Align To Enlighten – A New Beginning


Align to Enlighten is created to provide a platform of discussion regarding spiritual growth.  We will provide a new post weekly which is designed to share knowledge that will expand your spiritual awareness and foster spiritual empowerment.  THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS SITE AND IS NOT DESIGNED TO CHALLENGE OR DEBATE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.  Therefore, if what is shared here offends your religious beliefs, please note, that is not our intention.

What’s most important in this life is understanding where you came from, why you chose to come here and what is your life’s purpose in being here.  These are the things we will help direct through dialogue and exploration over the next 52 weeks.

If you have questions such as, “what am I supposed to accomplish? How can I improve my current situation? How can I create a better experience? Why am I here? How do I get a better job? A better relationship, more money, a better attitude, meaningful experiences, increased success, etc….then you will value the conversation generated from Align to Enlighten.

We invite you to ask questions, challenge positions and come with a true mind of seeking what is true and dispelling what is not.  The overall objective is to foster well-being, love, peace, happiness and joy.

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