Week 41 – Karma…

There is no such thing as coincidence, happenstance or luck.  As I traveled for work this week to Las Vegas, I thought about the topic of discussion for this week’s blog.  Karma has been on my mind for a few weeks and I wanted to write about it but sometimes we’re not sure if any one topic is truly the one at the time to write about.  We wrestle sometimes with topic and content.  However, when we release and simply allow, the Universe provides answers.  The answers surround us and are always available to us as long as we remain in a state of allowance and pay attention to our lives by living in the moment.  So I was more than pleased when I walked up to a craps table at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino and stood next to a woman on Thursday afternoon who had a tattoo going down her arm in big letters that read K-A-R-M-A.  What are “the odds” on that???  How much more clarity could the Universe provide???  Out of ALL the places and people in Las Vegas, what are the chances that I see THAT woman at THAT time in THAT casino at THAT craps table???  True life example of synchronicity up close and personal.  Create clarity…desire > intention > allow > live in the moment & release the outcome > pay attention 

So let’s get to this weeks blog about Karma!  🙂

How many times in your life have you heard the saying, “karma’s a bitch?”  The harshness of the tone and suggested meaning say that the “wrongs” you’ve committed in this life are somewhere lurking, just waiting to bring back destruction and ruin to your well-being.  It suggests that you are on your way to being judged harshly for your transgressions and there is no hope for your impending demise.  But this is misleading to the authentic understanding of karmic cause-and-effect.

Quoting the blog from last week, “on some level, you’ve asked for everything that happens in your life.  You create your own reality through your intentions or lack thereof.  Simply recognizing this one true fact can have an enormous impact on your first step towards deliberate creation.”  Intention and deliberate creation go hand and hand with karma.  Many of us go through life like a leaf floating on a river.  We are tossed and turned with the current and rapids of the river.  Many simply “go with the flow” of life instead of working and manipulating and directing our flow of life.  The leaf on the river has no choice.  It goes wherever the water takes it.  An enlightened understanding suggests we are one with the leaf and the river at the same time which allows us to create and direct our journey along the way.   It is our intention that provides the directive for our karma.

So how do you become a deliberate creator for the karmic pattern of your life?  Through your intention.  Imagine karma as currency or money.  You are the owner of your karmic-currency.  When you invest in those things that are hurtful or harmful to others, then your dividends are those of destruction and despair.  When you invest in the well-being and success of others, then your dividends are paid in the fullness of progress and abundance in your life.  Either way, YOU are the deliberate creator of your karmic windfall.  When we understand this, we understand that we are no longer the leaf on the river being tossed and turned with no insight as to what happens next.  Live in the moment.  But pay attention to the moment as you experience the moment and choose actions and thoughts that nurture, uplift and have good intentions that are born from a place of authenticity to provide the greatest return on your karmic investment.

What about the things I’ve done in my past?  Won’t they come back to bite me at some point?  That decision is also yours to create.  The very first thing to understand about your past and anything from the past you’ve deemed as “wrong,” is to know that there is nothing you can do to change or control the past…OR the future.  Again…what you have is the moment.  Live in the current moment.  So if there are things you’ve done in the past that you regret and you also feel have karmic repercussions…forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself.  And release it.  By releasing it, you are changing the karmic vibration you’ve created.  The more we hold onto regrets from our past and continue to nurture and give them attention, the longer they fester and eventually bring the destruction you are anticipating to your current life.  Release it.  And create a new outcome of expectation.

What about karma for other people?  I’ve been done wrong and I want them to get what’s coming to them!  First off, wishing bad karma on someone else does not work.  Karma is an individual process, not a community process.  Secondly, and most importantly, karma functions as a direct ethereal cause-and-effect.  So in other words, wishing for bad karma on someone else ensures that you will have bad karma on yourself.  No matter what anyone else has done to you or against you, it is imperative to continue to operate, not from a need to be right from a situation, but simply from a space of desired well-being for yourself.  So as an example, we don’t want to say, “I hope they get what’s coming to them!”  But more so, “I desire happiness, tranquility and peace in my life” period, with no mention or intention of what was done “wrong” to us.  Introducing the negative or focusing on the need to be “right” or to “win” mitigates the progressiveness of the positive karma you wish to create for your future.  Be selfish with your karma.  Your karma is not dependent on anyone else.  Remember…receiving the karmic return on investment (ROI) you desire is dependent upon your positive karmic investment in yourself.  Focus on the beauty of the whole not the ugliness of the few.

KNOW that you are a powerful creator.  At any given moment, which are the only things we control, we have the power to create not only in the present, but also create investments for our future.  Throughout your day, think positive, nurturing, uplifting thoughts.  Let your actions (intent) reflect the same.  Focus on your desires while in this state and linger with them.  Release the negativity of the past.  Negativity of the past means you no good.  Let it go and forgive yourself.  Allow yourself the freedom to create and be something new.  A renewed you.  Free to be and create who it is you really want to be.  While in this space, again allow your desires to be cultivated.  Water them with positive thoughts and provide the sunshine of expectant outcomes which allows them to grow.  Weed out the negativity of doubt and frustration.  And when your desires don’t sprout when YOU think they should or how you think they should…relax and simply release which will allow them room to grow and flourish.  All you really need to do at that point is pay attention.  Because at that moment you will see you’ve created a karmic garden that will yield the flowers of your authentic desires and outcomes.  Say to yourself and KNOW…”I am a deliberate and powerful creator.”  This is the power God has blessed you with.  Use it.


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