Week 40 – Turning Thoughts Into Things

We’ve all heard it, read it, even said it and tried it.  How do we take a thought and turn it into a thing; a true manifestation? How do we bring our desires from the non-physical to the physical? From mental images to real life touch it, taste it, see it, smell it, hear it realities?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” -Bashar

Turning thoughts to things means taking an idea and turning it into an experience, a result, a tangible material effect.  The truth of the matter is we are always manifesting something!  Either by default, or purposefully.  Either wanted things or unwanted things- manifestation happens! The question is are we manifesting wanted things in our lives or unwanted things?  And what we want to stress here is that we can start today manifesting what’s wanted on purpose using the greatest gift God gave us.

Manifestation has become a catchy buzzword lately. Although it is great that the Law of Attraction has now resurfaced and is trendy again, it also can be a bit misleading for people who are not willing to go through the process as it is most certainly a process. If you truly want to use your energetic/spiritual power to manifest greatness, you must clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness. You must let go of resistance.

On some level, you’ve asked for everything that happens in your life.  You create your own reality through your intentions or lack thereof.  Simply recognizing this one true fact can have an enormous impact on your first step towards deliberate creation. Low-level/low energy thoughts negatively affect your life and high-level/high energy thoughts positively affect your life.  And how do you know the difference- low energy thoughts feel bad, high energy thoughts feel good.  It’s just that simple.  And you can always tell whether your thoughts have been high or low energy by simply looking at what your life is producing and what’s going on around you.

Many people, when trying to manifest, focus too much on the outside conditions rather than the internal condition. What’s important is our internal experience: whether we choose to experience love or fear. When we commit to our internal experience of love, we begin to attract more love. Many people approach manifestation from a place of “How can I get or do something to feel better?” Instead, the focus should be: “How can I feel better FIRST and therefore be an energetic/spiritual match for attracting more greatness into my life?” The emphasis must be placed on the internal condition, not getting a nice new car or boy/girlfriend.

Certainly we have countless evidence all around us from the Bible to the Quran to endless upon endless real life accounts from those who have mastered the art of manifestation. On the one hand we have come to understand that everything in this material world was once a thought- EVERYTHING! From the vehicle you drive, the residence you live in, the business, career/job you have, even the very device you’re reading this words on right now, it all started first as a thought in somebody’s mind.  On the other hand, there’s that one small ounce of doubt that this is some kind of pie-in-the-sky talk, or that this only works for other people, etc. Even with all this incredible evidence surrounding us, not to mention evidence from our own experiences that we dismiss, we struggle daily with this idea.  It feels almost unnatural to believe that the first step to manifestation is not physical action. As a matter of fact the first several steps are non-physical.  (We will discuss the steps, from our perspective, in later posts).

We tend to doubt getting what we want could be this simple. We’re taught we must “work hard” (which, to me is code for struggle and stress) in order to create change in our realities. We’ve been trained to believe that in order for our physical realities to change we have to do something first—move my body like this, take this class, swallow this pill, get the right job, please the boss, make this top grade in class, jump 100 jumping jacks, eat more veggies, etc. and then I’ll get my result. It’s the classic physical cause and effect equation. Its creation by physically doing; trading physical action for physical gains.  We have been conditioned to live a goal-oriented life- set the goal, give yourself some target dates, make the goal measurable, and create action steps to take daily towards the goal.  And while goal setting certainly has its rewards it is only a very small percentage to actual manifestation, and is last on the continuum of true manifestation thinking > feeling > THEN acting.

The toughest thing about turning thoughts to things is understanding the importance your emotional awareness plays in the PROCESS of making an idea manifest. We discussed in an earlier blog post the role our emotional guidance system plays in our well-being.  Our emotions are God’s gift to us in navigating through this life with complete joy and happiness. Manifestations becomes real by causing an effect. Thoughts cause effects.  Energy causes effects.  It’s the end results of a thinking, feeling, and acting cycle. Happiness, joy, love are “positive” emotions in that they are expansive.  The observable effect is one based on attraction, more than anything else. It’s an energy that expands as opposed to “negative” emotions of anger, hate, despair, etc. which are contractive, and separate in their effects. Peace movements unite; wars separate.

If you’re like so many, and need an action step for today…simply pay attention (which is an action) to what’s happening in your mind while you’re going about your day. What emotions correspond to those mental movies? You can never out-perform your beliefs so it’s good to know what they are and change the ones that limit. Emotion IS the first real manifestation in the process of turning thoughts to things. Is there anything more real than how you FEEL?!?!?

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