Week 34 – Tell Your Thoughts What to Think

You are the creator of your reality.  You are not the orchestrator.  That job belongs to God.  Your job is to ask and then put yourself in the best position of allowing.  Too often we spend time trying to manipulate and control the “how” a thing we want will transpire and we get in the way of what’s already being put together.  We muddy the waters by our mixed energy. We ask, then through our failed efforts to bring it about, we become despondent and doubtful.

Throughout this journey of sharing our ideas through these writings, we have stressed continuously and consistently some key points, one – through alignment, we create our own reality.  How? Through the law of attraction.  We think thoughts that generate feeling, those feelings reverberate frequencies/vibrations that translate into physical realities.  Of course there is a little more to it than that, but in a nutshell that’s how it works.  So if this universal principle is true and it is just as much as the law of gravity, where is the break down occurring between what we want and what we have?

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.  None but ourselves can free our minds.”  Marcus Garvey

You have to tell your thoughts what to think, tell your feelings what to feel, and your body how to respond! 

Your thoughts will run rampant if you allow them to.  You must tell your thoughts exactly what you want them to think.  Because we live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with negativity, our minds are filled with images, conversations, and thoughts that are contrary to what we want and desire.  If YOU don’t tell your mind what to think who will?  If you don’t control what you think about, who will?  And make no mistake about it, if you don’t exercise this control someone else most certainly will.

Since you get what you think about whether you want it or not, and since whatever your mind is concentrated and focused on, either directly or indirectly, expands, this explains why we stay in a constant, perpetual state of wanting and not manifesting.  Or manifesting things unwanted.

When you tell your thoughts what to think you are simply setting a deliberate intention to reach for the best feeling thought you can, at any given time.  The operative word here is DELIBERATE! We must think on purpose, speak on purpose, and thus act with purposeful intention.  We must be as picky if not more about the thoughts we think as we are about the premium gas we choose to put in our cars or the foods we choose to eat.  We have experienced the cost associated with haphazardly approaching either of these two.  How much more detrimental is it to be careless with our thought patterns?

Why is this important?

If you can control your thoughts by instructing them what you want them to think, you will then also be able to guide and direct your emotions, feelings, and mood. The two go hand and hand. Reaching for good feeling thoughts produces good feelings/emotions.  Which in turn produces manifestation of things wanted.  Once thought and emotions are intentionally directed towards that which feels good and right, you then have options as to how you want to respond to any given circumstance or situation instead of knee-jerk reacting to whatever takes place.  You are now in the driver’s seat instead of being driven.  You are now no longer guided by the things you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.  Things which often lie to us.  But rather now you are guiding and shaping YOUR LIFE how YOU wish for it to be.  You are now a co-creator with God as to how your life will turn out.

And here is the point where manifestation of your true wants and desires lies.  Here is where the universe responds favorably to your request through the frequency you are emitting.  There is no muddy water.  Your intentions are clear and focused.  It’s like God is saying “okay, looks like he/she is clear on their desires now, we can give them what they want.”  And remember- you can never outpace your readiness for what you want.  When you are truly ready for something it will manifest granted you’ve made your request known and deliberate.  And things begin to take place that you cannot, and could not have even perceived.  Because your job is not to perceive how, your job is to conceive.  You conceive and receive.  God, through universal laws and spiritual principles does the rest.   And exercises power through YOU! God is Creator and we are extensions of that Source, so we too are creators with the ability to exercise the power of God!

Once you realize this, you can now choose how you wish to respond, recognizing that there is a choice and you can emancipate yourself from simply living a life of observe-respond-observe-respond.  This is not living.  Especially when you can exercise greater control, and dominion, and produce the life you want and would rather have, having experiences that YOU have deliberately created.

At first it will seem somewhat difficult if you have not been accustomed to practicing this technique, but once you get the hang of it, it will become natural and actually fun.  You will feel empowered that you can control your own thoughts.  And particularly when things begin to manifest for you EXACTLY the way you intended you will feel a tremendous sense of mastery!

“If this time/space reality has the ability to conceive and inspire a desire within you, then this same time/space reality has the ability to manifest the means to fulfill that desire” – Esther Hicks. THE HOW IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS!  God is the orchestrator.  Moving things around, manipulating, causing all circumstances, events, and people to coincide in perfect harmony to bring about just what you’ve asked for.  But you must remain steadfast on the desire and not allow doubt, fear, impatience or any other negative emotion to creep in as they most certainly will.  This is where you tell your thoughts what to think and remind yourself- I am a creator, I am a deliberate creator and my life is being tended to from behind the scenes.

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