Week 37 – The Package or The Product?

Have you ever noticed how companies use packaging to attract consumers?  Ever noticed the designs of vodka bottles?  The shapes of perfume bottles?  Sometimes our final decisions are made based on what the package looks like.  So what’s more important?  The package?  Or the product?  Do we fall in love with the package?  Is the package the thing we covet?  Does the package hold any real value?

I use this analogy to embark on a more somber subject…death.  Or at least how we’ve come to understand the transition of life energy.  I spoke with my mom a couple of weeks ago and she told me that one of her coworkers “passed away” at the age of 51.  My mom was very upset understanding that this young woman has left behind a husband and family.  As I looked for words to help console her, I was drawn to help her understand our concept of death versus what is authentic reality.  “The absolute break between life and death is an illusion” – Deepak Chopra.

Our physical bodies have an expiration date.  No question about that.  But our souls are eternal.  And that is the beauty of life.  Our bodies represent “the package” and our souls are “the product.”  What you value is not the package but should be the product.  Is it not interesting to know that life is infinite?  The soul is as boundless as the universe and is one with the universe and God the Creator at the same time.  At a physiological level, billions of cells in our bodies perish daily only to be regenerated and given life again.  This is how we continue to live.  If our cells stopped dying and being regenerated we would cease to exist.  For example, dead skin cells are lost throughout the day and when we shower to allow new skin to live.  The body is recycled earth.  Your thoughts are recycled information.  Your soul is recycled energy.  God, the Creator, Jehovah, Allah, the Universe, is the founder and sustainer of life.  So in this context, death is a man-made concept as life is everlasting.  Life perpetuates itself.  And THAT is the miracle of all of God’s creations.

Our thoughts, our emotions, our memories, all operate at the ethereal level because they are a part of our soul.  A doctor can’t operate on your brain and find your thoughts, emotions or memories.  No scientist has ever dissected a human and found them.  We mourn our loved ones and friends who transition because we do not “see” them in the same capacity as before.  In an animated body, spending time in fellowship together on this physical plane.  But the passing on of that person does not mitigate or stifle or negate the thoughts, emotions or memories we have of that person.  Therefore, we have not “lost” that person.  We simply don’t see them with our physical eyes.  That person is not “dead” because we still commune with that person’s soul with our thoughts, emotions and memories.  We still have the product.

Think about it like this…looking into the mirror provides us with a reflection.  The definition of reflection is “an image or representation of an object” – Webster’s Dictionary.  An image or representation.  So in other words, what you see in the mirror is not your true, authentic self.  It is a representation.  Understanding that what we see is an image or representation suggests we are more than what we see!  We are deeper than the reflection.  The reflection is an image of the “package” but the “product” is what is of true value.  The product should be our focus.  Are we spending enough time with our product?  Or are we too concerned about our package?  Granted, there is absolutely nothing wrong and it should be encouraged to take good care of our packages.  Eating well, exercising, grooming, looking nice, etc., are all things that add value to our lives.  No question.  However, spend equal time with understanding the authentic you.  The you that you can’t touch, see or smell.  The you that resides within.  Getting a better understanding of the you within will help you navigate through this life with incredible ease.  It will also give you better perspective when another soul of like kind has moved on to a higher plane of life.  A higher plane of life because life is eternal.  And death is an illusion.

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