Week 14 – Protect Your Perceptions

As I start this blog this week, I am filled with gratitude.  I am grateful for so many things.  It fills my heart as I look around and see all the wonderful things, feelings, love and emotions that are given and shared in my life.  Even the things that don’t seem to be in alignment with my desires I am thankful for, because I understand that they too play a purpose in my life.  All things happen for reasons.  And the things that happen in my life are for the overall good for me.

We’ve talked about creating your own reality.  We’ve talked about your 5 senses and how they can be deceiving or not show you the entire picture of what true reality is.  We’ve talked about escaping the “matrix” to live in your true purpose.  We’ve spoken about loving yourself and others unconditionally.   We’ve spoken about many things that have to do with what you perceive, create and manifest from within.  In short, we’ve spoken a lot from an inward/outward perspective.  Yet and still we live in this world of individually created realities and we share in those realities with others and we collectively form beliefs.  In the midst of this controlled chaos, one must be very careful with what you perceive in all areas.  Protect Your Perceptions.  Perceptions are not just what you see but also what you hear, taste, smell and touch.

How do perceptions affect our emotions?  A few examples.  The musical artist Pharrell produced and sang a popular song, “Happy.”  Taking a broad stroke, I’d say that for many people the song innately creates a sense of exhilaration and excitement.  It lifts the spirit and makes you want to dance.  Recently I read a poll of 100 women where 65% responded that eating chocolate provides similar comfort and similar feelings of satisfaction as having sex.  Have you ever noticed the feeling of calm and serenity you feel when watching the sunset?  I met a car dealer one time who told me that instead of pumping loud, boisterous music, he plays classical and puts jasmine in the air vents. The purpose was to make customers feel relaxed.  Have you ever gotten a massage from a good looking person versus one that was less attractive?  How did you perceive that?  Did you notice the difference even though they were both professional?  Perceptions are created from the things we hear, taste, see, smell and touch.  Perceptions influence and direct thought.

Conversely, do you feel like cuddling with your loved one after listening to pounding heavy metal rock?  Probably not.  Do you feel a sense of comfort from the taste of medication?  No.  Do you get overjoyed in watching a car crash?  I doubt it.  Do you feel relaxed and at ease when you smell hot garbage?  Unlikely.  Do you feel comforted when a stranger touches you?  Doubtful.  What’s the point?  Your perceptions are created from the things we hear, taste, see, smell and touch.  Perceptions help  shape our beliefs and thus our reality by influencing and directing thought.

Understanding how we feel and the things that surround us to make us feel a certain way is vitally important to our well-being.  But we tend to live a life of soap opera.  It’s The Reckless and Ridiculous.  How many more times do you need to see somebody fighting on a Facebook video?  There are videos of people being stabbed, shot and killed all over the internet and then reposted for others to see?  Why has the Jerry Springer show been on for 25 years?  25 years of “surprises” and fist fights.  In a world of highly contested ratings, a show can only remain if the public demands it.  Why do we sit on the edge of our seat wondering who the daddy is on the Maury Povich show?  And then revel in the joy and the impending berating the man gives the woman when Maury says, “you are NOT the father!” (and the crowd goes wild while the woman collapses in tears)  And by far, the most incredibly ironic debacle of them all…..how many more “reality” shows can be made and become popular???  It seems we have become a society calloused and infatuated with what we perceive as shock and awe.  Watching others sling mud from afar seems to be the draw.  It’s watching a train wreck in slow motion and we can’t seem to turn away from the impending disaster of someone else’s life.  And it’s “okay” as long as it’s not happening to us.  But the real facts are…we are affected from what we perceive and how we perceive and interpret what we perceive.  There is no escaping that.  Even when you THINK you are not affected…subconsciously, you are.

I remember being in 3rd grade, learning about fruits and vegetables and my health teacher saying, “you are what you eat.”  I didn’t understand that when I was a child.  But now I understand that the foods I intake become a part of who and what I am.  My body and mind are directly affected by the food I ingest.  Therefore, ‘you are what you eat.’  By that same token, your inner being is directly affected by what you intake.  Positivity begets positivity.  Negativity begets negativity.  The Law of Attraction is absolute.  If we find pleasure and enjoyment at the destruction of others, it becomes a part of our inner being and begins to perpetuate itself in our lives.  That same negativity begins to manifest itself in other areas where you least expect it.  The same holds true for when we surround ourselves with what we consider positive energy.  Positivity begins to manifest itself in other areas of life where you least expect it.  It is Universal Law.  This is why certain songs you hear, certain things you taste, smells, touches and definitely things you see affect your emotions.  Your inner being recognizes those things as positive or negative and processes them as such.  They become a part of YOU.

So…to that end…be a fierce, relentless protector of your perceptions so you may truly perceive what is authentic and right for YOUR life.  If not, your perceptions will create your reality for you.  I’m not saying fighting on Facebook or the Jerry Springer show or reality television is wrong.  This is not about what we consider to be right or wrong.  This is about YOU and what YOU desire and what YOU want to attract in your life.  If you desire to be beautiful then surround yourself with beautiful people and beautiful things.  Take time to be quiet and alone with yourself which will attract serenity, peace and calm.  Watch awe-inspiring things that inspire and align with what is truly awesome to YOU instead of awe-shocking things that create callous consciousness.  Keep a song on your heart.  Stop and smell the roses– literally. Reinforce compassion and empathy with your loved ones through encouraging words instead of criticism.  Underline your adoration with the reinforcement of a gentle touch.  Protecting your perceptions protects your inner being.  Protecting your inner being clears the way for your consciousness and allows it to grow.  Allowing your consciousness to grow provides a way for you to be full and complete at any level of life you choose including the current level of where you are.  Be protecting of yourself.  Care for yourself.  Love…yourself.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mvlahos22
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 18:33:20

    Week 14’s blog content is one that would easily be missed as a point of focus if it were not brought to our attention. I like the line that speaks of protecting your perceptions so you can protect your inner being. As a society we are not very cognizant of how the things we focus on, and the meaning we attach to them, (our perception), shape our mood, our intentions and in turn our destiny. No matter what the outside catalyst may be, we still have an option as to what that catalyst means to us and therefore what we attract by experiencing it. In the example of Jerry Springer, we can either sit and watch and join the audience in the shock and awe of it, (and therefore attract those same feelings into our life),or we can choose to look at the situation with more compassion and understanding for those enduring it, be grateful for the fact that this is not our current reality AND also desire for the universe to provide some guidance to those for which it is. Our perceptions are not necessarily our reality but they certainly do assist in shaping it —- whether we do so consciously or not.



  2. Edward
    Apr 07, 2015 @ 19:24:14

    Creation is really about perception and perception is about vibration which is about law of attraction. So what you perceive really is the reality you’re living. But we have the ability to alter our perception. Our ability to deliberately create is through our perception which is why when we focus on “what is” we can stagnate our ability to see what’s ahead or the other side of what is. You can only perceive what you are able to see from your present vibrational standpoint. So protect your perception by making it a point to stay in vibrational alignment with your inner being.



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