Week 17 – Living From the Inside-Out vs. the Outside-In

We are all guilty of being “caught up” in today’s rat race.  The rat race of working to pay bills, traffic jams, reality shows and hustle and bustle.  We are all caught up in what we see in the news and are affected by what we consider to be the ills and injustices of the world.  We tend to follow the frustrations of our stress and the things around us we allow to stress us.  We live from the outside-in as opposed to the inside-out.  Meaning, we watch and participate in the things happening around us in the outside world, interpret them and let them direct how we feel to define our current reality, as opposed to the opposite.  The opposite would be us creating within ourselves the expectations of our reality and then watching it unfold before our eyes.  Admittedly, it is tough to wrap our heads around terrorism, high crime rates and what seems to be a continuous loop of police-crime.  How on Earth do we live in a world such as ours and not be affected by what we see?  By remembering…WE are made in God’s image.  Therefore we should live from the inside-out…not the outside-in.

In a previous post we spoke about the fact that we are the “cutting edge of thought.”  This means that we are the cutting edge of creation.  Creation begins with thought, thought manifests through word and word manifests through actions.  Actions create new realities.  We are made in God’s image.

There are many debates as to how this universe and our world were created.  But for the purposes of this week’s discussion, and for my beliefs…God is the creator of all that we are and all that we know.  To that end, in the beginning, God spoke light into existence and the void was filled.  All was created because He SPOKE it into existence.  Understand, those things that are intangible, create and control the tangible.  The spiritual and those things ethereal dominate all that is perceived.  Therefore, there is absolute power in thought and word.  In addition, there is only allowance and resistance.  Therefore, the “evil” of the world we see is simply a manifestation of resistance.  Resistance of the mind shows itself apparent in fear, anger, hatred, worry, despair, terror and judgment.  It plays out in actions that are qualified as “evil.”  It is only defeated by allowance.  Not more resistance.  Allowance manifests itself in love first and foremost, and is followed by joy, happiness, contentment, absence of judgment and peace.

I was shocked when I read an excerpt from Ghandi where he spoke about the impending Nazi threats to invade and steal all of the valued treasures, riches and relics throughout Europe, and his response was, “let them come and allow them to take what they will.”  I never understood Martin Luther King’s position of non-violence and peaceful protest marches in spite of the fact of police dog attacks, being spat upon and being beaten.  But he allowed it to happen that way.  I was always baffled as a child in Sunday School class where my teacher taught all about the power of Jesus but Him deciding not to ever express that power in a retaliatory type of way against those who persecuted Him.  He allowed it to happen.  So today I wrestle with the perceived police-criminal activities I see while applying what it is I know as authentic truth.  To be clear…the act of “allowing” does not mean you sit back and let another person violate you, your space or your property.  As stated, the act of allowing, offers a vehicle for desires to be realized.  All three of the people mentioned never waivered from their desires.  So as things continued to happen that were contrary to their desires, they never abandoned their focus.  The art of allowing means you don’t go into a situation, forcing or muscling it to happen.  In the emotionally-charged events we are currently witnessing, our emotions should provide directions…but not the road map.   

I’ve lost count of the number of police officer-related beatings, shootings and killings that have taken place in our country over the past year.  These acts seem to continue to perpetuate themselves.  These things have sparked an enormous amount of righteous anger, seemingly justified in our society and especially within the African-American community since these acts of violence have happened mostly to people of color.  The frustration and the anger comes from a feeling of helplessness against the brutality and inhumane police atrocities that seem to go unpunished in a prejudicial one-sided judicial system set up to protect it’s own.  THIS is living and having an understanding from the outside-in.  In order to “fix” this situation and stop the perpetuity of it all, we must live and have an understanding from the inside-out.

The authentic truth is….we are made in God’s image.  He has given us power and dominion within this world.  This world is made of physical things and physical acts, but we are ethereal beings.  We have lost sight of this understanding and therefore live from the outside-in.  Whereas we should be living from the inside-out.  God has given us both the power and the authority to manifest thought – to word – to action – to reality.  Allowance is not weakness.  Allowance is the vehicle that provides a way for our desires to be realized.  THIS is why people like Ghandi, King and Jesus were able to make strides in history in the midst of perceived chaos.  We have been given the power and the authority to create what it is that we desire.  But first understand we come from a place of love which is also a place of allowance.  Love does not live in a state of resistance.  So that which we desire, if we expect it to be created, must also come from a place of love…not hate.  And not from a mental place of retaliation or righteous anger.

First, there is no judgment as to how a person feels.  Feeling what you feel is personal to YOU.  And there is no judgment in that.  The key is interpreting what you feel and knowing how to manage that feeling to direct it toward your desired result.  This is the first step to creating a new reality.   Next, focus on what it is you will attract into your life.  Focus on the peace you desire for our society.  Just as a terrorists’ intentions are absolute, so can be your desires of peace.  They too have enormous power and are absolute with focus and desire.  So with all of the respect and love I can muster, I focus on my desire of the elimination of all police brutality and killing.  And I manifest it from a place of love.  And I envision and expect to see it unfold.  Peacefully.

Given the composition of our lower brain, we have been conditioned since prehistoric times to have a reactionary impulse of fight or flight when threatened.  Our authentic truth, which is processed by our higher brain, suggests that we create our desired outcomes through thought and manifest them through continued focus of the desired outcome.  Therefore, when considering resolution to terrorism, police-crime and overall perceived injustices of the world, simply begin to focus from within.  What are the outcomes you desire?  Create those desires from your thoughts.  Focus on the desired outcome.  Reinforce that desire with the intention of love.  And ALLOW the events to unfold in the absence of resistance.  This allows for creation from the inside-out.  And always remember….YOU have the power because YOU are made in the image of God.

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