Week 19 – What Is Learned From a Mother’s Love?

Thank God, Allah, Jehovah, the Creator, Yahweh, the Universe, the Almighty, for the miracle of motherhood.  The Almighty has given women the miracle of carrying life inside along with the innate ability to love and nurture unconditionally.  Mothers love in spite of.  Mothers provide leadership, guidance and protection.  Mothers are sounding boards to the rationale of life.  Mothers provide direction and sustenance…nourishment for the body…as well as for the soul.  Mothers provide support.  Mothers are consistent and unwavering.  Mothers are in perfect tune with nature.  Mothers ARE nature incarnate – birthing life through their love, creativity and long-suffering.  Mothers help complete the cycle of life.

While not all women are mothers, this still does not exclude those who do not have children from possessing and displaying the same innate qualities of motherhood.  The loving, nurturing, guiding, directing, teaching, patient characteristics of motherhood are often shown in women who have never had children.  How is this possible?  How can this be?  Is it simply the way God created women in the first place?  Or is it learned behavior that women are socialized to act and react in certain ways?  Maybe it’s both.  Nevertheless, there are lessons for all of us to learn from this.

As my cousin and I alternate weeks on publishing posts to Align to Enlighten, it continues to prove to be a very rich experience for us and hopefully for those that read this blog.  When we speak of ALIGNMENT, we speak of those actions taken to put yourself in the order to which you choose your greatest point of happiness and love.  The place where you experience perpetual joy.  The ENLIGHTENMENT we speak of has everything to do with the acute awareness of all things.  Enlightenment equates to an authentic understanding of all things.  It is your true reality.  The place where you truly understand yourself.  It is understanding your co-creative power within this material world.  One does not come without the other.  Therefore…Align to Enlighten.  When considering “the road to enlightenment” (I put this in quotes because there is no road, it simply is), one of the main beginning points is surrender.  Surrender of many things that you feel have made you who you are.  The reason for this surrender is to release the inauthenticity that has created the ego you consider as your being or who your consider yourself to be.  This is not the easiest of tasks.  But it is necessary if true alignment and enlightenment are expected.

According to Deepak Chopra, surrendering for enlightenment include, “full attention, appreciation of life’s richness, opening yourself to what is in front of you, non-judgment, absence of ego, humility, being receptive to all possibilities and allowing love.”  When I consider my mother and how she treats me, I see clearly how she demonstrates the same attributes regarding enlightenment.  My mother provides me her full attention when I ask.  She considers the richness of life as any time we are able to spend time together and especially with her grandchildren.  She takes things as they come and remains open without judgment but rather meets me with encouragement.  My mother, while knowing her self-worth, does not display or get caught up in ego and would never let ego determine her direction.  She walks with confidence yet remains humble and displays humility.  She has always been open to the possibilities of life even when being faced with life’s adversities.  And she has accomplished all of these things by giving and allowing love to flow at all times.  Granted, all mothers are not created the same.  But understanding the sacrifice and the true selfless acts of mothers in general is enough to know that a mother’s love comes from an enlightened place.  These innate attributes God has given to women in general provide a view of enlightenment for not only the children they bare but also for all people of the world.

Imagine a world of full attention to the moment in which you are experiencing whatever it is you’re experiencing.  Living in that moment and experiencing all it has to offer and then creating your next moment and doing it all over again.  Instead of being caught up in planning out the far future, spend time in the right now with your full attention the same way a mother provides that full attention to that child in need.

Imagine a world where you cherish and appreciate life’s richness.  Wealth is found in the small fleeting moments that we tend to take for granted.  Find appreciation and gratitude in the things money is not designed to pay for.

Open yourself to what is in front of you.  Don’t resist it but allow it to flow finding whatever is happy within the situation, even if it is a tough state of affairs, by focusing on whatever is positive in the midst of it.  Continue to leverage what you are grateful for in that moment.

Release judgment.  Nobody on Earth lays ownership to a heaven or a hell.  Release judgment you pass on yourself.  And on others.  Because at any given moment, you have a choice to create another moment.  Don’t dwell on your past or another’s past.  Those experiences are a culmination of moments.  Create new moments and simply live and let live.

While you’re at it…release your ego.  Self-worth and self-confidence are valued.  Ego is worthless in regards to enlightenment.  Ego lives for itself and only for itself.  Ego lives for the betterment of ego and will direct your true self down a road of self-gratification and self-praise.  Let your ego go free and keep your self-worth.

Remain humble.  One of the ironies of aligning to enlightenment is, you will achieve greatness beyond your imagination.  But you will not relish in the greatness you’ve achieved and have also desired.  In other words, in order to achieve the greatness you desire, you must remain humble.  And even after you’ve achieved the greatness you desired, you will keep your humility.

As stated, truly live in the moment. Because at any given moment, you have the ability to create another.  Therefore, being receptive to all possibilities provides a blank canvas for you to create whatever that next moment will be.  Realize you have been created without bounds and the universe is abundant.

The gas to make it all go….allow this with love.  Love is where we come from.  Love is who we are.  Love satisfies all things.  Love provides the vehicle that propels our desires, our happiness, and provides fullness for our souls.  It only happens with love.

THESE things are the attributes of motherhood, understanding that motherhood is a state of mind and not only a definition of women with children.  But in this world, we have an opportunity to nurture, provide leadership, exercise patience, offer moral sustenance, be consistent and unwavering, endow guidance, direction and support, all wrapped in unconditional love.  The same love a mother has for a child.  THIS is the same love that fuels and propels alignment with oneself for gratified enlightenment and authentic understanding for and of the world.

So as we celebrate mothers around the world today…let us examine and understand what we may learn and what can be applied to everyday life from a mother’s love.

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