Week 36 – Alignment – The Midas Touch

The story of King Midas is from Greek mythology that shows us what happens when true happiness, wealth, and abundance goes unappreciated.  Midas was a King of great fortune who ruled his country, in Asia Minor.  He possessed everything a King could desire; servants, a life of leisure and complete luxury.  He shared his abundant life with his daughter and staff.  Although King Midas was very rich, he found his greatest happiness in the acquisition of gold.  His avarice was so profound that he would spend many hours of his day consumed with counting gold coins he’d acquired and basking in the desire to obtain more gold.  It became his obsession.

One day, Midas was presented with Silenus, a man who’d been found in the King’s gardens passed out from drunkenness.  He reeked of foul odor, and was ungodly in his appearance.  While all of the King’s staff wanted nothing to do with Silenus, Midas on the other hand, showed great compassion for him, showering him with kindness, generosity, and hospitality.  For his kindness, Midas was granted any wish he desired, whatever he wanted he would be given.  Midas’ wished… “That everything I touch turn to gold.”   His wish was granted.  He went around his palace, touching various objects, all of which turned immediately into gold. HE WAS IN HEAVEN! Or so he thought.  He sat at the table to have breakfast and took a rose between his hands to smell its fragrance. When he touched it, the rose became gold. “I will have to absorb the fragrance without touching the roses, I suppose,” he thought in disappointment. Without even thinking, he ate a grape but it also turned into gold. The same happened with a slice of bread and a glass of water. Suddenly, he started to sense fear. He could no longer enjoy the “simple” pleasures of life.  But he had his gold. As tears filled his eyes, his beloved daughter entered the room. When Midas hugged her, she turned into a golden statue!  Midas was overcome with panic and sadness.  In a desperate attempt to regain his previous life, Midas petitioned the god who had granted him the wish, turned curse, to be removed from him.  Midas’ life was returned back to what it was with his beloved daughter, new found joy and his increased appreciation and gratitude for all his life was.

How often do we wish we had the Midas touch?  We see those we consider as celebrities and stars living lavish life styles and it appears that they have the Midas touch.  It looks from the outside that everything they touch turns into gold,  but not realizing or appreciating the abundance of wealth that we already possess.  Isn’t it interesting that we want the very things that we perceive we can’t have? ‘Someone is always living a better life’ it seems, or, ‘I don’t have enough, I need that or this to make my life complete.’  King Midas felt he did not have enough gold.  He was already rich, possessing enormous amounts of wealth, beyond measure.  He was a King for crying out loud! He lived a King’s lifestyle.  But most importantly he possessed the wealth and abundance of love!

The story is basically about how the giving away of your treasures and loving unconditionally will bring you to your true and authentic heart’s desires.  Midas had unconditional love for his family and all of his servants.  They did not consider themselves to be servants but rather part of his family.  Midas demonstrated his unconditional love even for one considered to be the worst of the worst, a beggar, a bum of sorts. One who none would normally associate with. Midas welcomed this person into his home.  He clothed him, fed him, and had him cleaned up.  Even though he was a king, Midas was giving of all that he possessed to those who were less fortunate than heAnd once he truly understood what was truly important other than creating gold, he fell into full and complete alignment with who and what he was.  And for his willingness to unconditionally give his love, what happened? HE WAS GRANTED HIS HEART’S DESIRES! Even though his original desires may have come from a place of greed, lack, an inability to appreciate what he presently had, etc.   The fact that he gave of himself, time and his riches to another, he was granted his authentic desires.

All we ever really need to do to have all that we want is to, first and foremost, be grateful for what we have, appreciate the wealth we already possess.  THIS CAN NOT BE UNDERSTATED!  There are so many things to be grateful for.   The way to attain more or to attain what you don’t have is to appreciate what you have now! Of course this may sound like foolishness- ‘my bank account is zero, I’m living pay-check-to paycheck, and you want me to be grateful?’ YES! And if you really want to manifest your desires, try giving away some of what you feel you already don’t have enough of.  You don’t have enough time in your day?  Find a way to give more of it away to something you consider noble and worthwhile. And watch more ‘time’ come back to you.  You don’t have enough money?  Give away some of the little you already don’t have.  Believe me there is someone in worse shape than you!  YOU most certainly need your 100 to 1000 thousand dollars like nobody’s business.  But I bet it would not be a hard task to find someone who needs it more than you do.  In doing so, freely and out of love, material and money will come flowing back to you.  It is the Law of Reciprocity.  I only use time and money as examples as they are most often the two commodities people THINK they need more of.  Being unattached and giving of what you have, even if you think it is not enough brings in your life more of what you want just like King Midas, but the trick is to not be consumed and/or become a slave to your desires.  But you can do that too if you so choose 🙂

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