is categorizing you at the time.  And knowing that the “us” and the “them” is of subjective design, it can not be deemed as fact, truth or authentic.  In other words, it is impossible to factually track an “us/them.”  We will prove this shortly.  But for now, let’s explore some of the more identifiable “us vs. them” scenarios.

African-Americans and Caucasians, men and women, Koreans and Japanese, police officers and black/brown people, Jews and Gentiles, homeless and wealthy, homosexuals and heterosexuals, citizens and illegal aliens, crips and bloods, Christians and Muslims, Israel and Palestine, Democrats and Republicans…the lists are endless of examples of the “us vs. them” mentality.  But unlike a sporting event where there are teams who’ve established ‘us vs. them’ with a structured timeframe complete with rules, protocols and processes, the “us vs. them” mentality of life is never-ending because it is perpetuated by belief.  Belief is subjective to the believer.  Again…belief is subjective to the believer.  Therefore the simple notion of “us vs. them” in this context is moot and irrelevant to the definition of your life.  Why? Because it is not fact. It is fiction we have adopted as fact!  Us vs. them is an equation that nullifies itself on both sides.

x + y = z   is the same as   z = x + y

On one side of the equation you will always be an “us.”  And on the other side of the equation you will always be a “them.”  Just because the variables are switched around (us and them) they are still dependent on each other for the outcome.  So if that is the case, the equation perpetually balances, meaning there is never a different factual outcome.  (I’m going to take a broad stroke) Let’s say Palestinians hate Jews.  To the Palestinian, the Jews are “them.”  And the Palestinians are “us.”  But if I was born in Israel, then the Palestinians are always going to be “them” and the Jews will always be “us.”  The beliefs that each of them hold are ironically dependent upon each other to perpetuity.  Therefore the equation will always balance with no different outcome although the parties involved (Jews and Palestinians) may believe a different outcome is possible if they continue their fight.  An enlightened understanding suggests not seeing the x or the y or the z as cause and effect but more so seeing the totality in the existence of the variables.  The x, y and z are dependent upon each other…not independent of each other.  This is why “us vs. them” doesn’t serve for any long-term meaning in our lives.  Understanding the totality of the equation instead of determining a “right and wrong” side of it provides perspective and allows you to create a different outcome by introducing new variables.

Here’s an example regarding race.

On November 8, 2014 Newsweek Magazine published an article entitled, “There Is No Such Thing As Race.”  They cited a 1950’s scientific study.  “The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that ‘race’ is not a biological reality but a myth.  This was a summary of the findings of an international panel of geneticists, sociologists and anthropologists. There is no inherent relationship between intelligence, law-abidingness or economic-practices and race.”  The article went on to say, “however, over the past 500 years, we’ve been taught by an informal, mutually reinforcing consortium of intellectuals, politicians, statesmen, business and economic leaders and their books that human racial biology is real and that certain races are biologically better than others.”

Based on historical facts, we know that the early scholars, educators and astronomers of the world believed that the earth was flat.  They believed that if you set out on a ship that eventually you would literally fall off the side of the earth and fall into oblivion.  In fact, these people who believed so strongly in the flatness of the earth lobbied an “informal, mutually reinforcing consortium of intellectuals, politicians, statesmen, business and economic leaders” to support their positions for a very long period of time before groups of people began to gather to challenge what had been taught.  Challenged what had been perceived as authentic truth.  Challenged what was accepted as real knowledge.  Challenged what the masses had been conditioned to believe.

The reasons why we perpetuate an “us vs. them” mental state is because we believe, have been taught to believe and generally accept those beliefs, whatever they may be as truth.  We decide that anyone coming against that belief invariably becomes a “them” to our “us.”  We loose site of the authentic truth which is the x the y and the z of our equations are not independent of each other but are dependent upon each other.  The equation is inclusive.  Not exclusive.  We become closed to the fact that if we view the equation as equal parts, instead of parts separate from us, we can introduce new variables to the equation for overall desired outcomes instead of individual desired outcomes.  We’ve lost site of the fact that whatever we believe and focus on… expands.  Good or bad.  When we collectively believe on something, the expansion is compounded.

What would happen if masses of people began to believe that loving your ‘perceived’ enemy instead of hating your ‘perceived’ enemy would grant you immediate access to heaven?  What if masses of people began to believe that showing compassion and understanding to “them” would help us all grow in enlightenment and peace?  What if masses of people began to believe that the opinions, beliefs and ideals of the “them” could actually help round out the vision and long-term expectations of the “us?”  Again, whatever we believe and focus on expands.  History supports this fact.  At some point in time, enough people in America believed that segregation and the mistreatment of people because of ‘race’ (which is a total fallacy) was wrong.  Enough people generated a similar belief which created a massive vibrational marker and thus attracted the desired outcomes of those who believed it!  The Civil Rights Movement was born and aligned with the desires of all those who believed America could prosper in racial harmony.

Today…focus your beliefs on the fact that we are all part of the human race.  Not the perceived ‘race’ divided by colors.  Today…focus on the belief that showing and demonstrating love to EVERYONE will impart more love into the world. Like tossing a pebble into a lake and watching the ripples flow outward as far as they can.  Today…focus your beliefs on the people we have deemed terrorists will find compassion, peace and understanding from our demonstrated efforts of compassion, peace and understanding.  Believe it with everything you have and surround yourself with others who believe the same.  Why?  Because WHATEVER you focus and believe on expands.  And collectively, that expansion is compounded. Today…focus your beliefs on the fact that we are not independent variables designed to stand alone outside of other variables.  But we are all dependent variables in an equation of life that is designed to balance itself in the whole.  At the end of the day…there is no “them.”  There is only US.

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