Week 25 – Lose Your Luggage

Chances are, if you’ve flown on airplanes enough, you may have had an experience where the airline lost your luggage.  This usually involves some type of frustration, anger, angst and inconvenience.  It especially leaves you in the lurch if you have immediate plans whereas you need your clothes that you so eloquently planned out and folded properly.  So when we say, “Lose Your Luggage” we certainly are not speaking about your packed clothing.  (Although this WOULD give you a good reason to go shopping for a new wardrobe)  But in this context, when we say lose your luggage, we are talking about losing the luggage of your past.

Why is it that we continue to lug around feelings, emotions and experiences from the past?  Why is it that we allow the past to dictate our circumstances of the present?  Why do we use the past to measure our current moments?  Why do we depend on the past to define our present day?  If you don’t have a good answer to any of the following questions, it should be a good indicator that it’s time to lose your luggage.  But instead we tend to fold up our self-imposed judgments, we put our past relationships on hangers and we carefully pack away our worries, past troubles and fears into our suitcase of life and carry them around like prized possessions, ready to pull them back out and put them on display whenever a current situation arises.  Understand that the past has no power.  The past has no power of judgment or measurement, nor is it an indicator of your future.

Any given moment, if you are cognizant of the moment you’re currently in, allows you to create a brand new moment that alters the course you want to be on.  But we tend to allow our luggage to dictate which trip we will take.  Again, ask yourself a question here and try to provide a good answer:  At what point in time would you pack your bags, head to the airport and allow your bags to dictate where you are traveling to?  This would be ridiculous right?  Then it is just as ridiculous to allow your emotional baggage or your luggage of previous circumstances and choices to dictate your current moment.  There is no such thing as controlling the past or even in controlling the future.  The only reality is in the present.  The only control is how you decide to feel in that moment.  And if you don’t like how you feel within any given moment, then change the destination and set out on a new course.

There is no real road to enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not a destination but simply a state of being.  It simply is.  But in this context, we will refer to it as a road.   Therefore, as we travel down this road, the first articles we must release to lighten our luggage load is self-imposed judgment.  Stop holding onto things of the past you consider as “mistakes.”  We all make choices along the road and those choices alter our directions in life.  It doesn’t make them good or bad.  They simply are.  If you made a choice and it didn’t align with your desired outcome, it’s simply what happened.  It doesn’t make it a good or bad decision.  When you take time to dwell on and accept that point, you will immediately feel lighter and more free.  You will have lightened your load for easier travel on your trip.  Release the judgment of your choices and simply be guided by your current moment and what you desire.  Holding onto judgment of yourself is like packing bricks in your suitcase and carrying them around.

Next, lose judgment of others.  How many times have you considered a relationship with someone else and said, “yeah but he/she has too much baggage!”  What baggage is it that they have?  Emotional baggage?  Children outside of you?  A “bad” history of breakups or cheating?  Does that become the barometer or measuring stick of how you will be treated in the relationship?  And we unequivocally answer, “YES!” immediately passing judgment of the actions of another’s past to dictate our future.  It is in THIS moment we stall out the journey of experience.  But ask yourself again….what is it that I desire in the current moment?  We say, “well based on past experience, I know if x does this then y is going to happen.”  In that moment we have made decisions based on the past that are predicting our future.  Again, the two things we have zero control over!  The past and the future.  What we have is the moment.  This is not to say that a man who has a history of domestic abuse should be welcomed into a woman’s life without expecting he will abuse her.  But understanding the NOW and being present and aware within the NOW is what provides the fertile ground for your desires to grow.

Begin by expressing your desires to God, Jehovah, The Creator, The Universe, Allah.  Only seek to control what you feel in that moment and every moment going forward.  Focus those feelings and live in a state of love and gratitude.  And watch your desires unfold before you in every created moment.  When living in a constant state of awareness, the only true reality is the current moment you are experiencing.  The current moment you are experiencing is where creation is born.  It is the only thing you control.  Therefore, carrying baggage of your past experiences or the baggage of others’ past circumstances holds zero power except for the power you give it.  It does not dictate the future and is not an overall indicator of outcomes.

So as you strike out on your journey today, become aware of your current moment and relinquish the past.  The past has already left you.  So why continue to court it?  Leave it and create a new moment.  Whatever type of moment you want to create.  Stop lugging around self-doubt, anxiety, fear and false expectations based on past and previous experiences and choices.  This is dead weight.  In every literal sense of the meaning…the past is dead….and it is unnecessary weight.  Lighten the load of your journey by losing your luggage.


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