Week 16 – Is That Your Primary Desire?

In this fast paced world of acquiring things, making an income, and staying “ahead”, we have to remind ourselves constantly of aim and purpose. We have discussed in previous posts about fulfilling our purposes and giving meaning to our lives. All of us have similar aspirations generally speaking- to live better and healthier lives, to prosper and thrive, to achieve, etc. And we all have given our own subjective definitions to what this means and how we should go about attainment.

In a conversation I had recently I shared some goals I have and things that I had been working on that are now coming into fruition and I was asked the question- “Is that your primary desire?” Meaning was it the thing I desired most or could I be settling, so to speak, on a secondary desire. I felt this to be a good moment for introspection and it also lays a good basis for this week’s discussion.

Am I living and fulfilling my primary desire- what I want most in life? Not to say that a secondary or less desirable thing is not worthy of our attention or does not have noble outcomes that warrant our involvement. But is the secondary desire really and truly getting you closer to that thing you desire most. And if not, what call to action are you inspired to do?

Many times we think that “purpose” or “desire” is definitive, meaning it has to be a concrete approach with no ambiguity, and with clear, concise objectives for attainment. This often causes anxiety and grief as the reality of the matter is, you may not have all the answers of what exactly you feel your purpose is in this life, or even what your desire truly is. I’ve asked many people, what is it that you desire for your life? What is it that you really want to do? What makes you happy in doing it? Often the answer is a resounding – “I don’t know.” We take in all this information and read books written by highly regarded writers that suggest that we must absolutely and unequivocally know what our purpose and/or desires are; that we must have a clear vision. And on the surface this makes sense right? Because if you don’t know where you’re going how can you get there? It seems we would be as Earl Nightingale put it, “ships on an ocean without a rudder, just moving about aimlessly, whichever way the wind blew.” So we scramble around from one thing to the next looking for and trying to discover our purpose and trying to figure what we truly desire. Discerning, is this truly our own desire or someone else’s? And then reaching middle age and becoming discontent with where we are in life.

However, through our discussions on this blog, we’ve attempted to offer a different approach in proposing that you pay more attention to being in alignment and focusing more attention on your vibration than anything else. Why? Because in your alignment your purpose becomes clear. Your desires become clear. What you were put on this earth to do becomes clear. CLARITY becomes one with you and your way of being, which is one of God’s gifts to us all.

In the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the main character Santiago strikes out on what he thinks his mission and purpose is in life, “his personal legend,” as referred to in the book. But on his quest he discovers that what he thought to be his main desire, changed through the course on his journey. And his ultimate purpose was only revealed to him later after he’d been on the journey for some time. By simply following his bliss, and acting on the things that made him happy his purpose was revealed. He initially just made the decision to act. And that’s the message I would like to convey in this week’s discussion. That it doesn’t really matter what you think your purpose is or desire is or if you even have a purpose right now, at this moment in time. (Of course it helps in that it aids the universe in doing what it wants to do, which is to provide to you your desires.) But the main thing is making a choice and lining up with that choice. Get in alignment with that choice. And the universe will handle the rest.

I am in the healthcare industry as an Occupational Therapist, people ask me all the time, “what is that, what exactly do you do?” My answer: I make people feel better. Is my purpose in life to be an OT? No, this is a method to assist me in fulfilling my purpose, which may change overnight or I may even have several methods join this for attainment of the ultimate desire. So my answer is often, my purpose is to serve my community and to leave people I come in contact with better off than they were when I met them; I try to stay general and broad with my propose- i.e. to inspire. Taking a more general approach will open up various avenues of fulfillment you can take. Spend time thinking about things important to you. What are some of your values? What things really get you going? If you draw a blank, fine. Get in alignment, meaning be present in your now moment, meaning wherever you are at this point in life is all right. Be alright with it, while at the same time desiring more. Not necessarily more things, but more clarity. Dissatisfaction brings about change. Spend time appreciating the job or current business that you don’t like. Demonstrate gratitude now, even in the midst of discontent.

How can you be sure you are fulfilling your desire and purpose? How does it feel to you? Remember your emotional guidance system. (Week 5)  It will let you know right away where you are. Are you stressed, does your work bring you angst or anxiety, frustration, agitation, or feelings of unworthiness? Then you know you’re out of alignment and that you are probably not fulfilling you true mission in life. When you are doing what you were meant to do, IT FEELS GOOD! It feels like ease and comfort. It’s energizing!

So let this week be about taking an account of where you are right now in life and reassessing. If you’re happy and feeling good- keep doing what you’re doing. If not, take a deep breath, get still, and ask “what is it that I should be doing?” and then start moving; keeping your eyes and ears open as your answers are revealed.

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