Week 31 – We Are God’s Reality Show

I know.  The title alone makes some cringe right?  “What are you talking about?  We aren’t part of some made up drama by God!”  And…we’re not.  But we create the drama that keeps us in this reoccurring “reality show” of theatrical events full of comedy and tragedy where we play protagonist and are in constant battle with some antagonist, both real and/or perceived.  And our lives become one big production that we are hoping will have a happy ending.  We make ourselves out to be spectacles.  How dissimilar is that to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?  Or Big Brother?  Or Survivor?  Or the funniest of all that is considered one of the pioneering reality shows, The Real World?  There is/was nothing “real” about these shows.

Ponder the following…

“Whatever is in the mind is like a city in the clouds.  The emergence of this world is no more than thoughts coming into manifestation.  From the infinite consciousness we have created each other in our imagination.  As long as there is ‘you’ and an ‘I,’ there is no liberation.  Dear ones, we are all cosmic consciousness assuming individual form.” – Vashistha

In Week 1 – Escaping From the Matrix, we touched on this ideal.  The authentic truth, which I am sure is hard to grasp, is your soul is living in this world that has been created by US.  God the Creator is the one who was never born and will never die.  The one who created us all in the same image.  God’s creation continues to perpetuate itself through our thought, desire and creativity.  So it stands to reason, that all that you see around you is the material expression of another’s thought. And collectively excepted by us all to create “the reality” we see.

Anthropologists discovered early humans and have identified a number of evolutions in humankind.  But let’s begin at the Neanderthals.  Neanderthals walked the earth some 200,000 years ago or around the middle Paleolithic era.  They used tools, and often resorted to using rocks (or flakes broken off of rocks by hitting them with other rocks), bones, and sticks.  At some point they even discovered the uses of fire.  As time moved forward, the Neanderthals became Cro-Magnons.  The Cro-Magnon man used tools, spoke and probably sang, made weapons, lived in huts, wove cloth, wore skins, made jewelry, used burial rituals, made cave paintings, and even came up with a calendar.  The changes and differences in these early humans took place over 75,000-100,000 years.  How is it that we went from banging on rocks and grunting to communicate to using skins for warmth, painting and singing songs?  Because of thought, desire and creativity.  Fast forward to 2015 where we don’t hunt or forage for food like a Neanderthal or Cro-Magon.  When we are hungry, we stop at a drive through and order!  We don’t use flint to make fire, we flip a switch.  We don’t kill buffalo for meat and use their skins for warmth, we buy bison in the grocery store and go to the mall to buy a coat if we’re cold. Thought, desire and creativity.

So whatever you believe in terms of creation, meaning the beginning of time, we are created in God’s image which allows us to continue to evolve through creation.  The creation that WE create.  We are living in that manifestation.  Enlightenment provides an understanding that we are not living in the world…the world is living in US.  Most of us have forgotten that authentic truth. And THAT is why we are God’s reality show.

Dolphins are not gluttonous.  Birds don’t kill for fun.  Whales don’t have wars with other pods of whales.  Lions don’t marry, have cubs, get divorced, and split their assets of the African plains.  Animals DO exactly what they were made to do.  Every single time.  We as humans feel we are higher in form because of logic and the “advanced human brain.”  The fact is, we are the ones who have forgotten our way.  Our instinct.  Our innate makeup.  So God watches over all of us.  All of us in our “highly adapted and intelligent” fortitude and glory….as if we have life figured out.  The fact is, we are slaves to our creations.  We have forgotten that what we have conceived has been created.  And we have forgotten that we have the power to continue to create anew.  The only reason that life continues to exist is because of death.  But death is not to be misunderstood as finality.  Death is rebirth.  So in other words, in order to create new, more desirable experiences and fortuitous circumstances in THIS life, death must occur from the old expectations and ill-conceived notions.  Past experiences do not determine future outcomes.  If the Neanderthal had never had a thought of an improved life, the Cro-Magnon would have never existed which means neither would the Homa Sapien (us).  We continue to grow and evolve through creation.  But we must focus our vision.  Because what we have is the moment.  Not the past.  Not the future.  The moment.  To create ANYTHING we desire in this moment.  Understanding this and changing your perspective will focus your authentic reality and help you “see” clearly.  Everything that you’ve seen and experienced thus far can be equated to that “reality show.”  There is some truth to the events but there are also some staged, instigated and false truths to it all.  An enlightened perspective will serve for clarity of what is real and what is fabricated through our own mental creation.  This week as you live out your “reality show”……try to remember and make bonds with your authentic self.  And not the actor living out your life in the façade you have created.

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