Week 46 – The Exercise

The more we learn and become students of practicing alignment and law of attraction principles, the more we come to realize that it is just that- a practice or as my cousin calls it, an exercise.   Although LOA is unerringly consistent and is the basis for which we have or have not that which we desire, IT TAKES PRACTICE! It is an exercise of the mind.  You are training your mind to think the thoughts that you want it to think.  This is one of the biggest secrets, that once applied, will have immediate effects on your life.  One of the most profound realizations for me was understanding that I could control the thoughts I had; that just because I had a thought didn’t mean I was powerless over choosing the next thought, and the next thought, and so on.  And that the more I “exercised” this ability, two things happened: one, I got better and better at it, and two I began to see EVIDENCE of how my new ability was affecting my life and those around me in a most positive way.

I found it also interesting that, whether you believe it or not, LOA is working at all times.  You do not have to believe it for it to work for you or against you.  The key is learning how to harness and leverage the power to maximize these principles to your advantage.  This can sound a bit contradictory in the fact that we’ve discussed in length the power of belief and how belief basically trumps everything.  What you believe to be true on any particular thing usually and generally yields more evidence of that thing.  And certainly this is true.  However, when it comes to LOA, it is not determined necessarily by what you believe about it- IT JUST WORKS! Sort of like gravity and electricity.  Whether we believe it or not, they both are always at work and can be immediately tried and tested for results, both positive and negative.  Results which will support what you believe.

So. We now know a few things regarding LOA and its basis:  What you focus on expands.  What you give your attention to grows and you get more things like that to give your attentions to.  Focus on feeling better for 30-60 seconds, and notice how you gain access to thoughts that feel even better. Focus on something for a whole day and notice yourself having unlimited thoughts and evidence that support that topic.  Give a subject matter you full attention for an entire week and you will FEEL that topic resonating in your spirit, in your heart and mind.  Focus you undivided attention on something for a month and watch how it manifests in your life in various ways.  The proof is always in the changes you see and feel.  The problem is, as we’ve stated many times, we tend to be careless and lazy with what we choose to devote our attention to.  We ignore our emotions which are ALWAYS our best indicator as to where we should be devoting our energies.

If you can exercise your ability, which you can, to focus your undivided attention on something you desire somewhere between 30 seconds to 30 days, depending on your own level of resistance, you will see progress and evidence towards your desire.  What happens most times is that we have a desire, we follow the steps towards achieving it, and when it doesn’t manifest quick enough from whatever time allowance we’ve put on it, we lose momentum and traction and eventually start to go back to those negative patterns of thinking regarding the subject.

So the question remains…what’s the missing link? – Visualization and Imagination.  You believe something, you expect it. Now, can you clearly visualize and imagine yourself doing, being, and having that which you desire?  And if you can see it, how long can you sustain this visualization in your mind? Can you feel the feeling of having the desire without having the desire?  But wait, how can I feel like I have something that I don’t have?  This is the exercise!  If you can conjure up the feeling from your power of imagination, LOA will deliver it to you in real-life manifestation as quick or as long as your resistance allows it. But here’s the trick, when you focus your attention somewhere, you usually have an accompanied feeling or emotion about it right? This feeling alerts the Universe to give you more of that thing you are resonating with, whether you actually want it or not- BY GIVING YOUR ATTENTION TO SOMETHING YOU ARE CHOOSING IT!  This is an inclusion, attraction-based universe, and there are no exclusions.  When you say and feel YES to something you trigger a response from the universe and when you say NO to something you’re also triggering a response from the universe that says give me more of this, even if you don’t want it.  So people say how did I attract this unwanted thing/situation into my life? By giving your attention to the essence of the subject.  The universe is responding to you, what are you responding to?

So if you have a desire but every time you offer thoughts about your desire, you feel bad at not having or lack of it, you keep that desire away from you longer.  The exercise is doing all that is necessary to feel the joy of the desire right now!

Take the example of money.  If you’ve decided you would like more money, then your first step would be to identify your current beliefs on money.  What do you say to yourself when thinking on the topic of money?  Well obviously anything you’re wanting more of, you’re noticing the lack of.  And usually it’s the lack of or the not enough of something where our attention and energy flows.  If you’ve been desiring and trying for a while to increase your income with no change in your condition, then you will undoubtedly have some contradictory vibrational signals that you are offering that the universe is responding to.  Sometimes you will feel optimistic and other times you will feel like it is an impossibility.   You may feel inadequacy, devalued, less than, and even frustration, anger and sadness around your current financial situation.  LOA responds to all of this, and you will find yourself in a “one step forward, two steps back” cycle.  And it will seem like nothing is changing, when in fact it is changing- constantly. It’s just changing to more of the same.  When you catch yourself in this cycle, and you will, just recognize it for what it is; a thought that can be changed by my own volition.  They are simply practiced thoughts that I have control over and begin to practice a new and different thought.

The secret, the exercise, your goal is to reach for a thought about money that feels true, that you can visualize in your mind’s eye, but that also allows Law Of Attraction to work in your favor – this provides you the greatest advantage towards manifestation.  The thought of “I am a millionaire” may be too much of a stretch (you’ll know by how you feel when you visualize it). But the thought “I am meeting my needs right now with my current finances and I am eagerly anticipating more money in the future” might be a truer statement for you right now that doesn’t offer much resistance.  Remember you can feel resistance.  And if you feel some resistance in the thought, reach for another one.  Find the thought you love in this moment that you can smile about! Eventually you will find thoughts that offer no or very little resistance, that feel true AND that reinforce the reality of the condition you are seeking.  It’s feeling good right now that matters, and practicing and learning how to stay in that good feeling place on the topic of money or any other topic is the exercise.

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