Week 30 – Stop ‘Telling It Like it Is’ and Tell a New Story 

You’re life up to this point has been the story you’ve told in the past several years and your future life will be the story you keep telling yourself and others right now.  One of the best ways to change your life is to tell a new story of who you want to be and how you want your life to be.  Too often the stories we tell address the right now issues we have going on.  We say things like “life is hard, there aren’t enough hours in the day”.  Or “I wish I were more organized, had more money, had a better life, etc”.  Someone asks how you’re doing, how’s it going, and you say, “oh I’m okay, could be better, or I could complain but I won’t, or I’m alright I guess”.  The tendency is to address the now way you feel or the NOW way things are transpiring in your life.  So if it’s going well we tell stories of how well things are going, or if it’s not going so well we tell stories of that.  And isn’t it interesting that even when things are going well we often have a fear of impending doom lurking around the corner, or some catastrophic event that’s about to happen and wipe away our feel good moment.  It’s never long that we bask and relish in the moment of all being well before we, through our thoughts, create a different reality of drama, despair, and turmoil of some kind.  We’ve been conditioned as a society to expect the worse and hope for the best! Which, from the perspective of everything we’ve been discussing here in this blog, is completely contrary to the laws of the universe.

Most public speakers and anyone who lectures to audiences knows the art and science behind storytelling and the power it generates in delivering a point or concept.  Have you noticed that some of the best speakers in the world tell great stories?  And haven’t you also noticed that most times that you connected with a speaker and really felt the message he/she was attempting to deliver it was through a story they told?  How does this work and why should we use this tool for creating better lives for ourselves.  What does the art of storytelling do to the teller and the listener?

The Universe, similar to the subconscious mind of man, does not know the difference between fact and fiction. It does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining or truly experiencing.  In either case it is responding!  It functions off of the emotional vibration you’re offering. What do stories do? They tap into the emotion of not only the listener but certainly the teller.  Have you ever been telling a story of something that happened in your life and felt yourself becoming very emotional in the telling of the story- either high levels of excitement, anger, disgust, joy, etc.?  Sure, we’ve all experienced this.  It’s at this point where the imagination takes action and LOA begins orchestrating your life based on YOUR STORY.  Now this does not mean that exact prototypes and details of your story will be reflected (although oftentimes it does happen exactly like that), what it means is that the essence of the way you feel in telling your story reflects back to you and the universe works to provide you with life experience that is based on the dominant emotional vibration you’re offering.  This is why it is vitally important to start telling your life story the way you want it to be NOT the way that it is.  We often brag about keeping it “real” and “I’m just telling it like it is”.  Well now we know, telling it like it is only gets you more of what is.  If you want something different, you have to talk less about what is and more about what is coming.

Every time you tell your NEW story your belief in the new story becomes stronger.  This is why and how people lie about something over and over again and it becomes their truth.  They actually believe the untruth and their minds have come to except what once was untrue as now true.  Every time you tell the new story your belief in the new story becomes stronger. Your imagination automatically starts creating a clearer picture of the desired end result, as well as images of you in the process of living the new story!  Every time you tell the new story you’re feeling better about yourself and life in general. All of this combined creates your vibration of attraction and how you vibrate (feel) is how you attract everything into your life!

Consider yourself a movie or play director/writer. Your life is the story line and you have complete creative control. What would the next scene be, the next chapter? How do the characters in your story interact with you, who are these supporting characters?  Because literally that’s what every person in your life is- supporting cast members in your very own movie.  And most importantly how does your story end?  If your life/movie isn’t what you want it to be WRITE A NEW AND DIFFERENT STORY! Tell the “My-Life-Is-Really-Wonderful” story. Tell the “I’m-Blessed-And-Fortunate” story; the wouldn’t it be nice if story; the life is really good story; Tell the story of abundance and prosperity; the isn’t life so good to me story. And then watch how the universe yields evidence and facts to support your new story. Some would say, “But if I say these things and it’s not true, I’m lying to myself.”  And there is merit to this point because as we’ve stated numerous times here, it is our belief about a particular thing along with our expectation through which changes occur.  Therefore, create what is true for YOU.

So if you’re trying to ‘fake it til you make it’, but do not believe the new story you’re telling you will have a harder go at making life changes.  However there are ways to bridge the gap and empower your belief about your story.  Simple word play will make a huge difference.  For example, “I am beginning to feel better, I am beginning to like the way my life is going, I am becoming exactly the person I want to be, I like the way my life is beginning to unfold,  Things are becoming easier for me to achieve, Money, prosperity, and abundance are becoming clearer in my life experience”.  Using different words softens the story and provides some ease to believing what you’re telling.  Of course this takes practice and consistency, but with just a little motion in this direction you will feel a difference.  In future blogs we will discuss specific routines and practices that have proven useful to us that you can incorporate into your daily life for immediate and long term results.

But remember… you are the creator of your own movie, and everything is all about your personal perception anyway, you get to choose exactly how you want things to be. You get to create the plot, the scene, and conclusion exactly the way you want it to be, whether it be fictional or fact and the more you write and RECITE the new story it will become fact.  It is law!   And the fact of the matter is you’re already doing this anyway without realizing.  By default you have created your life as it is, the life you currently live is a culmination of the stories you told yourself either silently or stories you’ve repeated aloud to others.   So why not be deliberate with the things you want in your life?  Try it!  When you start telling your new story you are thinking new thoughts and creating a new vibration. Because of this you will receive impulses and hunches from your inner guidance to take action towards living the new story. Be sure to take the action and follow the impulses that feel good and right for you!  Why not be intentional with your desires and be the true creator you were born to be?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Write your new story today!

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