Week 12 – Change or Transformation???

The word change is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.” You change your hairstyle. You change your socks. You change your mind.

The word transformation takes “changing” to another level.  Transformation is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “changing from one form, appearance, structure, character or type to another.” Caterpillars to butterflies. Planted seeds to editable crops. Sperm and egg to humans beings. None of these things are possible without transformation.

If you take hydrogen and oxygen in two separate containers on the shelf and put them in opposite sides of the room, then you’ve changed their location.  The hydrogen and oxygen are dry, gaseous, invisible elements.  We changed it by moving them from one location to another location.  Change.  If we combined the two of them, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, H2O, they would form water.  What was once dry, gaseous and invisible now becomes wet, non-gaseous and tangible…water.  The hydrogen and oxygen have now been transformed.  The elements are still present.  Just transformed.

Change, while valid and valued, almost implies something superficial or temporary.  Transformation implies depth and something permanent.

Often times we seek “change” in our society to correct the ills and miseries of our times.  Currently we have much civil unrest in America; racism, classism, separatism, political dissention, religious discord, the list goes on. We march and rally for change expecting that change will fix these things.  We search for leaders to ‘show us the way’ to pull us out of some perceived darkness. We vote. We make our voices heard. After all…this is America and we will not be denied our inalienable rights.

But the real power of change lies in transformation.

Contemplate transformation. We must first start with our perception. I heard someone say, “perception is reality.” That person is 100% correct. But perhaps not in the way that we historically have thought about this quip. Our perception is what we create. When many begin to agree on the same perception, it becomes a reality. When many begin to accept things they agree they see as reality, it becomes a truth. When many accept what they feel is truth, it becomes a belief. The belief solidifies the perceived reality that one person began.

Now consider transformation again and I will provide an example. A very good friend of mine whom I trust completely, went to an event. During the event, the group she was listening to set up a fire pit of burning coals. The speaker told people that they would be able to walk across the burning coals in their bare feet without being burned. My friend did that. And she was not burned or harmed in any way. I’m sure you have either seen or heard of this happening before. Right? So…what magic, hocus-pocus, mumbo jumbo are they into to make that happen? Remember, our perception is what we create. So I perceive the coals are hot but I also perceive that my feet can take the heat and be just fine. I agree with myself that what I perceive is my reality. My reality is, I have the ability to walk on fiery hot coals. I accept the reality I have created therefore it becomes truth. I accept the truth of what I’ve just done and it becomes my belief.

Now let’s flip the coin. What beliefs are you currently carrying that are simple distortions of your perception? Think about the stereotypes you carry. What about the judgments you pass? And what of the habits you maintain all in the name of “well this is just who I am.” Or, “it is what it is.”  Is it? Or is it who you perceive yourself to be which has become your reality which has become your truth which has become your belief. “Perception is reality” and “well, this is just who I am, it is what it is” are copouts to creation. In the example given, my friend CREATED an environment wherein she perceived, made it reality, made it truth and believed she could, would and did walk on fiery coals without incident. Creation is the catalyst for transformation. God has given us all that innate ability to create.

Don’t be satisfied with whatever judgments you have levied upon yourself. You have the ability to transform yourself to be whatever and whomever you decide. Not one situation on Earth has power over what is first perceived and then believed. You simply need to begin to change your perception.  Change your pattern of thought.  Change your mental alignment.

This blog is not religious.  However, God resides in all things.  To that end, in the Holy Bible, Paul references in Romans 12:2 “do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  For me, I have “transformed.”  I have transformed because my perception, reality, truth and beliefs are not prisoners to what someone else has determined to be authentic. So I choose to share with YOU that the same fear, anger, hatred and depression, that feed terrorism, racism, separatism, classism, social unrest and discord only have the power that you ALLOW them to have.

If you recall the Law of Attraction: that energy attracts to itself other energy with which it’s in vibrational resonance, then you begin to understand you have the ability to transform any given situation, emotion, perception or belief. Change your mental alignment for transformed change. Begin with meditation for increased awareness and consciousness of self. Once your understanding of self grows, begin to create the reality you desire by modifying “realities” you or others have created. Why should you be broke because mama was broke? The wealth you create for yourself should not begin with a job. It should begin with the wealth you value within yourself. This carries for all things. Material, emotional, mental and spiritual. ALL things. Create the reality you desire and transform your being.

Exercise your power of creation and start walking on your own fiery hot coals without incident.  Don’t look for change in people to change the world. The change you seek in the world begins with a transformation within yourself.  The transformation within yourself begins with your perception of what you consider is real.



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