Week 24 – Circumstances Don’t MATTER

How often do you feel unhappy because of the circumstances you experience? Would you like to be able to feel happy whatever happens around you? Do you believe that this is even possible?  So often people let their circumstances influence the way they feel. The lack of money, problems at work, quarrels with their partner, family or friends; all can contribute to a feeling of unhappiness if we allow it. And we begin to believe this is the natural way.  Remember: YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY and therefore can change the way you experience life.

It is not our circumstances that matter.  It’s only your state of being that MATTERS – or better yet, only your state of being materializes (becomes matter). Only state of being or consciousness can create matter/physical reality.  Matter is subject to consciousness.  Consciousness is not subject to matter.  This is how we turn thoughts into things – LITERALLY! This is how we apply the “be and it is” concept mentioned in the Bible. Turning the non-physical reality into the physical reality is more about inside/internal work than about outside, physical action. Not that the action-oriented approach to manifestation is not needed. There is definitely physical things that we must do, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, etc. However if you believe and understand that we are mostly non-physical beings/energy/vibration, then it stands to reason that the majority of the work is with the non-physical aspect of ourselves.

It’s our state of being, mindset, mood, etc. that translates into physical manifestations. This is literally how our thoughts manifest into things. But for most, it’s the other way around, we usually let our life experience/circumstances dictate our state of being, which keeps us in a perpetual state of responding to every life event that comes up. When things are going well, we feel well. If things are going bad we feel bad. And usually we give our greatest attention and focus to the “bad” or unwanted things than the wanted or “good” that we experience.  Someone asks us how we’re doing, and we make statements like “I’m hanging in there” or “I’m making it”.  These responses are mostly based on how things are going in our lives right at that moment. What’s your perspective of life? What is your usual response when you’re greeted by someone? Of course this is an easier concept spoken than practiced.  But it is certainly worth auditing our expectations.  And evaluating our desires.  As Emily Dickinson wrote…”dwell in the possibility.”  Align your mind state with your expectations and desires.  Live in THAT space.

We experience “bad news” and “good news’ and we tend to respond according to our interpretation of that information. Situations and events are nothing else other than circumstances, devoid of any meaning besides what we give it.  Only our interpretations and judgement of them give the things we experience meaning.  Our true experience of reality is therefore only reflective of our interpretations of it. We should better understand the duality of things.  That there is always the yin and the yang, that “good” AND “bad”.  And that there is no intrinsic meaning or value to anything.   So our view of things is simply a point of view, a conscious and deliberate choice made at any given moment to experience the things we experience.  So it stands to clear reason that we can choose and change our life experience by changing our point of view…changing our state of being.  This resets our point of attraction which the universe is constantly responding to.  By changing your focus to your expectations and your desires, you are emitting a much stronger vibration to what you want to attract.  When something undesireable or “bad” is happening and we focus our energies on the “bad” in the situation, we emit the vibration that aligns with the “bad.”  Conversely the opposite happens when we focus our attention on the “good.”  Therefore, when the “bad” things are happening, it is imperative for us to change our focus to impede the “bad.”  We do this by directing the focus of our desire and expectation.  If your circumstances are telling you that you don’t have enough money, change your focus to first identifying and FOCUSSING on what you are grateful for that your current finances CAN afford.  Put mental power to it.  Then start to envision yourself with more than enough money.  Then focus on how you will spend that money when you receive it.  This does not mean that all of a sudden you’ll receive a boatload of wealth, (although you might), but simply WATCH how things will begin to work in your favor financially because you have changed your focus from “being broke” to being wealthy.

I once knew a gentleman who without fail, every time I’d ask him how he was doing, his response was “I’m perfect”.  At the time I didn’t know what to make of his response. Was he being facetious or sarcastic? Was he trying to portray himself outwardly in some type of “I’ve always got myself together” demeanor?  And this was his response to me and others for the 10-15 years I came I’m contact with him.  The man has since passed away and I never asked him about his responses.  But I do understand now why or better yet how he responded as such.

I’m perfect does not mean everything in your life is going exactly the way you want it to. But rather you’ve found a level of appreciation and gratefulness for precisely where you are. It’s understanding that the circumstances you encounter, no matter how dire they may appear at the time, don’t have any real power over you unless you allow them too. The universe will respond in kind to whatever you feel.  Therefore, only project what you want to receive in return.  Choose to be healthy.  Choose to be wealthy.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to be powerful.  Choose to be joyous.  When we begin to practice controlling the way we feel, controlling the mood we allow ourselves to be in, only then can we begin to turn thoughts into things, manifesting those things we really want in life, and accept life’s circumstance just as they are- circumstances.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. C
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 17:27:55

    As I sit here at the airport in Phil I am encouraged and strengthen by what I’ve read which is also a part of what I believe also. However, your article brings it all to the forefront!!!!! Thank you😊



  2. loveyourself7
    Jun 26, 2015 @ 16:06:58

    Thank you for your response and interest C! We’re glad you were encouraged. Sometimes that’s all that it takes, is just a thought that confirms or better yet reaffirms that which we already know to be true.



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