Week 2 – Remove The Speed Bumps of Resistance

Imagine your mind as being a car.  Your life being the highway.  You’ve set your destination and you start out on your journey.  What stops you from reaching your destinations on life’s joy ride?  Speed limits slow you down.  Pot holes upset your ride.  Fuel stops delay your arrival.  And speed bumps throw you off course.  These barriers impede your progress and sometimes derail your entire trip.

We all have desires in life.  Desires are our proposed destinations.  Desires to achieve greater prosperity, better experiences, promotion, joy, love, etc.  We unknowingly suppress our desires by creating the speed limits, pot holes, fuel stops and speed bumps from our own thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  When we impart the limitations of our perceived resources, lack of knowledge, confidence and embrace doubt, we create resistant barriers that keep us from reaching our destinations.  So how do we remove these obstacles in an effort to make our journey more smooth?

First, let’s establish a few truths.  God, Source, Allah, Jehovah, The Higher Power, whatever you choose to believe in created the universe and all of the laws that govern it.  Many of us tend to think we somehow operate outside of those laws set in place by God that regulate this universe we live in.  The sooner we can understand those laws and how our lives relate to those laws and understand the power God has given us within this world working WITH those laws as opposed to outside of them, the smoother our journey will be.  This doesn’t mean your life is FREE of pot holes and speed bumps.  It simply means you develop a better way to navigate through and around those barriers.

Let’s first understand one of the fundamental laws God put in place when creating the universe…The Law of Attraction.  The basic definition of LOA states that energy attracts to itself other energy with which it’s in vibrational resonance.  Therefore, if I believe I will set out to reach my destination without incident…I will.  If I believe my journey will be difficult…it will be.  If I believe I will master great things in this life….I will.  If I believe things never go my way…..they won’t.  This is how the Law of Attraction works.   The Law of Attraction does not differentiate between positive and negative but rather on the vibrational marker that you produce.  So for example, when you say, “I’d really love to get that promotion and I know I deserve it.  But I know John has more experience than me,” you just countered your own desire with the positive and then the negative.  You just created your own pot hole, speed bump or barrier derailing you from reaching your destination.

Understand, the Law of Attraction is not simply wishing for the best or practicing positive thinking.  Working the Law of Attraction is deliberate creation.  We must envision ourselves in the place we desire.  When I prepare for a vacation to an island with my family, I envision the things we will do when we arrive there.  I envision the white sands, smell of the ocean the beautiful palm trees.  I see me laying in a hammock and hearing the waves of the ocean crashing on the beach.  Then we get there, that’s exactly what happens as I have envisioned because we’ve been there before.  So I know what to expect.  However, the same holds true for things you have not experienced before as well.  Whatever your desire in this life….envision yourself in it, doing it, BEING it.

If it is the promotion on your job you seek, envision yourself doing the job, see yourself in the office, see the people reporting to you, see yourself handling business and being productive and efficient in that position.  See yourself being recognized for the outstanding job you’re doing in that position.  See yourself receiving that large paycheck from doing the job.  Hold that vision without doubt, limits or worry.  Be confident in seeing yourself in that position.  The fundamental laws that God has put into place are true and exact.  The Earth is currently spinning at 1,036 miles per hour and will complete one full turn on its axis in exactly 23.93 hours.  This is a fact.  At the same time there are 9 other planets (including Pluto) that are all doing something similar.  The point?  The point is, everything operates in order.  If you succumb to the order of things the way God has put them in place, including the Law of Attraction, your life can become more predictable.  Resistance against those laws of order only stifle your journey.

Be a deliberate creator.  Hold the vision of what you desire.  Relationships: envision yourself in a healthy relationship full of all the things you desire in a mate.  See yourself in various scenarios with that person doing the things that make you both happy.  Prosperity: envision yourself being prosperous enjoying the material things you desire.  See yourself driving that beautiful car you’ve wanted or sitting on your couch in the magnificent home you want.  Health: envision yourself in wonderful health doing all of the things you want to do in this physical body free of disease or affliction.  Whatever vibrational marker you hold and the more you envision it, WITHOUT the barriers of doubt, frustration and angst, the quicker you will reach your desired destination on this life’s journey.  The Law of Attraction…remove the speed bumps of resistance, hold and maintain the vibration of your desires and enjoy the ride of your life.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mvlahos22
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 02:41:48

    Great job explaining in a very simple and easy to comprehend manner, an immensely complex subject such as the LOA. To expand a bit on your car / highway analogy, I’d like to offer one additional point. While we are all cruising on this highway, we will undoubtedly come to some crossroads, intersections, forks in the road, etc., at which we must make a decision on which path to follow. When you are unclear as to whether to go right or left, up or down, East or West, simply let your emotions guide you—not the logic that has been programmed into each of us by society, our friends or even our family. If you truly let go of preconceptions and choose the road that “feels” the best to YOU, you can never be wrong. And by continuing to choose what “feels” best you will build on each choice and will incrementally create all that you desire.

    I personally feel that this blog is a vehicle that will assist each of us in manifesting our desires as there is immense power in the gathering of like minded physical beings. Much in the same way that you stated that the LOA “attracts to itself other energy with which it’s in vibrational resonance” , like physical beings, in a forum such as this, will become drawn to each other and the energy created will act as a catalyst to get each of us to the next port of our journey. Thank you for the opportunity to do so and I look forward to what comes next.



  2. Edward
    Jan 15, 2015 @ 17:06:10

    Excellent point! Also, to add to both points, remember in any cross road, or decision making point in life, there are no wrong decisions, you can’t get it wrong and you never get it all done, as we are eternal beings, constantly desiring and expanding, the universe constantly responding to whatever choice we make, so there is never really any wrong decision, take the path of most allowing, and least resistance, and let the manager (LOA) handle the rest.



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