Week 29 – Pay Me In Gratitude

Did you know you have the power to change, alter, create your reality?  Did you know that you have the authority to command your feelings within any given circumstance?  Have you realized the authentic influence your soul has on everything material?  Be empowered.  Not discouraged.  One simple way to access the power that God, Source Power, Allah, Jehovah, The Universe has given you is through gratitude.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast.  A house into a home.  A stranger into a friend.  Nothing around you changes.  You change.  When gratitude shifts the moment, it shifts you” – Melody Beatty.

We often times are chasing life’s dreams and things never taking note of what is in front of us.  We continue to search for happiness in promotion and material possessions.  This is one of the main reasons why our happiness eludes us.  Or our happiness is fleeting.  The fact is, happiness does not exist in a thing or possession.  Happiness exists within you.  What are you grateful for that does not equate to a status symbol?  Simple things such as the sunshine on your face, the laughter of a child, affection from a loved one; these things can not be purchased or achieved.  They simply are.  Just as our authentic being, just IS.

When we are in search of our authentic selves we discover that our true being is continuously grateful.  Your authentic being is ethereal.  Therefore nothing material will ever truly satisfy it.  Your true being is beyond material things.  Material things are manifested by your true being.  However, the gratitude you find in things that are not material are the things that satisfy your soul.  Yet we become callous to what truly satisfies as we redefine who we THINK we are by the things we possess.

Recently I’ve heard tons of catch phrases that make me wonder if people truly understand and FEEL what they are saying.  “I’m leaning in.”  Or “be in the moment.”  These are very powerful statements and can change your life and your reality if truly implemented.  The other day, two co-workers walked into my office and I was extremely busy.  Honestly I didn’t want to talk and they showed up to chit chat.  I CHOSE to “lean in and be in the moment” even though I did not want to because I was focused on my work.  What I thought would have been a short “water-cooler” talk of about 10 mins turned into an hour long enlightening discussion.  What was supposed to be about the simplicity of the day and insignificant banter turned into a deeper spiritual conversation about alignment and enlightenment.  What was supposed to be an interruption of my day turned into a spiritual flow of fellowship.  When the conversations were complete, the co-workers thanked me.  But I, was the one truly thank FULL.  Finding and spending time with those types of moments are what we should live for.  The truly authentic moments in life are what symbolize and reflect true value for our souls.  Those experiences are what tickle our souls and provide the wealth our souls need to be happy.  Authentic experiences is the currency our authentic beings covet.  And what is most interesting is….we have opportunities for those moments on a daily basis if we simply pay attention.  Pay attention to the moment and not what you expect out of it.

Through meditation I embrace gratitude.  The energy, excitement and overall joy and happiness found there can not be recreated from anything that I own.  Again, the energy, excitement and overall joy and happiness found there can not be recreated from anything that I own.  It can not be provided from any other person in my life.  It is always there waiting for me to acknowledge it and in return NEVER fails to provide delight and pleasure in return.  Stop what you are doing, close your eyes.  And focus on three things you are truly grateful for that can’t be purchased.  Focus on those three things and why you are grateful for them.  Seriously…do that now.  Spend time in this moment, be in this moment, lean into this moment of gratitude.  Linger in the emotion of gratitude you feel about the three things you are focused on.  Is it hard NOT to smile???  Is it hard NOT to feel joy and contentment within this moment???  Is it hard NOT to see your circumstances in a brighter light???  YES!!!  You feel like smiling, being joyous and content and your life shows you a brighter perspective….why?  Because now you have touched on your soul’s joy button.  And it responds in kind.  Gratitude changes life.  Gratitude changes perspective.  Gratitude creates authentic reality.  Gratitude fosters grace.

As your week unfolds and serves up your days…focus your attentions on what you are grateful for that can not be bought and paid for.  Gratitude changes your perspective and alters your reality to be more aligned in your soul.  And the beauty of it all are some of the fundamental things discussed in weeks past:  We are vibrational beings.  The Universe responds to our vibrational markers and delivers back to us the same.  Therefore, if I continue to express gratitude in the things of non-material which then lightens my soul and brings me joy, which mitigates my resistance in the midst of my circumstances, thus creating a true sense of allowing…then all of my desires are free to flow effortlessly to me!!!  Read that again….and know…..”gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.”

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