Week 35 – The Anatomy of Anger the Construct of Bliss

Have you ever contemplated the anatomy of anger?  Most of us have not.  We go along with the flow of emotion as it comes.  But what if you could see it from the outside?  So imagine your emotions as a flowing river.  Anger comes down the river like a Cat 5 white water rapid.  It’s blustery, unruly and difficult to navigate.  But what if you could rise above the river and watch as the anger passes and continues to flow until it dissipates at the river’s gulf?  Would you do it to avoid all of the rough and turbulent water?  Or would you continue to ride the river’s wave of anger?

Isolating emotion in this way allows us to observe, decide and then create.  Think about the desired emotions you have…joy, happiness, peace, contentment…these emotions are stifled when anger shows up.  Think about how your body literally feels when you are angry.  Your face frowns, your muscles tighten, your jaw grits, your heart rate increases, your breathing is accelerated.  You become very tense.  You become constricted.  Anger immobilizes all other emotions except for the ones that align with IT.  This is the anatomy of anger.  It restricts, inhibits, and stifles any and all desired emotions.  And some say, “well, I WANT to be angry about this!”  Or “I have a RIGHT to be angry!”  Or perhaps, “wouldn’t YOU be angry if they did that to YOU?!?”  Well….maybe.  But don’t use these readily available excuses to retard what you desire to feel.  Justifying your anger does not excuse your responsibility to yourself.  In other words, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are/were to make you think that you have a right to be angry.  What matters is what is it that you desire to truly feel?

Buddha said, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”  The anatomy of anger in the literal sense is also the anatomy of disease.  The cells in our bodies operate in synchronicity.  They operate harmoniously.  One trillion cells in the human body started as one cell that now makes up over 250 different types of cells all operating with specific functions.  Anger, frustration, worry, fear…all of these emotions that make up the anatomy of anger work to restrict the flow of your cells.  This is scientific fact.  Are you ever exhausted after a big blow up or fight?  Are you tired after an argument?  Do you fall into a depressive state after being angry for an extended period of time?  These are the physiological symptoms of how your emotion has affected your body.  High blood pressure, heart attack, stroke…all can be brought on starting with anger.  Let go of that which does not serve your well-being…and begin to construct bliss.

Bliss encompasses joy, happiness, harmony, pleasure, enjoyment, delight…these should be the coveted emotions we seek.  Why?  Because operating within bliss also provides a free flow for desires to be cultivated and realized.  So for example, if we use the analogy of the river, the negative emotion is a dam in the river, restricting the current and choking the flow.  When bliss is achieved it all flows naturally and without impediment.  Allowing your emotion to flow in bliss opens up the flood gates of possibility and the realization of desires.  Flowing in bliss offers the universe the vibrational marker needed that will help you realize your authentic happiness and joy.  Think about a time when you were extremely happy about something.  Close your eyes and put yourself back in that place.  Allow yourself to relive the emotion that you felt in that moment.  Did you feel light?  Almost floating?  Your outlook on the future was bright.  Nothing negative could steal away the joy you felt in that moment.  And if it tried in that moment, you responded in a much more positive way concerning that intrusion of negativity.  We have all experienced this type of feeling.  This type of bliss.  We have all experienced the authentic unimpeded flow of our emotional river.  And when it flows, we feel great.  We feel free.  We feel fantastic.  It’s that feeling when we’re in a “good” mood.  Bliss.  Now what if you could feel that on a daily perpetual basis?

The construct of bliss is not complicated.  It is not hard to achieve.  You don’t need to spend time in a monastery or holy temple for 40 years to realize it.  Bliss is readily available to all of us at all times.  Bliss is a part of our innate being.  It simply waits for us to decide when we will embrace it.  There are a few different ways to aid in the construction of the perpetual bliss you desire.

  • Meditate – Meditation allows you to be in touch with your authentic self.  The self that is absolute truth.  Be in touch with your soul because your soul is your true self.  Spending time inward allows you to better understand and put into context what is outward.  It allows you to discern authentic truth.
  • Lose Judgment – Judgment restricts, stifles and attempts to control.  Every single person experiences this world differently.  Even within the same household, workplace, in every day life…every person’s experience is unique to that person.  Lose the judgment to free your mind and allow for opportunity to flourish in your life.  Judgment jams the river of your emotion the same as anger.
  • Perspective – Create your perspective.  In any given moment, you have a choice to create whatever perspective you desire.  This is a powerful proposition.  This entire life is made up of individual moments.  So instead of worrying about outcomes, focus on the moment you currently are in and mold and shape that moment the way you’d have it to be.  As we spoke about last week…Tell Your Thoughts What to Think!  When you do this, your perspective will slave to your desires.
  • Expectation – Remember…the universe will respond to the exact vibrational marker you emit.  Thinking, focusing and expecting…whatever the topic…is what will return to you.  Positive OR negative.  A combination of both in a given situation, nullifies the desire.  So in other words, if you desire and believe to have a certain promotion and in the next thought you believe you won’t be able to get it,  then you have successfully confused the Universe and stifled progress.  The Law of Attraction is absolute.  So guard your expectations and hold yourself accountable to what it is you expect.
  • Envision – SEE yourself in your desired state.  And let that first envisioning be your happiness, joy, pleasure, delight and contentment.  Again, these are the emotions that open yourself to all possibilities of desire and allow them to flow to you.  This is your river flowing without impediment.  These are the emotions that provide vibrational markers where the Universe responds with more of the same.  More bliss.  More bliss provides more allowing.  More allowing provides more openness for possibilities.  More openness for possibilities provides more desires to be realized and delivered to you.

Anger is one of many emotions we feel on a regular basis.  It is a very powerful emotion.  Love is also a very powerful emotion.  Perhaps that’s why there is a thin line between the two.  However…love is open and free flowing while anger is closed, stifling and restrictive.  Be open.  Be open to receive those things that you desire.  Finding, practicing and living in bliss opens your life to infinite possibilities and unlimited joy, happiness, pleasure and contentment.  Bliss is the ultimate exuberance and calm at the same time.  Be happy.

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