Week 28 – Give Up the Struggle

Once there was a man who hated his own shadow.  When he walked and found that his shadow was close behind him, he began to walk faster and faster.  But the faster he moved, the closer his shadow came.  So he ran like a madman.  And in the end, he dropped dead.  It is actually very easy to be rid of one’s shadow — just rest under a tree. Just rest.

-Zhuang Zhou

At first glance, the title of this week’s post may come across as completely contrary to the way we’ve been taught all our lives.  Almost blasphemy in its paradoxical connotation.  Why would we ever give up the struggle?  Isn’t that what we’re here for?  Isn’t this the way God ordained it to be?  Life is a struggle, No pain no gain, suffering is part of living, NEVER GIVE UP was a very popular license tag on cars for years.  All these clichés we’ve heard and internalized throughout the years.  We’ve accepted struggle as simply part of the life cycle, and now we almost shun at any life that is struggle free.  The thought of a no struggle life seems contraindicated to the way we’ve been conditioned.  So what are we saying when we say ‘give up the struggle’?  What struggle are we suggesting to give up?

What we mean is give up the struggle against life and go more with the flow of life and living.  Give up the need to manipulate circumstances and events that are beyond our control (which is usually most of them).  Give up the resistance associated with conditions surrounding life events.  Stop fighting against a ‘perceived’ opposition.  There is really only one opposition -YOU!  You are often your greatest and only true opponent.  Go with the flow of life, and take things as they come, and address them from a place of inner peace.  Things only have the influence over you that you allow them to.  Wayne Dyer said, “You are only one thought away from peace”.  Christians have a saying of “Let go and let God”.  Muslims say “Allah is the best knower”.   In Buddhism there is a saying, “Letting go gives freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness”.

Does any of this mean don’t stand up for injustices or take action with regards to things we feel passionate and strongly about?  No!  Nor does it mean to passively put up with any situation you find yourself in and do nothing about it.  We understand and believe by no means do these statements mean roll over, and just allow things to happen (although this would not be a completely bad idea).  This simply means to trust in a higher power that all things will work out.  Trust that things will happen in accordance to the infinite laws of the universe that God has created and put in place.  It means surrendering and yielding to, rather than opposing against, the flow of life.

Certainly this world has provided us all with many opportunities to fight and resist.  We live in a world and society where struggle, stress, strife, suffering, appear to surround us at every turn.  And there is much we could, and some say, should be angry about and fight against.  From our home lives with our families, to our communities, to our nation and world as a whole.  There appears to be ongoing conflict and adversity, if you will, to overcome, forces that seem to be in direct opposition to what’s supposed to be good and right. There are many perceived social, political, and religious injustices taking place every day.  There are many, many causes one could take up and be completely justified in fighting for.  And we are not by any means suggesting that any action or stance that anyone feels passionate about not be addressed by whatever means you deem appropriate.  But what we are suggesting is that you let any and all action start first with yourself and your mind.

Do you remember a game of Chinese finger cuffs many of us played as children?  The object was to find an unsuspecting victim, have them slide their fingers through the woven bamboo contraption, and then figure out how to get free.  The natural instinct was always to struggle your way out.  Quickly you discovered the more you struggled the more you could not break free, and the only way to free yourself was to relax and push your fingers with the tension, as opposed to pulling against and soon your fingers were out.  The same concept holds true with quicksand and water, the more you fight against and struggle, the quicker you sink.  The more you’re able to relax and not panic the greater your chances are of survival

In this action-oriented world we live, we’ve been trained in the “more-effort, more-push to achievement approach” to life.  We feel the need to “make” things happen.  Hustle hard, to achieve.  Never realizing the greatest leverage is in alignment and being in oneness with God.  We forget that we are human BEINGS, not human doings.  We fill ours days and lives up with doing instead of being, which is where our greatest power lies.

So how do we give up the struggle, let go, and ALLOW, while simultaneously inspiring change, and standing up for what you believe in and are passionate about?  For ANYTHING to ever change, EVER, no matter what it is, YOU must first be that change, see the change. Exemplify the change and project through your vibrational power the picture of your desire.   Envision and hold the thought in your mind’s eye of the way you prefer the situation to be.  Let all inspired action come from a place of alignment BEFORE you take any physical action.  Coming from any other place, the struggle will only continue.  The fighting against approach usually only yields more of what you don’t want.  What you resist usually persists.  Example: There has been a war on terrorism and drugs forever!  There has been Palestinians and Israeli conflict forever! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  It was Mother Theresa who when asked why she never participated in anti-war demonstrations stated, “I will never do that, but when you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there”.

When faced with a perceived struggle, ask yourself 2 questions:  How do I presently feel about this situation?  And how does my inner being see this situation? Then let your action be from a place of inspiration and alignment.  Your aligned approach will feel good.  It will feel right and non-emotional.  Your action oriented approach will feel anxious, angry, fearful, apprehensive, etc.

Remember:  Expectation + Belief = YOUR POINT OF ATTRACTION! How you perceive things and what you expect will create your reality AND most importantly has the power and potential to effectuate change in the world. One person who is aligned is greater in power than thousands who are not.  And one person can make a difference, start a movement, create a paradigm shift that causes the hearts of others to change.

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  1. Mrs.T
    Jul 12, 2015 @ 23:23:12

    I surrender all….beautifully said and so poignant. Thank you.



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