Week 13 – The Answer Is YOU!

Whatever the situation, whatever the problem or challenge you encounter, the answer is YOU! How many times do we look at the behaviors of others and say, “if this person or situation would be different, I would not be angry, or sad”, or any of the other myriad of emotions we experience. We argue with our loved ones and place on them the responsibility to soothe us. We demand from our employers or employees that they conform to our desires so that we can feel good emotionally. We attempt to control our children in the name of keeping them safe and out of harm’s way, and to lessen the aggravation we have within our own lives.

In reality, we are the answer to any problem we face- YOU and I. We can not control the behaviors of others, or the outcome of certain situations. But what we can control is our ability to focus, our choice of what we choose to focus on, and how we wish to respond to any given situation which will ultimately impact that very thing we wish to see change. We’ve mentioned frequently in previous discussions about reclaiming your power through making decisions, getting in alignment, understanding perception, and vibration, etc. In understanding that in any given situation you don’t need anything or anyone to change, but that you only need to change your own view, your perception, allows the opportunity to take responsibility of our own well-being.

As we go about our business this week and are inevitably faced with challenges, let us become aware of our own ability to turn any and all situations around in our favor through our conscience and deliberate intention to hold ourselves accountable to the way we feel and our own moods and emotions. Turn inside, look at what YOU can change about you to make the situation better. Consider the situation from the Creator’s viewpoint. Mahatma Ghandi said it best…”Be the change you wish to see.”  You want to see humility and love in your mate, demonstrate it; you wish to see more respect from your children, give it. The solution to any problem lies within YOU, and your choice of where you choose to focus your attention.

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