Week 42 – What if…

What if you could be anything, or anybody, you chose to be? Think about it. What would you choose to be? Nido Qubein

What if you awakened in the morning and felt the best feeling you’d ever felt?  What if for some strange reason you had this extraordinary feeling of well-being? You felt a feeling of invincibility; a feeling of enormous clarity; a feeling of being sure footed, supreme confidence, a knowing that any decision you made on this day, would be the very best decision, EVER.  What if you woke up one morning and just knew in your heart of hearts that nothing, no-thing could shatter the joy you felt?  That come what may, you just knew you would be fine and that you could thrive under any and all conditions this world handed you! What if you woke up one morning feeling independent and free? Free and independent of the need of any and all circumstances of life to be anything but as they are.  What if you didn’t need any person in your life to do or be anything other than who they were? not your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend- nobody? How empowering would you feel? And how would this empowerment impact other areas of your life?   What if you woke up one morning and you just felt freaking good, full of joy and contentment?!?!?

What if…you decided to live life without fear?

And then imagine you left your residence still feeling this overwhelming sense of peace and serenity.  What if you went to work or school, or wherever you needed to go and everything that could possibly go right, went right!  You had nothing but great interaction with every single person you came in contact with. What if… today was the day you went for the big promotion at your job?  What if… today was the day you took the big leap and started your own business or blog or website?  What if… today was the day you decided to leave that unhealthy relationship that you’ve been wanting to get out of?    What if this was your day, full of nothing but greatness and positive outcomes from start to finish.  You make it back home for the end of the day and think to yourself, I owned this day, this was the best day ever!

We all wonder what could have been and what could be. But how we think about the “what ifs” of our lives can have a huge impact on the ways in which we actually live.

Isn’t it interesting how negative thoughts come into play almost immediately behind any type of, just plain ole run of the mill, ordinary situation? Missed phone call from the mechanic – what if they tell me I need a brand new transmission?   Funny sensation in my arm – what if I’m having a heart attack?  My boss wants to see me – what if he decides they no longer need me?

Even the most positive ones among us run into negative thinking and negative thought patterns that must be dealt with.  We’ve been somewhat conditioned to expect the best but also plan or be prepared for the worst, which subconsciously means expecting the worst.  It’s like in the back of our minds we know we don’t deserve or can’t truly fathom the best outcomes from our lives. We can’t expect the best, and only the best ALL THE TIME! Nobody can do that right?  Wrong!

Remember the formula we mentioned before:  BELIEF + EXPECATION = YOUR POINT OF ATTRACTION!   You believe it, you expect it, it must be.  If you want to immediately improve your energy and boost your level of creativity, stop assuming the worst about things that haven’t happened yet.

To get yourself out of this habit, you can start by transitioning from negative thoughts to positive thoughts with “or.” For example, “What if I need a new transmission? OR, what if they’re just calling just to say it’s going to take a little longer than expected to complete the repair?” Or perhaps, “What if my boss wants to fire me? OR, what if he wants to offer me a new position.”

Stop jumping to the worst case scenario and choose the best case scenario!

Using “or” to quickly counter a negative thought with a positive thought can get you to offer a new and different vibration and reprogram your brain when thinking about the future. Eventually, you’ll be able to skip the negative thoughts all together and assume the best.

Use your imagination to your greatest benefit/advantage, not your greatest liability.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  People say “why get my hopes up?” Answer:  WHEN YOU GET YOUR HOPES UP, YOUR LIFE GOES UP!!!  It’s your expectation/hope/belief/faith in yourself that is either hindering you or catapulting you to your highest points.  Get your hopes up, and keep them up! If you get your hopes up and it doesn’t turn out the way you want, rest assured that you, at minimum raised your vibrational frequency and that continued practice of this will yield the outcomes you desire.  And that God in His infinite wisdom is the greatest knower of when, where, and how for you.

Use your “what if’s” to dream big and to deliberately create your future.  Remember, you get what you think about.  What you spend the most mental time focusing on, either deliberately or undeliberate, is generally what translates into your life experience.

Using the “what if’s” towards dreaming the big dream forces us to use our imagination.  From our perspective imagination is one, if not the most important key element in creation.  Imagination is the power of God!  It is God demonstrating His power through you!  It’s been said many times “if you can conceive it, you can achieve it.”

This world tends to shun dreamers.  “Stop dreaming and come back into reality,” they say.  And what we are saying to you is, we are the reality creators! We are the ones who, through our imagination and focused attention, create worlds!  We want you to know that YOU have the power not to simply face reality but rather summon the power of Source, the power of God to create the “reality” that YOU desire for yourself.

What if this was true?  All things would be and are possible. What if you decided to just try and make the conscious and deliberate intention to “what if” yourself a new and different outcome, a new and different life of limitless possibilities?  Is there anything to lose?

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