Week 20 – Alignment – With What and How?

We embarked on this journey many months ago with the title of the blog being Align to Enlighten.  And certainly you’ve heard us mention and talk a lot about alignment and being in alignment as I’m sure you’ve also heard in other arenas as this a much talked about concept these days.  But what does being in alignment mean?  We’ve heard from “gurus” and many speakers that we need to be in alignment to create what we want.  But what, exactly does that mean? What are we supposed to be in alignment with and how do we do it?

We will assume we have arrived at understanding some basic concepts.  That being, we are more nonphysical beings than physical; yes we obviously are both and we tend to get caught more in the physical world than the spiritual.  But the fact of the matter is we are mostly spiritual beings, soul, ethereal, energy, vibrational, NONPHYSICAL. The larger part of us, our soul, is always in spirit. And that part, that inner part is Source Energy or God Force, or God, Higher Self; any of these that you wish to call it.  When we decide to experience the expansion of the physical world, we come into the physical body knowing we are always connected to that Source, that Higher Power.

Alignment with Who We Really Are-
When we think of alignment we can use the real life analogy of wheel alignment. A wheel alignment on a vehicle essentially requires squaring wheels and axles with each other so that they’re moving in the same direction.  And of course if you’ve ever experienced driving a vehicle that was out of alignment, you know how uncomfortable and potentially dangerous it can be.  Your car fights against you to stay straight.  Your tires wear out quickly and unevenly.   Isn’t that interesting! Likewise the alignment we seek, the squaring if you will, is with that larger part of ourselves–our soul, or source, which is always loving.

When we experience something we don’t want (by way of feeling negative emotion about it), we automatically send out a desire/vibration/energy for the opposite. If we experience someone being disrespectful to us, we desire to be treated with respect. If we see the bills piling up and don’t have enough money to cover them, let alone to do some of the things we want to do, we desire more money. If we are unhappy with our significant others we want a better relationship.  If we are unhappy and unfulfilled on our jobs or businesses we want work that excites and fulfills us–and so on. The important understanding- This desire goes out as vibration whether we express it in words or not. And our souls immediately expand into the new desire and become the vibrational equivalent of it.  And the universe conspires to bring about that which you desire. The negative emotion of unhappiness, anger, fear, anxiousness, frustration, we feel is because we haven’t caught up to the new version of ourselves at the soul level.  We haven’t caught up with the God level of our inner being.

So how do we catch up? How do we get into alignment with the new, expanded version of ourselves and see the manifestation of that in this physical reality?

By paying close attention to your feelings and making conscious and deliberate CHOICES that foster and promote your being happy and joyful.  We talked in a previous post about the Emotional Guidance System and how we are all born with an internal guidance system called our emotions, which tell us when we are heading towards or away from what we want. Emotions communicate when we are in line with our higher being and when we are not.  When we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, worry, and so on, we are disconnecting ourselves from our Source and our well-being; we can become out of alignment.   Likewise, when we feel hope, interest, positive expectation, happiness, joy, enthusiasm, appreciation, etc, we are allowing our flow and connection to Source. This is alignment. How do we get in alignment?  By intentionally seeking an emotional state that feels good and redirecting attention from that which does not.

Of course when you are faced with situations that feel “insurmountable” and “terrible” it doesn’t seem like an easy task to move in a direction of feeling good. We have long practiced the vibrations of fear and lack. It takes a concerted effort of will to decide to shift into a new way of thinking and feeling. But it can be done.  And it works! The best thing we can do to get into alignment is—enjoy our lives. Experience every moment. Do things that feel good. Stop doing things and saying things that make us feel bad or stressed, or any other negative emotion. And when you’re put into a situation of stress or despair, find the one good thing in that situation and focus on it.  Relish in being grateful for that one thing in a bad situation and you will begin to bring yourself back to the surface.  Being in a good place attracts the best results. Begin to consistently practice healthy ways to soothe yourself and keep your energy on high levels no matter what you may perceive as “reality” at the time.  Because whether you do it or not, you are creating and manifesting realities all the time – and if you’re not conscious of what you’re creating, you create the experiences you don’t want.  Start from a place of alignment and begin new creation and new manifestation of the things you want. As you practice consistently feeling better and purposefully keeping yourself in alignment with your higher self, you now have access to solutions and ideas that will have an immediate impact on your life.

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